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The real charm of online chat should come from text to the emotion of emotions, and the world that we see in our eyes is limited, and the mind feeling is infinitely eternal In real life, we understand one person. First, see, understand and communicate, online, we can't see each other with your eyes, and you can't helpness to meet your opposite people. Everyone feels through the text, Through the exchange of ideological emotions, you will gradually explore to understand him or her.

This kind of feelings with the soul, under the cover of the virtual veil, become especially colorful and mysterious, in an instant, every one is tall, sacred, everyone has become great Savior, everyone will take the initiative to help and understand the lonely lonely people who have a fragility, I have forgotten who I am, forget that I am still very lonely, I need to care. While communicating, we will often attach your emotions on the other's emotions, such as "Hello" in real life, ordinary ordinary ordinary, you can say "hello" in the chat room. At the time, we will imagine that he "she" said that the brilliant smile in this time, the tone of the beautiful, as if he also saw him "her" nod, and then think about it at this moment, is it full of smile, light What is the words thinner?

Realmon We use rational to experience life, we use us in their sense of fantasy, and see emotions and friendships. Delicate and perfect. When the fantasy is bubble, you know that his "she" opposite the screen is not the idol you really want to get. At that time, if you have tears, will you feel sad? The intersection is still going, exhausted, I believe that we have experienced everyone here, so we think of leaving, I hope that I will return to reality, find the true self.


In this E era, the so-called chat can be divided into two. One is online chat, and the other is interpersonal relationship with real life. In the past, only text chat, special monogram, now there is a voice chat and video chat.

From the transmission method of chat information: the computer is three kinds of computer, computer, phone call, phone call. Online chat involving the phone class, now there is only anychat, Kawi Net and Fetion.

Online chat is completely as you want, don't use the concept of too much. To play your daught, likely, likely, it is undoubtedly a few people who know thousands of cups. So there is no too much constraint.

  1. Anonymity online chat

  2. and social norms conflict


The self-made persons, itself in turn into online chat tools, it is difficult to extricate the self-extricted, affecting learning and work, affecting physical and mental health! Long-term online chat will cause the recession of expression, and it will generate autistic psychology.

Online chat psychology

1, first from the laughter - I like the people who have used "Ha" as a habit, but will maintain a distance from the other side. Sense, sometimes it is just a way to be interested in the guests, and most of the commonly used ages have almost all emotional colors.

2, I like to hang the people who hang in the mouth is more cool and cheerful. They are likely to be knew after the screen when I play this word. Any age, basically can be judged to be this an optimistic guy.

3, often "hahaha ..." people, either really encounter a funny thing, and also explain this is a person who treats friends; either It's a boring, you can only use your fingers to jump between H and A to hide your don't worry and pretend to be very optimistic.

4, the most annoying is "huh,", if it is a stranger or work relationship, it is not very thick, but if it is your classmate or netizen, try to stay away from him / her, because he / her The heart has already judged that you are still strange than strangers. - In most cases, "Hehe" is basically the meaning of "I am a stupid".

5, then from punctuation - there are many people who do not add punctuation, they are used to replace them with spaces. This kind of person is a little smart, and it will try to take the canturbance in some things, and even some lazy. Compare the door, whether it is treating others or yourself. Of course, there are exceptions, but not common. The punctuation is very uniform, and some people are even, they will not fall. The age of this parties is basically over 25 years old. The relationship between work may often encounter, they do things rigorous, mature, and have few friends (outside the relationship).

6, I like to use "..." and "..." more soft, there is no bad eyes, and it will also reflect his / her to treat things, most of them will choose phobia. However, the two still have a minor difference, the former is more likely to be loved by minors, the latter is more often applied to the conversation between good friends, cooperate with "Hahaha ...". Specific psychology is more exclusive, this is a very subtle phenomenon.

7, good use (* ^ o ^ *), o (∩_∩) o, o (¯ ヘ ヘ ╰ #) o ... people like the expression Most of them are young girls to express their mood more. But there is only one expression is an exception, that is, ^ _ ^, this expression is the most exciting person is Luo Yonghao, you can encounter countlessness in his English school. - It is better than "hehe", but it is very cool, don't believe it next time.

8, read everyone's reply, a lot of cats and netizens mentioned what psychology like to use "~" this symbol. This is really hard to say, because my favorite is this wavelet. People who love to use this symbol seem to be all over the world, and they are most living with rigorous people, they are more comfortable, passionate about active and optimistic life, and there is also a long-lost child. Of course, there is a bad side, that is, occasionally do some unused things, even there will be bad habits of shirking responsibility.

9, there are also mentioned that I don't like to use "...", I don't like to use "...", they like to use "...", it is half the omitted number. Such people are more conservative, and the subconscious should have a relatives of the pursuit of perfection. Most of the personality is relatively moderate, it will be more than the feelings of the other party, and more care is the image of ourselves on the network. They feel ... it is too lengthy, used. . . It is slightly light floating, so half of the omitted number, it is possible to have the meaning of the desire to say, and it is just right in an inch.

10, because the application range of avatars and expressions is too wide, and some analyzes will definitely be partial, and of course, it does not rule out the possibility of triggering anger, so consider the thirteen, or decided in the post Discuss it with the way of followers. Just give a little advice, try not to choose your own real photos as an avatar on the web. There are a lot of reasons, the most convincing thing is that beginners who are searching for people can dig out all other information through your real avatar.

11, below, say the simplest typing speed, this is better. In this era, everyone's typing speed is basically slow, but subdivided, or can distinguish between character character.

12, the most common situation when chatting is to talk to people like even the beads, chatting with them, QQ can always ring. Interesting phenomenon is that even if it is a very complicated thing, he / she will say a word. In fact, they don't need your identity, but if you have followed a "um" or "then" after every sentence, they will be very happy. This situation is still different from the chat in realities. If you want to get frequent responses when you are eager to chat - that is the same as the above description, then ten eight nine, very unfortunate, everyone is a class of people - There is a little less talked about strangers in reality, unless you have met a very good friend, or if you have returned the other party for your friends, you will be as tonally. Guys who are also good in reality, although they are talking to the beads, but they will never look forward to your response. They say that they are more comfortable.

13, some people typing is not very fast, but the words are humorous, such people have more than the city. If you encounter it next time, you can put him / she just said. More interesting, using Google or Baidu, it is possible to be someone else's teeth. If any search engine can't find it, this person is really interesting, this can explain that he is a spiritual mature old sphere, but unfortunately thinking is a bit slow, so it is a humorous to die of many brain cells. . However, this person will become famous on Sina Weibo ...

14, if you touch the typing of the typing, let you even if you can't connect, then congratulations, He / she should be very good to you. Such people often appear in young people under 20 years old, and they typically have the words, and they will send a expression as a teasing signal in two and three. Sometimes, talking, not just to talk, things that do dozens of rounds in each other will often happen between them.

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