Fall Totov

was born on January 14, 1848 in Vorogda, 2 October 3, 1914, died in Kosalma. In 1868, he graduated from University of Moscow, soon to Lipin, Paris and other places, in 1876, served as Professor Moscow University, and became the founder of the Moss Science. He believes that grammar is the scientific research form of science (the form of phrase law study, the form of jurisprudence research phrase), established a so-called form. It is mainly studied that ordinary linguistics and Indonesian (especially Slavic) compare language. The work is recorded in 2 volumes "Fall Totov Select". He revealed that the original Indo-European has 3 nose sounds, especially in the eucalyptus and the ancient rules [媆], [埣], and proposes Slavic and Baltic language. The first movement of the words to the end of the word. His theory on the form of the word and phrase is very affected by the Russian research in the future. Fall Totov

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