Gaoyou salted duck egg

Product features

Gaoyou salted duck egg can be divided into high maternity salted duck eggs and high post double yellow salted duck eggs; can be divided into a salty salted duck egg in a born duck egg Soft cans (cooked).

The egg, eggs, and butter, more than 105 grams, with average than the ordinary duck egg, with an average of 30 grams per weight. Gaoyou duck eggs are the most unique, egg yolk, and more oil, and it is difficult for other places of duck eggs.

Gaoyou salted duck egg (born) protein is clear and transparent, the egg yolk is thick and has a unique taste.

Gaoyou salted duck egg soft canned (cooked) protein fresh, thin, tender, egg yolk, sand, oil, has a unique flavor.

Origin Environment

Jiangsu Province Gaoyou City is located in the north bank of the Yangtze River, the mountains and the beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, is a national ecological demonstration city. The territory of the lake, the Digo river, the water and the water plant resources are rich, with a water area of ​​72,000 hectares (Gaoyou Lake in the territory is the sixth largest freshwater lake in the country).

Gaoyu Muck with Millennium Raising is one of the three excellent ducks in the country, the head is large, the fur is tight, the diving is deep, and the food is strong, and it is usually stated in the water network. Shrimp. Lake, fish, shrimp, screws, screws, 蚬, 蚬, 水 藻, is a bait, which is the ideal bait of Gaoyou duck, and the quality of Gaoyu duck eggs and duck meat.

Historical origin

Jiangsu Gaoyou has a year before the Ching Ming Festival, the locals take the duck egg to pick up, and you can feed it after a month. Cooked salted duck eggs, color red and more oil. "I don't know high, first know the high-grade egg", "Heavenly Sun Moon, Gaoyu Duck Egg Shuanghuang". Double yellow eggs as a high-mail, since ancient times, the famous specialty specialty of the tribute court and gifts.

Gaoyou salted duck egg (7 photos)

The salty salted duck egg has more than a thousand years of historical heritage. There is a lot of salt duck eggs in Suzhou, Yangzhou, in the Northern Dynasties, and you can hide.

Gao Yin people puck, pickled salted eggs, and the poems of the Northern Song Dynasty literatist Qin Guan will mention. He has given a duck egg to the Soviet Hill, which is Toyou, Time.

is recorded, as early as Emperor Qianlong, the salty salted duck egg has become a treasure. In the Qing Dynasty literary, Yuan Mei pointed out in "Alumni Food Sand": "Picklet Eggs are good, colorful and more oil." Qing Guangxu thirty-one years (1905), the first egg product enterprise in Gaoyou-Yoguan egg plant has been published.

1909, Gaoyou Shuanghuang Duck Egg participated in Nanyang Admire Congress Chen Sai, won the international name, which is exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as US, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia.

In 1981, Wang Zengqi recalled the salty duck eggs of His Township Gaoyou in the "Dragon Boat Duck Egg": "I have a lot of places, but the duck eggs are more embarrassed, but I can't compare with my hometown! Once the sea is difficult for water, he is salty salted duck egg, I really can't see. "

Production situation

2011, Gaoyou raised a Gaoyou Raida 11.166 million, there are various types of egg, duck meat More than 200 down processing companies, the total economy of duck industry is nearly 4 billion yuan, with more than 50,000 employees.

2018, Gaoyou has more than 100 duck egg production enterprises, including more than 30 large-scale enterprises with a year.

Product Honor

In April 2002, Gaoyou duck egg was approved by the Original AQSIQ as the protected area protection products (now renamed national geographic logo products).

In November 2007, the Gaoyou duck egg was identified as "geographic logo" by the Organ Office of the former State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

In February 2008, the traditional production process of Gaoyou salted duck egg was selected as the first batch of non-material cultural heritage of Gaoyou City.

In 2014, Gaoyou salted duck egg production skills were officially selected in Yangzhou third batch of non-material cultural heritage projects.

In January 2016, Gaoyou salted duck egg production skills were selected as a representation of the fourth batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage of Jiangsu Province.

In September 2017, the Gaoyou duck egg won the second place in "Jiangsu's top ten popular geographical sign brands".

Geographical sign

Geographical protection range

Gaoyu salted duck eggs geographic logo product protection range limited to national quality supervision and quarantine authorities according to "Geographical Logo Product Protection Regulations "Approve the scope of protection. That is, a high post administrative region of 119 ° 27 ', north latitude 32 ° 48'.

Quality and technical requirements

Gaoyou salted duck egg traditional production process is a high mappian compliance with the high maneu duck variety, duck egg quality, double yellow egg brand, in practice, accumulation, mature shaped A traditional handicon technique for long-term inheritance.

Traditional production process includes raw material processing, egg knocking, ingredients, flushing, cylinder pickled, mature packaging, etc.

raw material treatment includes checking the source of the egg, freshness, egg yolk, egg head, dumb rate, cleanliness, etc.

The object of egg knocking is to remove red tower, black tower, smelly, hot injury, yellow egg, headed with two eggs, air room moving egg, water egg, dumb egg, oil shell Eggs, sandstick eggs, ring eggs. The egg knocking is flipped, and the wrist should be jitter, and it should be uniform.

The ingredients are marinated with the material, which is preferably marinated for mud.

The process flow is: formulated a mud base (or material), fresh egg into the mud (commonly known as "rolling"), grass ash roll (commonly known as "rolling"). "Rolling", "Rolling Ash" is a high post, and the formulation of mud base (or material) is the focus.

Formulate mud base: 1. Add appropriate amount of white wine to egg Say. 2, in order to reduce the fermentation of microbial fermentation, the gray ash, broken yellow mud, to the wrapped grass. 3, the particles must be small and easy to solubate. 4, in order to ensure the quality, the local duck egg, foreign duck eggs; youth duck eggs, old duck eggs, blue-shell eggs, white-shell eggs, etc., to distinguish between salt, yellow mud, water, spices and liquor ratio. 5. The number of duck eggs in the container is specified.

"Rolling", grab the egg one hand 3 placed in the mud; grab the mud egg one hand 2 plaque. I want to use two hands, my hands, gently, and the gray must be evenly close, not critical.

When the container is immersed, the mud should not be too full, and the precipitation must be stirred.

The temperature difference determines the marinated period. 80-90 days in winter mature, spring 65-75 days mature, early summer, autumn 45-55 days mature.

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