Executive council


center of the chairman, vice chairman, secretary-general must have the following conditions:

(1) adhere to the party's route, policy, policy, political Good quality;

(2) has a great influence in the field of creative industries;

(3) Chairman, vice chairman, the Secretary-General's maximum age is no more than 70 years old; < / p>

(4) Good health, can adhere to normal work;

(5) Unrelated political rights;

(6) has a complete civil action ability.

Chairman's authority

(1) Call and host the Council (or executive council);

(2) Inspection Board (or executive council The implementation of the resolution;

(3) The representative center signed an important document.

Secretary-General's authority of the author

(1) Hold the Office of the Office to carry out daily work, organize the annual work plan;

(2) Coordinate various office agencies and other institutions Work;

(3) Nominated Under Secretary-General, the main person in charge of the Office, and the Council or the Standing Council decision;

(4) decided to do business and Other institutional staff hired;

(5) Handling other daily transactions.

Director Unit Conditions

(1) Compliance with the central Council charter;

(2) Enterprise or group with independent legal person;

< P> (3) has certain influence in the field of creative industry;

(4) needs to be nominated by the Secretary-General of the Center, Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General and Participation in Participation;

Executive council

(5) Education, scientific research, news units and related academic groups;


(1) by the central chairman, secretary of the vice chairman The nomination of the long and deputy secretary-general and some of the executive director;

(2) submit a business license, institutional code, tax registration certificate, operating conditions (or enterprise status) in accordance with regulations;

(3) The Council is a unified auditing for the nomination of the governing unit in late months;

(4) A review of the enterprise or group approved the Director's certificate in late month.

Power and obligation

(1) The main person in charge of the board has the right to select the right and elected right;

(2) Directors can be upgraded to the venue Unit;

(3) has the right to recommend and supervise the center;

(4) Priority Participation Center is held;

( 5) Priority Enjoy the services provided by the center;

(6) Priority to obtain relevant information and information provided by the center;

(7) Free investment information in the center website; / p>

(8) publish advertising in the central professional magazine to enjoy preferential policies;

(9) Priority to enjoy the joint business activities of the central professional magazine;

(10) priority Enjoy the preferential policies for the central creative window and creative time;

(11) Priority Participation Center held by the Center and investigation exchange activities;

(12) Priority Enjoy Center Creative Industry Union College Students Enrollment;

(13) Priority Enjoy the professional training chance to be held in the center;

(14) Enjoy the center overall advertising resource;

(15) Directors must abide by the charter and national laws and regulations;

(16) Directors must implement the decision made by the Council;

(17 ) The governing unit must cooperate with the center of the center;

(18) The governing unit is obliged to absorb more members;

(19) Directors must cooperate with the center Visit;

(20) The board shall accept the center to supervise and guide it;

(21) The board must provide papers to the central professional magazine every month;

(22) Directors have obligations to make recommendations and modifications to the center's work;

(23) Director Units must attend the Council (or the Standing Council) on time;

(24) The governing unit must pay the contribution according to the regulations.

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