Light refractory brick


Light refractory bricks typically refer to refractory bricks with less than 1.3 x 103 kg / m3. Since the light refractory brick has the characteristics of small density, high porosity, small thermal conductivity, good thermal temperature, and has a certain pressure strength, and has been widely used on heat treatment equipment.


Industrial kiln masonry heat storage loss and loss of heat dissipation in the surface of the furnace, generally account for 24 to 45% of the fuel consumption. Light bricks with low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity, can save fuel consumption; at the same time, due to the rapid increase in faster, it can improve equipment production efficiency; also reduce the weight of the furnace, simplify the kiln Construction, improve product quality, reduce ambient temperature, improve labor conditions.


1, light refractory brick air porosis is large, tissue loose, can not be used directly to contact slag and liquid metal;

2, the mechanical strength is low, can not be used for load-bearing structure;

3, the wear resistance is very poor, should not be used to contact the furnace, severe wear.

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