National Medical College


Academician of National Medical College is considered to be the highest honor in the medical field, and the US National Medical College makes outstanding professionals in medical, public health, etc. , Select 65 new academicians, 5 new foreign academicians. Academician implements a lifelong system, mainly responsible for providing advice, prevention, etc., and engaged in matters related to global health. As of October 2019, there were 2,302 members of the National Medical College, including 192 international foreign members.


The National Medical College has more than 2,000 academicians. Elected academicians are one of the highest honors in American medical sectors. Regularly voting the newly selected Academy is determined every year.

Chinese Academician

Wang Shusu, October 17, 2011 is elected.

Professor Lee, Hong Kong Chinese University, 2012 is elected as a foreign academician.

Howardchang, molecular biologist, professor of the Stanford University Medical College, USA. 2017 is elected.

In Oct 2017, Cao Xuetao was elected a foreign academician of the National Medical College.

In Oct 2018, the American Chinese scholar Chai Yong, Fu Weihui, Liao Minzhen, Lin Xihong, Wang Xiaobin, Jingjingwei was elected academician of the National Medical College, Hong Kong University scholar Liang Zhuowei was elected American National Medical College. Academician.

Oct 2019, Gaofu was elected as a foreign academician of the National Medical College. In addition there are two Chinese scientists, tenured professor at Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania Dai Hongjie tenured professor Li Ming elected to the US National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine.

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