Micro sensor


Classification of microsensors:

  • According to whether there is energy supply, it can be divided into active microsensors (for example: piezoelectric ) And passive microsensors (for example: fluorescence)

  • According to the different objects that microsensors can measure, they can be divided into the following nine categories:

  • Mechanical micro-sensors: micro-sensors used to measure force, deformation, displacement and speed.

  • Electrical micro-sensors: micro-sensors used to measure current, potential, resistance and capacitance.

  • Magnetic micro-sensor: a micro-sensor used to measure magnetic field size, magnetic field polarity, magnetic flux and permeability.

  • Thermal micro-sensor: a micro-sensor used to measure temperature, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity and heat capacity.

  • Acoustic micro-sensor: Micro-sensor used for measuring amplitude, phase, polarization and sound spectrum.

  • Optical micro-sensor: micro-sensor used for measuring spectrum, wave speed, amplitude and phase.

  • Radiation micro-sensor: micro-sensor for X-ray, ultraviolet, microwave and radio wave measurement.

  • Chemical micro-sensor: Micro-sensor used to measure composition, concentration, humidity and pH value.

  • Biological microsensors: microsensors for hormone, antigen, sugar and biomass measurement.

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