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introducing and digesting foreign advanced technology, it is very advantageous to accelerate our economic development. But key technologies, especially core technologies, will never buy, only independent innovation, master independent intellectual property, in order to firmly grasp their own destiny in fierce international competition. The practice of technical transformation and technology innovation in the three provinces also fully proves this: Under the impact of the International Financial Crisis, all companies with independent intellectual property rights are not reduced, and they have risen against the trend; the opposite, some no independent intellectual property rights Enterprises, the impact of exports is relatively large.


1, Adhere to the principle of expanding the regeneration of regeneration in terms of technological advancement.

2, From actual, adopting technical solutions that are suitable for the actual situation and bring good economic benefits.

Technical transformation

3, Under the premise of improving economic benefits, technological transformation is implemented, expand production capacity.

4, The principle of capital savings. Transformation of the weak links of the company, limited funds are used in the most urgent place.

5, allocating principles. Mobilize all aspects of enthusiasm and participate in the technical transformation of enterprises.


Vigorously implement corporate technology transformation and technology innovation, not only the emergency response of the financial crisis, promoting economic growth, but also promoting industrial structure optimization and upgrading, and enhance international The fundamental pathway of competitiveness is the transformation of the way of development, and the long-term treatment of the scientific development concept is implemented. In the process of arranging technological transformation and technology innovation projects, it is necessary to provide power for current economic growth, and should be infused for future economic sustainable development. On the one hand, it is necessary to combine technical transformation and technological innovation, cultivate new economic growth points; on the other hand, it is necessary to take technical transformation and technology innovation as a means, accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity.

It should start from actual, highlight key points, actively support the pillar industry and leading enterprises, and take the fist products as soon as possible to cultivate well-known brands. To extend technical transformation and technological innovation throughout the company's restructuring, technical equipment and the introduction of technical equipment and management talents, guiding enterprises to fully reluctantly rely on fast lanes in technology transformation and technological innovation.

Technical transformation and technological innovation have never been the active participation of the majority of technical personnel and employees, and we must continue to innovate on the basis of inheriting the traditional technology transformation tradition, vigorously carrying out mass invention creation and technology improvement activities. Move hundreds of millions of people to participate in the enthusiasm of technological transformation and technological innovation, so that all aspects of "political, production, learning, research" have formed all aspects, in order to promote my country's economic sustainable development, build a greater contribution to innovative countries.

Feasibility Study

Research Method

Technical Transformation Feasibility Study

means a certain feasibility study report is about technology Renovated content. Its preparation points: First, it is an argument to the pre-designed technical transformation plan, and only the design research program can clearly study the object. Second, it is the content involved in the technical transformation feasibility study report and the data reflected, must be absolutely reliable, no deviation and mistakes are allowed. The data used in it is repeatedly verified to ensure the authenticity of the content.

again, the technical transformation feasibility study report is the activity before investment decision. It is a study that has not occurred before the incident is a situation in which the future development, the problem and results may be estimated, and has predictive. Therefore, in-depth investigation and research must be carried out, fully occupying materials, using the practical prediction method, scientific predictive future prospects.

Finally, the argument is a significant feature of the technical transformation feasibility study report. To make it ametry, you must use the system's analytical method to comprehensively and systematically analyze the various factors affecting the project.

Research Content

Technical Reform Project Feasibility Study Report Basic Contents and Depth: Overall Overview of Projects (including project name, research work organization, research, etc.), proposing projects Conditions, basic profiles, product programs and market forecasts, equipment conditions, overall transformation programs, environmental protection measures, investment estimates, economic and social benefits, and feasibility research recommendations.

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