Fire in technology room of Bay Mills Resort disrupts operations

Fire in technology room of Bay Mills Resort disrupts operations

On May 14, around 7 p.m., there was an electrical fire in the information technology room of Bay Mills Resort & Casino. The electrical fire triggered the sprinkler system, which required temporary evacuation of the resort.

No one was injured and all individuals are accounted for safely.

At this moment in time, the heart of our information technology system has been severely compromised. Our credit cards, gaming, internet, phone, and ATM systems are non operational. We anticipate that these systems will remain down for the next three to five days, which will result in the temporary closure of Bay Mills Resort & Casino.

For tonight, our guests can remain safely in the hotel. The Back Bay will be open to hotel guests for drinks and food. All hotel guests who had to leave will receive a full refund on their rooms. We will also provide free breakfast tomorrow morning for all hotel guests who stayed with us tonight. There will be no gaming options available. The casino is now currently closed to the public.

Bay Mart, Four Seasons, Northern Light are open and fully operational. The Wild Bluff will be open as well, but cash only until our information technology systems are back up.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused for all our guests and customers, we are also extremely grateful for your patience and understanding as we dealt with this unprecedented emergency. Chi miigwetch to everyone who rapidly responded to protect everyone at the Resort, with a special thanks to Superior Township Fire Crew, Bay Mills Township Fire Crew, Bay Mills Police Department, our Directors, Supervisors, and Managers across our enterprise and governmental departments who all came together to assist.

Updates will be provided on this page after we have more information on when we can reopen to the public. We have a great team, and amazing customers - thank you for everything.

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