Modern food technology

journal history

1985, the "Food Industry Guangzhou Science and Technology" published.

In 2005, Title changed to "Modern food science and technology."

In 2007, the journal published quarterly for the period was changed from monthly.

2014 In December 2009, the State Administration of Radio, the journal became the first batch of Press and Publication recognized academic journals.

Running Conditions

column direction

The new results "Modern Food Science and Technology" focuses on food technology, new products, new technologies, new processes and technology abroad dynamics, the main sections are research reports, technology, analysis and detection, food safety and quality management, Teaching, and other topics and reviewed, published scientific papers food and related disciplines.


According to the December 2018 "Modern Food Science and Technology," the editorial department official website shows, the editorial board of "Modern Food Science and Technology" has 10 consultants, members of 54 people.

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Wangxi Chang

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"Modern Food Science and Technology" editorial board

Position < / p> Modern food technology




Yang big firms

Yang Liansheng


Chenqi Qi

Yao Ruhua

on Microbiology

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Peng Zhiying

Cengqing Xiao

temperature which scale


Jian Bo

side of your right

Wang Sanyong



Huiling shell

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Bai Weidong

Gu Zhi - Ping

Soy Protein


Jianglian Zhou


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Liujie Sheng




Li Hongjun

LI well

Li Jianrong

WU Ke-gang

Wu Hui

Wu Qingping

He Guoqing

Yanggong Ming

Yang Xiaoquan

< p> Lu Zhao new

Zhang Hao

Zhang Lanwei

Double fame

Chen Shaojun

Chen Feng

Chenjia Dong

were Minhua


Mengjiang Hong

Ou Yi

Ouyang Raven

Luo Yunbo

Jin Zhengyu

Jiang pine

JIANG Shaotong

Hu Zhuo inflammatory

Zhao Mou-ming

Yan Yongguang

Zhang Chao Hua

Yellow Cedar

Jiang true

Jiangai Min

Xieming Yong

Liao Rosenthal

Xue long Lake

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Running achievements


According to China HowNet show December 21, 2018 "modern food Science and Technology," co-published literature 8772.

According to December 21, 2018 Wanfang Data Services Platform knowledge show, "Modern Food Science and Technology" Papers capacity of 3528.

"Modern Food Science and Technology" was released around the well-known universities, research institutes food grade related industries, production and processing enterprises, raw materials producers, intermediaries machinery manufacturing enterprises and technical services.


According to China HowNet show December 21, 2018, "Modern Food Science and Technology" always has been downloaded 2,255,083 times, total citation 62015 times; (2018 edition) complex impact factor of 1.299, (2018 edition) integrated impact factor of 0.889.

According to December 21, 2018 Wanfang Data Services Platform knowledge show, "Modern Food Science and Technology" cited the amount of 28 783 times, was downloaded 262,191 times, the amount of funds for the 1200 paper; According to 2015 Chinese Journal Citation reports (expanded print version) data showed that the "modern food technology" impact factor of 1.07, ranked No. 903 in all statistical source journals (6735 kinds), ranked No. 6 in the light industry and handicrafts (129 kinds) in .


"Modern Food Science and Technology" by the British "Food Science and Technology Abstracts" (FSTA, Food Science and Technology Abstracts), "Chemical Abstracts" is (CA, Chemical Abstracts ), the United States, "Cambridge scientific Abstracts (material information)" (CSA (MI)), index Copernicus (IC), the United States, "Ulrich's Periodicals Directory" and other databases as journals, Peking University, "Chinese core journals to head Overview "source journals (2011 edition, 2014 edition).

cultural traditions

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The journal based on Guangdong, radiation whole of China as the sole Journal of food Science and technology in Guangdong Province, reported the results of a new food, new products, new technologies, new processes and technology developments to have any.

The current leadership

< td width = "469"> Li Xi
"Modern Food Science and Technology" edited Leadership Council
name position



Vice editor

Associate editor

Xue-Wu Zhang, Sun Dongxiao, Tang Chuan-Sun is positive

The above content is derived from data in December 2018 "modern food Science and Technology," the official website
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