Buried arc welder


submerged arc welding machine is a combustion machine under welding flux layer by arc. Their inherent stable welding quality, welding rate, and dust-free arc little advantages as the principal welding machine made pressure vessels, pipe manufacturing, steel box beams and the like. In recent years, although has appeared in a wide variety of efficient, high quality new welding machine, but applications are still submerged arc welding machine were not affected. From the perspective of a variety of welding machines weld metal weight share point of view, submerged arc welding machine accounted for about 10%, and over the years has been little change.

submerged arc welding machine is one of the many ESAB welding products, ESAB (ESAB) has 100 years of history, is one of the global welding and cutting equipment and materials manufacturing leader. In July 2005, Issa formally incorporated in Shanghai trading company in China, and thus starting to set up plants in China, ESAB has established five factories in Zhangjiagang, China, Shanghai, Yantai, Wuxi and other places, its covering welder, welding, cutting machines and automation, focusing on the development of industries, including energy, construction machinery, transportation, shipbuilding and marine platforms.

welder Category

automatic welding and submerged arc welding machine is divided into two categories welding machine.

1. Semiautomatic arc welding machine

semi-automatic submerged arc welding machine by a welding carriage, consisting of submerged arc welding machine, welding carriage travel back and forth, adjustable speed. The main function of the semi-automatic arc welding machine is:

(1) the welding wire fed through the wire guide tube arc zone continuously;

(2) the welding current transmission;

(3) controls the welding starting and stopping;

(4) applied to the plated solder pads.

it mainly consists of wire feeding mechanism, a control box, hand welding and welding power supply with a hose composition. Semi-automatic arc welding machine combines the advantages of flexibility and submerged arc manual metal arc welding. In the automatic welding work is difficult (e.g. irregular weld centerline, short weld, welding a workpiece narrow space, etc.), which welder can be used for welding.

2. Automatic submerged arc welding machine

automatic submerged arc welding machine is a submerged arc welding machine, auxiliary equipment components, automatic welding can be achieved, the main function of automatic submerged arc welding machine is :

(1) continuously feeding the wire to the weld zone;

(2) transmission of welding current;

(3) the arc moves along the seam;

(4) to control the main parameters of the arc;

(5) controlling the starting and stopping of welding;

(6) is applied to the plated solder pads;

(7) adjusting the position of the front end of the welding wire.

automatic submerged arc welding machine according to the working needs, made in different forms. Common are: welding car, suspended, machine tools, cantilevered, gantry and so on.


submerged arc welding machine by a welding power source, welding head and auxiliary equipment configuration. AC power supply which can be used, with DC or AC and DC. SAW devices by the power supply, control cable, trolley three parts. Each part is very important, only work well together to give full play to the advantages of submerged arc welding. Claim

power: AC and DC power supply points. Magnetic amplifier type with a DC power supply, and a thyristor inverter. Since the thyristor moderate size, high efficiency, reliable operation and low cost, is widely employed. DC power supply features: the arc stability, with reverse polarity connection, a large penetration depth, forming beautiful.

control cable submerged in motion in a long, long cable bend easily damaged. Cable quality is particularly important, welding cable and plug must be reliable. Cable break caused due to internal device is not working examples already abound, which should attract the attention of the majority of users.

car (car welding) is a carriage motor and electrical control box, mechanical transmission components. Smooth car to work reliably.

welding characteristics

may be AC ​​submerged arc welding (arc welding transformer), direct current (arc welding generator or welding rectifier) ​​or with AC and DC. According to the specific application conditions, such as the welding current range, monofilament or multifilament bonding, welding speed, etc. selected type of flux.

poor flux and stability of the arc welding process parameters have a higher stability is generally required where the DC power source for a small current range, fast arc, weld short, high-speed welding, employed. When using DC power, the polarity of the different processes will produce different effects. When DC is connected (wire then negative), the highest deposition rate wire; when DC reverse (positive wire bonding), the maximum weld penetration.

When AC power, welding wire and the weld penetration rate is interposed between the DC positive and reverse connection, and the minimum magnetic arc blow. Thus when used for large AC and DC current submerged arc magnetic blow serious occasions. General requirements in AC load voltage above 65V.

in order to increase the penetration depth and improve productivity, multi-wire submerged arc welding more and more industrial applications. The application of more two-wire and three-wire welding welding. DC or AC power is available multi-wire welding, or may be AC ​​and DC combined. And selection of double wire submerged arc welding and submerged arc welding three wire coupled power for a variety of combinations.

welder advantage

high efficiency: On the one hand the conductive wire length is shortened, current and current density increases, the arc melting welding wire melting and deep efficiency are greatly enhanced. (Generally not open-sided groove up to a dissolving depth of 20mm) on the other hand due to the insulating effect of the flux and slag, substantially no heat radiation loss on the arc, less spatter, although the losses of heat for melting solder have the increase, but the overall thermal efficiency is still greatly increased.

weld high quality : good insulating slag protective effect of air, by automatically adjusting the welding parameters can be kept stable, does not require a skill level of the welder high, stable weld composition, better mechanical properties.

good working conditions: addition to reducing manual labor intensity outer bonding operation, it does not arc radiation, which is a unique advantage of the submerged arc welding.

automatic welding can be achieved. Continuously feeding the wire to the weld zone, transmitting the welding current, the arc moves along the joint, the main parameters controlling the arc, weld start and stop control, flux is applied to the weld zone shop, adjusting the position of the front end of the welding wire.

