In the 1930s, the West is in a serious economic crisis, and the social contradictions and sharpness, and the proprietary education family represented by Conit is the social problem. Close contact, education reform is restrictive in social reform, so it is necessary to change the direction of progressiveism to change, should emphasize children's centralism, emphasize social center education; less concern, personal growth, and pay more attention to social changes. It is believed that progressive education emphasizes means and processes, ignores the purpose and results. But only the purpose is clear, it can be appropriate. The primary task of education is to establish a clear purpose, that is, to transform the society with "new social order", to achieve "social democracy" and "world democracy" to benefit all humanity. The school should emphasize the sociality of people. If you don't cultivate your intelligence, there will be no perfect culture. In the ideological theory, loyal to pragmatic philosophy and progressiveism, but revised, expanded some insights.

The main point of view of the transformationist:

(1) Task of education is based on the purpose of social improvement and plan to lead the society to achieve its value standard;


(2) The school should become a starter of change and social reform;

(3) The course should be based on the image of the ideal society;

(4) learning is active, pass Citizens' political activities to participate in social reform programs;

(5) Schools, teachers, students should be the model of new and perfect democratic society.

After the 1950s, Bramel's renovation educational thoughts produced a certain social impact.

is a courses that should be selected around a series of social issues to design a core course in the process of designing the core courses.

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