Six books

"Six books" Six books

study the copy of the ancient sound on Chinese. Jade in the Qing Dynasty. The entire book consists of 5 tables: 1 Today's rhyme is a seventeen table; 2 ancient seventeen collaborators; 3 ancient seven seven seven-seven classification table; 4 poetry rhyme seventeen table; 5 group rhyme seventeen Part of the table.

The name is called "table", it is actually not a simple table, and the first 4 tables have discussed and discussion. Table 1. First, the ancient rhyme is 17, then the list, indicates that 17 other correspondence with 206 rhyme, and finally use the text to explain the principle of 17th of the ancient rhyme, and the sound and voices (or yang) match the situation, put forward Some very valuable ancient audiology. Table 2, first discussed the main harmony, the ancient sound must be the same point, then press 17 to list all the hungry enlargement, this is the first and ancient rhythm of the ancient sound in ancient sound. Table 3, first describe the sequence of 17, is arranged in the principle of tone, the principles adjacent to the sequence, and then the list, the 17th part into a 6 class, and finally discussed the truth of the rhyme. The so-called rhyme refers to the different words of the same general type of words to rhyme. Table 4. All rhymes of the "Book of Songs" are listed in one, which is actually the evidence of the 17th part of the ancient rhyme, or it can be said to be a specific column of the ancient rhyme. Table 5, the purpose, the form is the same as the Table 4, which is listed in the "Book of Songs" (including the "Chu").

"Six Books" is concentrated to reflect the contribution of jade schinarism. He inherited Gu Yanwu, Jiang Yong's research results, and developed, and 17 were 17. Compared with Zang Wu, Jiang Yong compared to four:

1 branch, fat, separated. Before the section of the jade, "Guang Yun" is good, and the fat is all gray, and the 咍 3 组 rhyme, the ancient rhyme is almost divided into three, and the first time it is divided into three, and it is generally praised by the ancient rhyme. It is considered that this is a big invention in ancient audience. 2 True, Documentary. Jiang Yong was divided into the element in the fourth part of Gu Yanwu, and the rest of the truth, the text is still a, and the section is true, the part is two. 3 Hou Yun independent. Jiang Yong returned to Hou Yun half, so it was reasonable, but he went to Hou Run to the secret. Duan Yucheng is independent of Hou Yun, neither entering the fish, nor is it a secret. The latter two are also known as people. "Six books" is the most refined summary of the results of Jade ancient audio studies.

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