Military Introduction

The military stories of military officers in the national government implemented by the Republic of China.


In April 1931, the Kuomintang government promulgated the "Army Military Er Sago and Soldiers". In July and 1935, 1935, the National Government re-established the land, sea, air force "official system" and "soldiers level watch". In March 1935, a new rank title list was enacted, including officials to: special levels, first level, secondary, middle general, and less general. Experts will, the first level will be the rank of the military ranks in the second level, and the anti-Japanese war will win 3 triangles. After the victory of the anti-Japanese war, the military ranks of the general service will be changed from the leader to the shoulder, and the second level will be 3 five-angle stars. At the level, the special level will be 4 stars, 5 stars. Therefore, it is also known as "Samsung", "Saturring", "Wushu".

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