Environmental planning and management

Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning is an organic component of the national economy and social development plan. It refers to the coordinated development of the environment and socio-economic economy, and the "social-economic-environment" A composite ecosystem, based on the law of social and economic development, ecological principles, and geological principles, the trend of development changes, and reasonable arrangements for the time and space made by human own activities and the environment. It is essentially a scientific decision-making activities taken by the blind and subjective arbitrariness of human economic and social activities and environmental protection activities.

Environmental management

Environmental management refers to the combination of environmental and development of micro-law enforcement in accordance with the national environmental policies, environmental laws, regulations and standards, adhering to macro-integrated decision-making and micro-law enforcement supervision Start, use a variety of effective management means, regulate the various behaviors of humans, coordinate the relationship between economic and social development, limit the activities of human harm to environmental quality, and realize regional society The overall behavior of sustainable development.

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