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Romance Description: Hebei Duanshi butcher, killing pigs. Early with Liu Bei, Guan Yu Taoyuan's sinister, the third is the third. His sex is like a fire, and it is so embarrassed, Zeng anger whip, and once the sword wants to punch. In Changchunpo, the Yangshuo Head is screaming, scares the 83,000 army of Cao Cao. When I entered the Sichuan, I was a song, and the righteousness is strict, and I will fall down, and I will go straight into Chengdu. After Sichuan, he defeated Zhang Yujun. Liu Bei said that after Hanzhong Wang, worship the right general, and seal the five tiger. After Liu Bei, after the emperor, worship the generals of the car, the Queon's school, and Feng Xixiang. In order to revenge for two brothers, the same bonus, the soldiers, the same year, Zhang Fei was written by Fan Qiang ("Three Kingdoms Romance", the reason why the wrong body is strong, strong and strong Very like), Zhang Dam assassinated, fifty-five years old. Introduction

Zhang Fei beef is known as dried beef or Baingpea, which is produced in Sichuan, China, is a specialty of strong Sichuan cuisine. The surface is ink black, after cutting, the meat is pink, the meat material is tight, not dry, not dry, not soft, not hard. Food is salty, the banquet, the food is suitable. Because of its characteristics of "surface ink black, the heart of the darkness" is like the characteristics of Zhang Fei himself "face-skinned black and a red heart to the Han", the world is called Zhang Fei beef. ( Note: Zhang Fei Beef now, the beef is basically extracted ) dried without hard, moisturizing and not soft, cut The horizontal, light torn surface, such as the silver silk pine, fine chew, its flavor is endless.

Zhang Fei beef is nearly a two hundred years of history in the Qing Dynasty. During the Republic of China, in Chengdu "Advise Conference" has been rated as "waiting for food", since this reputation is better. In the 1940s, the Silver Award of Chengdu Industrial Association was obtained. In 1998, he won the Quality Product Award in China and the First China Food Expo.

Product classification

Zhang Fei beef is born, cooked two:

Select meat to cut into 500 grams, remove the slap slap, use The salty flavor is impregnated, and it is repeated, and the blood is squeezed, so that the meat is loose, and then add incense into the cylinder, sealed pickled. After the cylinder, use "Hundreds of Stroves" (that is, the pot " The meat is cooked, boiled, boiling water, ie cooked dried beef.

Sanitary beef is also known as the wind, which is made of bull leg. It is used in winter processing. Wipe it with a salty flavor, pick up the cylinder, then take the cylinder with ancient cork. The color is golden, which is bleed, until seven, 80% dry, and then add fragrance to the cylinder seal to be eaten.

Historical Development

Legendary Allure

Zhang Fei beef, is a large name product in the middle of China. According to legend, Liu, Guan, Zhang San people worshiped the brothers in Taoyuan, Zeng Daguai, for a delicious wine, Zhang Fei said that he made of beef multi-year beef, for the chef production. It turned out that Zhang Fei is not only a butcher, but also a cooking, his haloed beef taste is beautiful. At the beginning of the banquet, the brothers drink alcohol, eat beef, guess the punch, so unhappy. They all said: "Zhang Fei beef is delicious! Zhang Fei beef is delicious!"

Reality origin

阆中 城 中国 is called Baingning Town, local residents are changing at the festival Will make pickles (similar to La pig), after doing good, in order to prevent rot, people are applied in the surface of beef tofo. This kind of marinated beef is called "Baingpei Dried Beef" or "Wind Dry Meat" for local name snacks. The biggest feature of the beef is that the surface is ink, and the internal meat is brown after cutting. It is very good.

Around the 1980s (about 1985), Zhang Fei beef company predecessor Yuanzhong County Bull and Mutton Processing Factory Chang Wang Zhengqiu is officially named Zhang Fei, it is known as Zhang Fei Flying beef. Therefore, the name is appropriate, so it is quickly familiar with it. Modern businessmen also make some stories to "Zhang Fei Beef" to increase its selling point.

