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Fan Johnson was born in Newport, Rhode Island, USA in 1916. He is another most popular boy next door in Hollywood.

In the 1940s, following Clark Gable, Robert Taylor and other superstars, Van Qiangsheng became the most popular and box office superstar of MGM at that time. Because of his handsome appearance, he often plays the image of the boy next door. Co-starred with Elizabeth Taylor in "Paris of Souls". In 1943, his starring role in "Zoo Boy" gained a reputation, and the film was one of the favorite films of great director Steven Spielberg. In 1989, Spielberg remade this film as "Forever". With "RichMan, PoorMan", he was nominated for the 1976 Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical Comedy Series. He has only been married once, and the process is quite controversial. In 1947, his career was in full swing. He eloped with her to Mexico a few hours after the actor's friend and his wife Evelyn divorced. After they got married, they gave birth to a daughter, but the marriage only lasted for 13 years. Rumor has it that he was gay. The marriage broke down and he did not remarry afterwards.

Because Fan Johnson suffered a head injury in a serious traffic accident and left metal pieces in his brain, he did not participate in World War II. Perhaps because of this regret, he played more heroic roles as an actor in American war-themed movies to satisfy his wish for the battlefield of the country. For example, the movies "Zur Boy" and "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" and so on.

On December 12, 2008, Fan Johnson passed away in a nursing home at the age of 92.

Road to Performing Arts

The movie "The Renegade Kane":

This store's classic giant action film Zhen is adapted and read from Guang Pulitzer Yuan Jiu Xiaozhi said that it is not possible to snare Yin Shaokang as a clean-time superstar, and the content is that the present-day mutiny occurred in the five places where the thieves circled the Yimaru ship and the Yunhai navy ship aunt.

The film tells about an army captain’s military court trial. Strictly speaking, this is already a real mutiny. According to military regulations, "under special circumstances, the captain can be dismissed without the approval of the superior. When the USS Kane was in danger of sinking due to the wrong command of Captain Chig (Humphrey Bogart), his loyal deputy Mark immediately took over the warship immediately, and Mark also agreed with him. The colleagues who supported him were subjected to strict military trials. If his lawyer wanted to save him, the only way was to prove that Officer Qige was insane and unable to control the ship well. The court debate in this film is the climax of the whole film. The calm and wise lawyer reversed the situation at a critical moment, allowing Qige, who has been shrewd to cover up his personality defects, to expose his weaknesses in court, so that Mark was free. Guilty verdict... The movie seems to have a happy ending here, but in fact there is another inside story, which leads to deeper thinking.

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