Employment labor and capital

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"Employment Labor and Capital" starts in late 1847, with "Employment Labor and Capital" as the title, the form of editorial form is published in "New Rhine" . Chinese translation income "The Complete Works of Marx Engers" Volume 6. According to Marx's initial plans, he will explain the economic relationship of the material foundation of modern class struggle and national struggle in a series of papers, but due to the suspension of "New Rhine", this set of papers only published the top five. Thereafter, it is also available several times in the form of a brochure. In 1891, Engels took into account the needs of workers' propaganda, and the book made the necessary revisions and supplements, and strive to unify the views in all importance points in all important points.


Translator preamble

Engels Introduction

Employment Labor and Capital

< P> 1. What is salary? What is it determined

, how to determine the price of the product?

three, how is the salary decided?

Four, capital's nature and capital proliferation

5, employment labor and capital relationship

six, the general rule of determining salary and profit fell < / p>

7, capital and labor's interests directly opposite - the impact of production capital for wages

eight, capital competition for asset class, middle class, and worker class influence

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