Automatic welding: welding parameters can be adjusted automatically by stable. Compared with SMAW, welding quality dependence on the level of skill of the welder can be greatly reduced. Application in Industry


SAW. my country's steel production sharply, to the use of steel construction industry has created favorable conditions for high-rise buildings, bridges, stadiums, railway stations, large factories, buildings, etc. are made from steel. SAW efficient, high quality steel manufacturing large submerged arc welding technology. The main target submerged arc welding machine supply steel plants, shipyards, bridges, factories, plants and other pressure vessels, reflecting the good results after use.



arc welding machine is more complex, more expensive welding equipment, maintenance is very important.

1, the device should someone use, the operator equipment should understand the basic principles of rational welding using a welding procedure specification, and should be trained evaluation;

2, submerged arc welding equipment should be regularly cleaned and replacement of the contact tip and the wire wheels and the like;

3, the power feed line and a ground line to be coupled well;

4, control cables in the car ends should be fixed, do not bend it serious damage, malfunction.


equipment failure, three aspects should be checked, the power, control cables, car.

1, the welding power Check

a, turn the power switch, the switch put to the manual welding position, power supply output voltage is displayed in a predetermined range inside, less than the required replacement of the control board should be tested;

b, check the fuse is good, whether the three-phase input voltage (380V110%) normal voltage levels to check whether or not a predetermined control transformer value within. If, replace the control transformer;

c, check whether the normal operation of the relays, there is a problem replacement device;

d, the normal temperature check whether the relay is turned on, the cooling fan functioning properly, problems replacement device;

e, thyristor inspection, measured with a multimeter resistance between the cathode and the gate electrode, should be more than ten to several tens of ohms resistance, or short or open gate, between the cathode and the anode should be greater than 1 megohm resistor, poor insulation between the poles is less than the resistance value of zero indicates a breakdown.

2, the control cable inspection

long control cable is in motion, it is easy to break, with a multimeter inspection method according to the resistance profile measurement on the cable ends number off, the backup line is available broken coupling.

3, car inspection failure

a, pressing the back key production car forward, the car can travel, the speed adjustment knob, can change the line remonstrance ten degrees. Wire feeding button is pressed, whether the wire reversing wheel. If you have questions, check the fuse, a small relay for damage;

b, a welding position adjusting switch on the automatic welding inspection;

is not installed in the wire, press welding button, whether the wire wheel rotates slowly when idling. When the voltage drop "v to 28V should rapidly rotating wire feeding wheels, when the short-circuit voltage is zero, should reverse wire feed wheel (spinning), if the control board should be normal replacement;

c , unstable wire feeding, wire wheel teeth checked for damage, damage replacement. pressing device is adjusted properly.

4. requires repair personnel

in the submerged arc welding machine continuously improve the quality of products, important equipment repair, repair personnel should have the conditions:

1, for the production process understanding;

2 , quality control, testing, and the test should be more familiar with the standard product;

3, should have the general extent of secondary electrical base;

4, to prepare materials and some repairs tools, such as power control board, car panel, control transformers, relays, switches, fuses, etc. so that repair work to be carried out smoothly.


a, SAW machine operator must go through specialized training arc welding work, certificates, non-native operating personnel, prohibit the unauthorized operation of the device.

Second, the cable insulation before checking operation and, if immediately stop using damaging, good wire connection confirm each part, a control box housing and the housing cover wiring board.

Third, during operation, the operator to concentrate, correct operation, note that the mechanical situation, or not allowed to undergo the unlicensed personnel to operate the machine to the other, unrelated persons prohibited to enter the work area.

Fourth, work processes, any person shall landed on top of the gantry platform for observation, maintenance or inspection work. If it is necessary to the top wear goggles kicking operation must stop off.

V. welding, the drug skin allowed shovel, slag, slag shovel drug skin.

six when, timely seriously do maintenance work, keep the machine in good condition, not mechanical work sick, is not found in normal operation, power failure shut down immediately check, troubleshooting before use.

seven operators commuting , to mechanical parked in a standby position, shut off, lock gates tank, clean the site debris, slag.


1, the welding parameters (including walking speed or walk voltage, welding current, welding voltage) to be provided strictly in accordance with the welding specifications (see detailed description) performed. welding parameters is not the actual welding parameter preset parameters. If the parameters are not the actual welding, can be adjusted in real time by potentiometer achieved.

2, different diameters of welding wire actual welding current can not exceed the wire applied current range.

3, a different wire diameter must be selected corresponding to the contact tip and the wire wheel .

4, earth, cable and the workpiece weld connection must be secure and reliable.

5, the workpiece must not have a flat pad shaking, the workpiece surface to be relatively smooth.

6, submerged arc arcing must use short-circuit (to clean up before welding flux slag welding head stuck? Then press the "manual feed wire" until the short-circuit wire and the workpiece until the wire feed stops automatically).

7, there will be two seconds at the end of welding delay closing arc welding process to avoid sticking wire.

8, the traveling direction can not be changed when the trolley is traveling.

9, the smaller the flux flow depends on the height from the height of the workpiece material sleeve, the height of the material sets out from the workpiece depends on the size of the welding current, the smaller welding current, the material of the workpiece distance sleeve flux flow is also smaller, it must be commissioned to find the optimum height different welding current (low current flux flow may cause excessive porosity during welding, the need to debug to find the best height).

10, the power output of the positive and negative load must not be shorted directly, otherwise the current will not adjustable.

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