CNC cutting


CNC cut: means a cutting machine such as a number control flame, plasma, laser, and water jet, and automatically, automatically according to the optimized kit cut procedure provided by the CNC cutting kit. , Efficient, high quality, high-utilization rate of CNC cut. CNC cuts represent modern high-tech production methods, and is the product combined with computer numerous kit computing technology and cutting machine.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages: CNC kit optimization software passes computer drawing, part optimization kit and CNC programming, effectively improves steel utilization, improves the work efficiency of cutting production. CNC cutting machines are effectively controlled and improved cutting quality and cutting efficiency by cutting technology, cutting process, and automatic control technology provided by the CNC system,,,,,,.

Disadvantages: CNC cuts are more complicated due to cutting efficiency, and the kit is more complicated. If not used or has no optimized kit programming software, steel waste will be More serious, the faster, the more you cut, the more waste. The CNC system is the controller, which is the heart of the CNC cutter. The automation, high efficiency, high quality and high utilization rate of CNC cutting are also lost.

CNC cutting technology

CNC cutting technology is an automated high-efficiency cutting technology developed based on the precision and rapid cutting process. An important part of CNC cutting technology is a numerical control cutting machine, and the CNC cutting machine consists of a number of control systems, programming systems, airway systems, and mechanical operation systems.

CNC system

CNC system is an important part of the cutting machine, which is composed of a computer system, a servo system, a control unit, and an actuator.

(1) Computer system consists of computer host, display, and keyboard.

(2) The servo system is closed loop control of the motor under computer control to achieve stepless speed regulation of the motor. Due to poor steel cutting site conditions, the cutting speed is not high, so the servo system is multi-AC servo system. The AC servo system has strong anti-interference ability, especially in low speed, and the advantages are more prominent.

(3) The control unit is the computer and manual switching, the center of logic processing, the center of the computer control signal, is the center of the control signal to achieve computer, each motor and each electromagnetic valve. control.

(4) The actuator includes each motor and an electromagnetic valve.

Programming System

The programming system is a computer assistant system for part programming and kit developed by numerical cutting machine. The entire production process (including auxiliary procedure) can be organized and systematically organized. Users can use the various graphical input methods provided by the system to facilitate the various graphical input methods provided by the system to facilitate the establishment of editing parts graphics and implement steel kit. Make modern production methods to integrate modern management. The programming machine will program the program to the control system of the cutter on the floppy disk, and start the cutting machine to cut. Simple programming can also be made on the cutting machine.

Gasline system

The air-circuit system includes each air supply line, valve, depressometer, pressure gauge and electromagnetic valve. The allocation of each gas path is pre-modulated and automatically intermitted by the control system.

Mechanical operating system

Mechanical operating system consists of a beam, along a seat, a reduction mechanism, a lifting mechanism, and the like. Due to the realization of automatic control, a higher requirement is proposed for the accuracy of the mechanical operation system. Such as mechanical running straightness: 10m ± 0.2mm.

Due to the adoption of a computer control system. The entire cutting production process: including the leveling of steel plates, shot blasting, painting, drying, cutting parts programming kit, spray line, part cutting, number storage, etc., all implementation of automation management. This greatly improves production efficiency. With a precision fast cutting process, Ra12.5 μm, Ra6.3 μm, which can be cut by the cutting mass. The cutting is made of a mechanical process as a mechanical process.

CNC cutting method

The cutting machine is divided into laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, flame cutting machine. The laser cutting machine is the fastest efficiency, the cutting accuracy is the highest, and the cutting thickness is generally small. The plasma cutting machine is also very fast, and the cutting surface has a certain slope. The flame cutting machine is a thickness of the thickness of carbon steel.

Laser cutting method

Cut quality: excellent tilt angle, small area of ​​heat affected. Basic non-slag can achieve good to excellent fine cutting effect under narrowest bending: The torch can be quickly disengaged, improved productivity, and the speed of the metal material having a thickness of less than 6mm is extremely fast, and the metal is Thick, the slower speed, the thicker the metal, the longer the perforation time. Generally, laser cutting is only high in non-metallic cutting metals, which use laser cuts!

Operation: Due to the cutting of the power, the consumption, the maintenance cost, the maintenance cost, the high cutting speed is relatively low, resulting in a single operation of the single operation

Maintenance method: Technicians complete complex maintenance!

Plasma cutting mode

Cut quality: excellent tilt angle, small area is small, basic non-slag, good to excellent fine cutting effect

production capacity : When cutting various thickness metal materials, the speed is extremely fast, the perforation speed is extremely fast

operating cost: long service life, good production efficiency, excellent in cutting, leading to a single operation Other technologies Low

Maintenance: It is usually possible to properly maintain many components in the factory maintenance team

flame cutting mode

cutting quality: good angle, heat The area is large, the amount of slag is large, and it is necessary to rework

production capacity: slow cutting speed, preheating time will increase the number of perforations

operating cost: low production efficiency and rework, Cost-leading a single operation is relatively high

maintenance method: usually can be simple maintenance by plant maintenance team

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