阆 阆 牛 肉

"Zhang Fei Beef" is the name of the future generation, but it is not unreasonable, why there are at least three:

one Zhang Fei, drink, alcohol, even finally died in the wine, and the halojami is of course perfect, which is very conforming to the diet logic of Zhang Fei, so the halojami can be named.

2, there is a history book, saying that he does win every win, you like to use a special haloed beef to reward the soldiers, which is likely to be "Zhang Fei Beef" prototype, just the process has not been completely Mature.

Three, Zhang Fei beef is like Zhang Fei's image, the black heart is red, and the black skin is cut, it is a red heart. This kind of beef is dried without hard, moistening, not soft, and the ruddy is bright, and the taste is delicious. In order to taste, salty and delicate, and the aftertaste is long. The general haloe beef is inevitably free tooth clamp, while Zhang Fei beef is inserted, the young and young are suitable, the fine goods, slow chopper, can be stressed, fragrant, taste good.

Related Allusions

Due to the circulation of the "Romance" of the Three Kingdoms, the three national stories is a household name, Zhang Fei's brave and rough earthquany. But the history of Zhang Fei is actually a general of civil and military, if you don't go in the middle, I am afraid that the understanding of Zhang Fei will flow in the table.

At the beginning of the Han Han, Zhang Fei followed Zhuge Liang along the Yangtze River, all the way to shoot the city, and won the Jiangzhou (now Chongqing), Bakun is the soil. Then he was told by the Brazil (now in the middle), and the troops were competed in 阆. He is a major battle commander in the battle, which is the Cao Wei name will be Zhang Wei in the south. This battle is written in the career of him. He is defeated, and Cao Wei returns to Henan, Hanzhong. Bar County has become a stable Shuiguo.

The people in the ancient hero can be seen everywhere - in the intersection of the city, Her Kong Gao speakers, anger, the old years, long-lost years, over the sea Sangtian, and Chinese people still Delicate the generals as the guardian of this ancient city, Zhang Fei is already totem in their minds.

阆 阆 益 于 于 于 于 于 于 阆 阆......... 太. 太 太.... 太 太 太 太 太 太 太 太 太 太 太The world only knows Zhang Feiyong, only the talent knows that he loves people like a child, governing some side, persuading the scope of the scope, and developing production. In Zhang Taishou as a political situation, it entered an unprecedented and prosperous stage. Therefore, how can people don't love the parental officials in the middle? Only when I came to the middle, the Zhang Fei Temple (the official name was "Zhang You Hou Hou", because Zhang Fei was chased as a huhi), you can fully feel the rich colorful. He is never just a black face on the old stage, and it is also a wise man, a benevolent - face black heart. So people named "Zhang Fei Beef" in the local specialty beef. This beef is black.

Buy a pack of Zhang Fei beef, I will chew it, then take a look at Zhang Fei Temple. Such a "Tiger Census", but was killed in two parts after drinking. Legend has it that these two people killed Zhang Fei, cutting his head and throwing into the river, and this head is going to ran down his footprints in the year, to Yunyang is salvaged on the shore by a fisherman, so it is buried in the Yangtze River. Yunyang also repaired a temple to commemorate him. Zhang Fei in the head of the body has two graves and the two graves. The two Zhang Fei Temples are the national key cultural relics protection units. Yunyang Zhang Fei Temple has been demolished for the construction of the Three Gorges Dam. Zhang Fei Temple has become an authentic original lonely. The value of its cultural relics is more prominent.

Shi Book says Zhang Fei "Love Jing Junzi without a small person", and finally he actually harmed the little person, it is awkward!

Production method

The so-called Zhang Fei beef is actually a lrapet. In accordance with the production process of Laogue, you can self-produce beef at home. The following is the production process:

< P> 1, cut the beef into a block of about 1 kg.

