Eternal Column II: Dead

background setting

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Game plot to turn the "Eternal Column", in solving the anti-infant plague of Lulin, understand the gods After the secret, the protagonist returned to Nuya, which was built on the pure amber statue. As a ruler, there was a relatively peaceful day.

However, the good looks, the amber made of Marlos Niuja statues suddenly has will. The statue destroyed Nasburg, and the spirit is also involved in it. His soul came to the sleep of the sleep, and the dark air between life and death, arrived in the spirit of the Bellas, see Bellas's avatar Paraser. The pale knight reveals the statue is the bright god of the gods who have died in the sacred battle. He reaves his soul and recovered in the statue, and absorbed the soul of most people in Nugen. - Includes the territor. However, due to the strong power of the territor, it is allowed to enter the sky.

The gods don't know the purpose of OR, so Bellas hopes that the protagonist will return to Eoll, survey and track Russia as his pioneers.

The main line starts.

Role setting

Ethnic setting

The game has six races in the game, respectively, maritime, dwarf, elf, god, human, velvet Each race is subsented under the presence of a subsequence. Different races have different initial attributes, subspecies give roles to the characteristics or war skills.


Powerful maritime is the largest civilized race, common in sea or in the sea. Although they are not aquatic organisms, but in close contact with the water, their numerous civilizations, such as Nuwa Tai, is famous maritime supremacy. They are known for their unparalleled power.

The initial attribute +2 power.

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Dwarf is the most like traveling race in the world, its footprints are all around the world, established The colonial is not counting. They are common in Lulin, the Republic of Vallians, and they can see their figure on almost their colonial land. Dwarfs are known in power and toughness.

The initial attribute +2 power, + 1 body, -1 agility.

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Elf is Al Granfinn and if the mainstream race is in the deer Lin and Pug are also extremely common. The Elves are famous for the world, but the birth does not like to deal with other races.

The initial attribute +1 agility, + 1 perception.

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God is god of gods, Kius with god elements ("civilization "Ethnic Spirit). However, some people don't think this is God's blessing. These elements may be manifested in a variety of forms and are often accompanied by mysterious power. A typical example is that the head is growing abnormally, and the gods cannot wear protective helmets because almost no suitable helmet. Due to different ordinary features, and the unusually reproduced next generation, the gods are often considered a terrible heterogeneous.

initial attribute +1 agility, + 1 intelligence.

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human (generally known as "civilians") is the Lulin, Paga Empire, Old Valley The most common race in Siago and Vallians. Although the body is less than the high-skest of maritime, the strength and willil of human beings are extremely prosperous.

The initial attribute +1 power, + 1 determined.

(above the information reference from the people)


精 is the smallest civilized race in size, but many other races do not recognize their civilization nationality. The ear of the velvet is very large, the skin is double-tone, the body surface is polymer. It is common in some areas of Ayer Grandfen, in some areas and Laolin. They psychologically bear strong, and they feel keen.

The initial attribute -1 power, + 2 perception, + 1 determined.

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Culture Background

Culture determined their origin and get a small amount of attribute bonus Their background is the story before the start of the adventure, and the role can be given a small number of skills. Both options can unlock special dialog selection.

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games 11 kinds of occupations, each occupation has a corresponding sub-occupation and a war tree, and the occupation will bring a small amount of skill bonus. As a branch of occupation, the child can produce additional occupational gain, but also career punishment will also occur.

The occupation cannot be changed.

Players can choose to establish a single professional role or multi-professional role. The single-working business character is completely focused on the selected occupation. The role can get a higher level of ability faster; multi-professional roles can choose two occupations, but the speed is slower, and the selected The highest level of career.

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attribute setting

The property is divided into strength, physical fitness, agility, perception, intelligence, determination. Each attribute is based on 10 points, and there will be corresponding characteristic growth above 10 points, which will have corresponding characteristic gains below 10 points. Attributes can only be set by ethnic, background, equipment and initial plus points, and the upgrade cannot obtain attribute points.

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skill setting

skills is divided into basic skills and combat skills (referred to as war skills), basic skills are roles Skills used in the scene interaction and dialogue negotiations; the war skills are the skills given by the character career.

Basic Skills

Basic Skills is divided into active basic skills and passive basic skills, active skills determine the various actions that the role can take in plot interaction, scene interaction and dialogue; Passive skills determine the success rate when the role is performing plot interaction and can take a dialogue.

Basic skills can be improved through cultural background, occupation, equipment, and upgrade.

(above the information reference from the people)

Battle Technology

Most of the war skills use role profession unique resources. Barbarians, Warriors, Wushu, St. Wuskers, Ranger and Wander The resource pool of the war skills are full in the battle. Each war skill consumes a certain resource until it is completely exhausted.

Different from barbarians and soldiers, Druid, Pastor and Master do not have all the universal resource pools. Instead, it can release the number of quantities of spells you currently master in each battle.

The translation has made only some resource pools when the battle begins, and it needs to be accumulated slowly over time. Each occupation has different ways to obtain resources. Unlike other occupations, it can continue to supplement resources in battles.

Thermal skill can be learned or advanced by upgrading, equipment.

