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Qiu Denglang Send 5 (1)

Beishan Baiyun, hidden Free Yue Yue (2) .

Perspective Test Denggong (3) , the heart is flying .

因 暮 暮 , Xing is Qingqiu .

See the village people , Shaki Ferry Break .

The horizontal tree is like, the earth is like a month .

How to drink wine , in the Heavy Rivers .

Note translation

注 注 <

(1) Langshan: A "Wanshan". Wanshan, a Hanshan Mountain, also known as Fang Mountain, Via Mountain, in the northwest ten miles of Xiangyang, Hubei. Zhang 5: A "Zhang Zerai", the brothers are in line with the eighth, and Zhang Ziyong has ranked eighth. Some people suspect that Zhang Wu is the mistake of Zhang Ba.

(2) "Beishan" two sentences: Nort-North Dynasty Tao Hongjing "What all the poems in the mountains are in the mountains:" Why is the mountain in the mountains? Bai clouds in the mountains. You can only pay for yourself. " These two sentences come from this. Beishan: Refers to Zhang Wuyun. North: A "this". Hidden: refers to five.

(3) Perspective: look at each other. Test: "start".

⑷ "Heart with" sentence: "Heart flying bird is destroyed", "heart with flying geese", "heart is flying" and so on.

⑸ ⑸ 暮: In the evening, the sun quickly arrived. "Chu Zhou · Day,": "Billy, I am worried about? I don't want to serve, what is the emperor?"

⑹ Qingqiu: clear autumn. Jin Yin Zhong Wen "Nanzhou Yuong Jijing" poem: "Unique Qing Dynasty, can make your happiness." A "clear".

⑺ ⑺ 村人: One as "village belongs".

⑻ 沙 行: One as "Sha Ping", as "Sand". Federal: Bottom. Crossing the river.

Qiu Denglais

⑼ "Heaven" two sentences: Sui Xue Daoheng "Remaining Yang servant Mountain is sitting exclusive": "Ruo Zhao is awkward, far boat is like a leaf." These two sentences This change is made.荠: 荠. Continental: It is "boat".

⑽⑽⑽: Quantity, equivalent to "why," or "What is".

⑾ Double Ninth Festival: Ancient is extremely nine as the pole. September 9th, it is called "heavy nine" or "Chongyang". After the Wei Jin, the custom was visited the feast this day.

Vertical translation

facing the Beishanling on the white clouds and rises, I can give the joyful taste.

I tried to board the mountain for the distance, the mood has long been flying as Hong Yan.

The sadness is everything that is thin, is interested in the atmosphere of the Qingqiu.

When you look back in the village, you will walk through the beach, sitting in the ferry.

The trend of the horizon is a cuisine, and the Sand, which is overlooking the river is a bending.

When you can drink alcohol, Chongyang Festival is drunk.

Creative Background

Who is controversial about "Zhang Wu" in this poem. One refers to Zhang Wei. Zhang Yizhen is in the Southeast of Fuyang, Luomen Mountain in Southeast, Fuyang. Meng Haoran is in the vicinity of Ran Mountain, the North to Wan Mountain (a Lanshan), because of the registration of Zhang Wu, and write this poem.

Works Appreciation

Overall appreciation

This is a poem that Linqiu is high-looking and missing the old friend. The whole poetry is born with the scenery, with the scenery, the situation is integrated. "Love is clear and sincere, the boast is light and beautiful." The poet ascended, looking at the geese and lonely, Linyi, the Qing Dynasty, and the autumn, I hope that the friend will come together. "When I am thin, I am the Qing Dynasty," "There is a moon in the world," the sun is like a month, and the taste is enough.

The beginning of the first sentence from the north and south towers Tao Hongjing "answer" why all of the mountains ", point" self-estell ", one of the reasons of the expectation.

34 sentences, enter the meaning. "Perspective" shows the thoughts of Zhang Wu. Thanks to the mountaineering, I hope to see friends, but I will see North Yannan. This is a writer, and it is lyric, and the scene is blending. Yan also visited, and near the dusk, the heart couldn't help but faint sadness, however, the Qingqiu's mountains made people Yixing.

"See the village people, Shadou ferry, the horizon tree is like a moon, and it is written from the mountain. The day is thin, the village is working day, and three three two two gradually returned. They have some walking on the beach, some are sitting on a ferry. It shows that people's actions are not forced, with a few points of leisure. I look forward to the far situation, I have been seeing "the sky". The tree around that day is like a vegetable, and the white sand is clear, but it seems to be clearly visible in the dusk. It seems to be a layer of moon.

These four poems are all the essence. In these descriptions, the author is not stressed to portray the action of the character, and it is not stressed to describe the color of the scene. Writing in a simple language, it is as flat, that is like natural. It can show the quiet atmosphere of the countryside, but also exhibit a beautiful scene of nature. As the skin sun break is called: "In the case of the scene, it is unhealthy. ... Han Hanlong has the rise of the clouds, if the public is in a clever person," Shen De is lash, Mumbai " "" Is one of the important features of Meng Shi. These four poems have created a high and quiet realm. The same "Song Moon, the wind is full of listening", "Weidun Layer Han, Shuo Rain Drop Tong" "Wild Sky and Low Tree, Jiang Qing Moon Near People" and other poems The artistic conception is quite approximate. This also represents an important aspect of the Mongshi style.

"How to drink wine, the Heavy Dungeon Festival", and the beginning of the statement. It is known to "autumn" words, but also demonstrate the thoughts of Zhang Wu, thereby showing the sincerity of friendship.

Playing Reviews

"苕 苕 隐 隐 丛" 引 "Recreation" language: Yan Zhizhi "Home Training" Cloud: "Luofu Mountain": ' Flat tree is like, '. Dai Yun poetry' Changan tree, "Some people" 树 "poems: 'Looking at Chang'an, this earlier is also." Yu because read Haoran "Qiu Deng Wan (Lan) Mountain "Poetry:" If the trees are embarrassed, the rivers are as a month. "Nairomeum really got."

"Wang Meng Shi Review": Liu Yun: It's not tired.

"Lifting Poetry": "Luofu Mountain" Cloud: "Looking at the trees," Since Jun. Liang Dai Hao poetry "Changan Tree Ruyi", with it. After the reunion, Xue Daoheng poetry: "Yu Zhenshuo is like, far boat is like Ye." Meng Haoran poem: "If the trees are in the world, the rivers are as big as the month."

"Tang Xian Sancha ": Liu Yun:" When see ", it is the case.

"Tang Xian Yaqi": The superfluenza is a lot of money, the gods are slightly derived, and they are alive. Take out the idea, the first party is real.

"A Dynasty poetry": "Heaven", "Jiangshi" two sentences, writing objects, transverse to God.

Author About

Meng Haoran (689 ~ 740), the poet of the Tang Dynasty. This is the name, the word Haoran. Xiangyang people in Zhangzhou, Shi Mengyang. Because he has never entered the Shi, it is called Mengshan. In the early years, there is a sense of imagination. After the journey, after the disappointment, it can still be self-respecting, unrestfed, with the Hermit for life. Zengji Lou Mountain, gave birth to six sons. Poetry and Wang Wei and the "Wang Meng". Its poetry is light, longer than the write, more reflects the mountain water field and the vision, travel and other content, most of which are five short articles, there is a unique attainment in art. There are three volumes of "Meng Haoran Ji", today's poem.

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