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catfish stew eggplant (5)

"catfish stew eggplant" Jilin Province folk traditional dishes. Every summer when the rich eggplant, catfish fishing season comes, people choose fresh catfish and eggplant stew, the catfish fat but not greasy, delicious sour eggplant, cream soup, mellowness, meat and vegetarian dishes complement each other, Sakamoriba Safe, people are eating flavor dishes.

Liaoning cuisine is the second of eight dishes, the launch of a new cuisine, which is a local cuisine national characteristics Liaoning Province, regional characteristics, dietary customs, cooking techniques created from.


practice a


catfish, 22, 1500 g (buy fish tips : the color is black culture, color light cyan, yellow belly wild) to kill wash, purple eggplant 2000 g, (who can add and subtract according to how much).

50 g of onion, garlic (shot) 50 g 30 g ginger, 10 g pepper, 20 g of soy sauce, cooking wine 10 grams, 10 grams of salt, 10 grams of monosodium glutamate, 15 grams of sugar, soybean oil 100 grams of soy sauce 50 grams (now have to buy bags of Hsu miso, be sure to use ah, otherwise the taste is not correct).


catfish stew eggplant image set (16)

1, boil hot, an oil after open spring onion, garlic (beat) ginger, Stir flavor soy sauce, soy sauce, pepper, sugar. After blasting pot, add water, put the eggplant, catfish. (The amount of water you have not seen the eggplant is better).

2, fire boil, turn simmer for 40 minutes fire sauce, MSG pan plate.

practice two


catfish 400 g, 400 g of eggplant tender.


pig pork 50 g, 10 g parsley.


10 grams salt, 5 grams of MSG, 5 grams of vinegar, cooking wine 3 g, 5 g of pepper, ginger wire 3 grams , sesame oil 5 grams, soup 500 grams.


catfish eggplant stew cooking process (16)

(1), eggplant stalks wash net peeled, hand torn strips, parsley and cut into sections, pork slices.

(2) After catfish tidying clean, boiling water a little hot, remove and cool immersed into cold water, extracted with chopsticks scrape the surface of the mucus. Big changes catfish 6-7 cm segment, the smaller can be the whole.

(3), Shaonei put little oil, add eggplant and stir-fry, soft backup into the bowl.

(4), Shaonei put soup, catfish, meat, eggplant, onion, ginger, boil skimming, salt, wine stew over low heat for 20 minutes, picked out pork , into the bowl.

(5), the bowl vinegar, monosodium glutamate, pepper, sesame oil that is good sprinkle with parsley.


catfish boiled water scrape mucus surface, the smell can be reduced. After the eggplant and stir-fry taste better.

practice three


catfish 1


eggplant tender amount


chicken, chili, cinnamon, monosodium glutamate, star anise, beer, sugar, pepper , ginger silk


1, catfish washed chop block, salt and cooking wine marinate for 10 minutes, eggplant cut hob

2, the burning oil, saute aniseed, cinnamon then saute Cong Jiangsuan

3, under the catfish Guochao

4, catfish fry surface after complete color, full bottle of beer is poured into the pot

5, plus a small amount of water over the fish, after the water is added to two dry pepper, add some ginger, garlic and onion,

6, creamy white soup stew, pot eggplant, salt, sugar, chicken, pepper

7, eggplant stew soft rot, thick soup you can pan

8, a tasty catfish stew eggplant on the well

practice four

Ingredients < / p>

catfish eggplant


Pi bean paste pepper salad Cong Jiangsuan wild pepper parsley

manufacturing process

1. catfish slaughter, to the viscera and gills which, tail fins, rinse

2. put vinegar water repeatedly cleaned catfish mucous surface, rinse, drain water, chopped into segments

3. Onion cut into sections, ginger slices, wild pepper chopped Pi bean paste and

4. from pan, Cong Jiangsuan quite a while, wild pepper and pepper

5. under the Pi bean paste, Stir marked

6. cut into the fish section, cooking wine and vinegar in the soup

7. had no added water, sugar-sweetened, fire boil

8. eggplant chunks torn hand, into the pot, cook

10. over medium heat until soft, eggplant, try salty, seasoning with salt

11. fire sauce, pot before and parsley green onion add to < / p>

practice five


catfish a 600 g

pepper water 5 g

tender eggplant 500 g

15 grams of salt

onion 10 g

MSG 1.5 g

ginger 10 g

500 grams lard

10 g garlic

chicken 1000 g

15 grams Shaojiu

parsley 25 g

cooking methods

1, catfish gills after evisceration, washed and chopped into segments. Eggplant strips with Shredded growth. Shredded onion ginger. Garlic slices.

2, Shaonei put a little lard, fry the eggplant fan poured.

3, Shaonei put a little base oil, add onion ginger soy pan, add the soup into the catfish and eggplant, then add rice wine, pepper water, salt, with the fire to boil skim foam , into the stew simmer over low heat, add garlic and MSG when the aubergine Shulan, served in a soup bowl, then put parsley and serve.

key process

1, selected Shanghao chicken, then open into catfish.

2, the fire to boil, simmer over low heat stew, fish Huoji the catechesis!

nutritional value

1, catfish and warm, sweet, owned by the stomach, the bladder; qi, yin, prolactin, appetizers, Lee urine of.

catfish are rich in protein and minerals and other nutrients, with up in the air, nourishing, appetizing, prolactin, Lee urine effect of, nutritious diet postpartum women will choose food.

2, eggplant, sweet, cool, spleen, stomach, large intestine; with heat bleeding, swelling and pain. Eggplant is one of the few purple vegetable is very common on the table homemade vegetable, it's Purple is rich in vitamin E and vitamin P, which is can not be compared to other vegetables, vitamin P can soften the tiny blood vessels, prevent small vascular hemorrhage, are good for high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, hemoptysis, and scurvy patients.

vitamin C and saponins contained eggplant, having cholesterol-lowering effect.

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