Item item

Weapon Equipment

The weapon in the game is divided into a category, divided into a bow, firearmer, magic tool, one-handed weapon, hands weapon, and shield. There is a corresponding weapon type and a weapon skilled index at each category, and the weapon skilled index is skilled in a weapon or a shield, you can use a specific type of specific skill. This capability applies to different scenarios, which can be turned on or off based on the battle. Weapons skilled skills can learn with the upgrade.

It does not have penalties without a weapon that does not have a corresponding proficiency. The role of unprinted one weapon is only unable to use the specific skills of the weapon.

(above the above information) You can be divided into head, neck, armor, rings, legs, cloaks, magic / jewelry, hands, hairdry, The waist, wherein the armor can be divided into light armor, nail, armor. In addition to the soul binding items, the gods cannot equip the head components, and the equipment does not exist in people, occupation restrictions.

Weapon equipment can be divided into ordinary, high quality, exquisite, excellent, and legend based on its quality. The higher the quality, the better the weapon equipment can bring. In addition, there is a unique weapon equipment and soul binding weapons in the game.

The only weapon equipment is labeled in the Phnom Penh, and the power can be further improved by the enchantment.

The soul binding weapon is a unique special item, which can establish a binding relationship with the soul of the specified role. Once bound, the item can only be used by the corresponding role until the binding relationship is released. When the user reaches the specific conditions listed in the item description, the soul binding item will be strengthened.

Most soul bindings can only establish a binding relationship with the role of a particular occupation.

If the binding relationship on the soul binding item is released, the ability to accumulate on the item will also disappear.

props to strengthen

The only equipment can be made through the raw material, and it is also possible to make food, reel, and other items.

Unique weapons, armor and shields can be further enhanced through the enchantment. The enchant recipe can be divided into quality and unique characteristics, each of which requires a certain number of specific raw materials. When the player has enough raw materials that can be enchanting a item, the top corner of the item will display a "+" icon.


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can find a variety of Simple tools and professional tools. Items such as crowns and claw hooks can only be used in interactive plots. These items do not have to be equipped, but it will be removed from the item column after use.

The unlocking device is a special tool for unlocking the lock. If the role is capable of high, there is no need to unlock when unlocked (not caused by unlocking). However, there may be needed to consume some unlocking to open for a large lock. Like other tools, the unlocking device does not have to be placed in a role.

scene map

"Eternal Pillar II: death flame", the players need to expand the adventure and exploration in death flame Islands. Death is the island chain consisting of hundreds of islands across thousands of miles, with a wide variety of climate and biological communities, resulting in dazzling biological types.

The scene in the game can be divided into the world map scene, small map scene.

In the World Map scene, the player moves through the vessel moving in the air, logging in to the corresponding stop point for an extension of the island. In the island exploration process, the team will be represented by the protagonist avatar icon. When the team moves to the town or interactive area, it enters a small map mobile scene.

Small map scenarios will show the specific elements of the programming team, fighting, and scenes. In the town scene, you can purchase, character dialogue, rest or collection of items; in the battle, the enemy will be identified in the red circle, and the battle is carried out by AI automatic or manual operation.

Featured System

Game Mode

The initial stage of combat mode can be selected, which is a paused instant pattern, and the reticle mode.

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In the new game settings, players can choose difficult to choose, difficult to divide the story, leisure mode, classic model, veteran model, Curse road mode. During the game, players can adjust the difficulty at any time.

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In addition, the game also provides game sex adjustment, which is Bellas's blessings, iron people trial, expert model, and NPC level growth. Adjustment.

Belas's blessing is an optional feature, and players can get Belus's blessing while getting achievements. The blessing currency can be used to unlock additional bonus when setting up a new game setting.

In "Iron Trial" mode, only one archive can only be retained throughout the game. If the player is killed, the archive will be deleted and the game must be restarted. This option cannot be changed in the game.

Expert mode closes a lot of "Assistant" features in the game. Players can adjust at any time.

NPC level grows into a dynamic rating system, which hooks the hierarchical adjustment of the hostile NPC with the player level, and the "Up Adjustment" option will allow the hierarchical adjustment of the hostile NPC to increase.

Archive Inherit

"Eternal Column II: Dead Yan" provides archive inheritance, playing "Eternal Column 1" players can make archive import to generate past game selection History and role import. In the case where the archive can be imported, the player can choose the key history in "Eternal Column 1" to start the game.

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War system

With the ship sail, the player will encounter attacks into the sea battle. The entire fashion process is carried out in the way of text, and each round players need to choose their own behavior. The enemy is also true. By a multi-time text, it will complete the whole fashion battle.

Before the start of the wage war, there will be a ship randomly gain advantage. Get probability is amended by the captain level and vessel speed. The advantageous vessel can take the lead in this turn to achieve mobile distance addition, all artillery ranges increase.

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achievement system

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game DLC

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configuration requirements

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game evaluation

"Eternal Column II: Dead Yan" is undoubted to be an excellent RPG work, and obsidian shows players ahead of the DND World, they have maintained a very high production level in all areas of good fortunate, but The part of innovation is not so good. There is no improvement in the content of how much story content, a large number of bounty tasks, fill it, and it is formulated. (Vammer Star Air Review)

"Eternal Column II: Dead Yan" is a renewable writing and extension of epic stories. Exquisite painted

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