2, smear salt and pepper on its surface. The amount of salt has a certain amount, or the meat will be corrupt.

3, find a bowl to find a basin, wait for its salt to penetrate. At least one week.

4, lift the beef of eating salt is naturally air, and the air dry is about one Week.

5, ready to burn 1 hour of cypress branches, ignite the branches and manually control the size of the flame, so that the flame remains extinguished, at this time, the cypress branch will release a lot of Smoke and high temperature. Hanging the dried beef is hanging above this pile of branches for about one hour, beef is black.

6, put the baked beef again hang up the air dry one day, to be smoke Ontario, ready.

production method 2.

Zhang Fei beef (6 photos)

1. Wash the beef bought Net, cut into small pieces of half a catty.

2. Prepare a variety of spices, then produce brine,

3. Put the beef inverted the pot to cook it, and use the fire to cook

4. Wait until When the beef is cooked, put it outside to cool down.

Controversial incident

"80" Mo Mo is a "three countries fans", listening to the story of the Three Kingdoms, especially the Wuba National Wuba, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu. On October 11, 2015, Mo Mou went to Guangzhou, a well-known chain supermarket, purchased a bag of "Zhang Feiyuan beef", the price was 23.8 yuan.

Mo Mou said that he saw the front of the product marked with "Zhang Fei beef, the three countries" and Zhang Fei's military image. It is interested in this, and he cares about the back of the packaging. "Zhang The legend of flying beef. " The legend tells the Three Kingdoms, and the talents will be specially cooked in the war. The three military is drunk. This beef production method is passed on the later generation, so it is called "Zhang Fei Beef".

, Mo Mou is all over the "Three Kingdoms" and other historical ancient books, as well as the local history, the novel "Three Kingdoms", there is no "Zhang Yide", Zhang Wei, Zhang Wei, Zhang Fei, cooking beef, three armies, all people are drunk " The statement. He believes that "张 张 烹 烹 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 方法 有 乌 乌 乌 乌 乌 乌 乌 乌 乌 乌 乌 张 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 乌 乌 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 工 牛 乌 工 乌 乌 工 工 工 制 工 制

Mo Mou said that the legendary story link the product and the historical celebrity "Zhang Fei", and the production process and historical source of the products involved in the case, the false information is enough to mislead consumers, which has seriously violated the plaintiff. The product selection rights constitute fraud.

Mo Mo complaints please order the defendant retreat, the original goods payment 23.8 yuan, compensation for the plaintiff 500 yuan, compensation for the plaintiff lawyer fee of 9,500 yuan, transportation fee, copy fees, etc. 9476.2 yuan; order the defendant in "China Consumer News "Apologize to the plaintiff for 15 consecutive days.

The defendant claims that the back of the products involved has been clearly marked in all aspects of the products involved, there is no misleading or misunderstanding, there is no fraud intention.

The Baiyun District Court is tried that whether the product involved in the case constitutes fraud, it is necessary to consume from the perspective of ordinary consumers.

First, ordinary consumer purchase goods pay attention to factors such as the quality, price and industry of the commodity itself, as for individual consumers interested in other factors that do not have direct associations with goods If you have a wishes, you belong to a personal and evil problem, and it is impossible to identify that the item constitutes fraud for ordinary consumers.

Second, the public's general understanding of the three people is a tiger, and the packaging involving the product will not lead to the judgment of the foodmaker who is good at cooking beef. It is not enough. Mislee of ordinary consumers, not to mention the plaintiff is a "three state fans" that is very interested in the historical story of the Three Kingdoms.

Third, the packaging story involved in the case clearly contains "Legend of Zhang Fei Beef", since it is the legend, there is no reason to be uniform with real history; if there is this legend in the origin, there is no need Recognized by history.

Therefore, the court decision plaintiff advocates that the product constitutes a fraud, dismissed all of its litigation requests.

has been honorable in July 2021, in the selection of Sichuan Provincial Tianfu Tourism Food Candidates.

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