Simultaneous interpreter

definition and origin


Simultaneous interpretation is a translator using a special simultaneous interpretation device, sitting in a soundproofing room, commonly known as "box "In a continuous speech of the source spokesperson through the ear, one side is almost simultaneously translated, translating the contents of the speaker, translates the contents of the speaker, and translating the translation output through the microphone. Participants who need interpretation services can transfer to their own language channels by receiving devices, listening to the corresponding translation output from the headphones. Simultaneous interpretation is a largest in translation work, mainly because more time saving more than alternating translation, is currently a popular translation method in the international conference. Currently, 95% of the international conferences in the world are all simultaneous.


After the Second World War, when the International Tribunal of Nuremberg, Germany was established when the fascist war critered the fascist war, this is the first time in the world in the world. Simultaneous translation in international activities.

Career introduction

Basic requirements

1, in the case of do not interrupt the speaker, the full information expressed in the content of the speech is accurate and complete The translation is translated to the audience;

2, providing same sound translation services for international conferences, large meetings, academic seminars, conference negotiations, etc.,

3, for news interview , Training lectures, radio and television, etc. provide homogenic interpretation services;

4, in some cultural performances, tourist sightseeing, with the same vocal interpreter, provide the same sound interpretation service.

Simultaneous interpretation is a translation in various translation activities, often referred to as the highest realm of foreign language.


In the 54 industries listed in the "Salary Salary Guidance Price" table released in the Shanghai Labor and Social Security Bureau, simultaneous interpretation Take the lead in the price of the highest yuan of RMB 2,000.

"Beijing Morning News" reporter found a Beijing translation company, to go to the same voice translation point: English category is 12,000 to 21 million yuan, non-English categories is 18,000 yuan. It is generally required to make a 2 ~ 3 interpreters to make alternating work. The above price is a group of translation prices for a group. According to this, the same-secent interpretation minimum income of 4,000 yuan.

"The salary of the interpreter a day is equivalent to a white-collar number of income, and they can earn five or six thousand a day." The teachers of the new Oriental said.

The interpreter of China's foreign translation publishing company told reporters that they participated in a day meeting of $ 5,000, while some meeting remuneration would be higher. When the meeting is busy, such as from July ~ July and 9 to December, there will be very full, and some meetings need to be reserved for more than a month in advance. "Excellent translators can reach 40,000 yuan even higher during the peak of the conference, so it is not enough for excellent translators." Yu Yang said.

For the foreign rumors, the remuneration of the same translation is high for 34,000 US dollars. There are many years of sync-translated experience. "The reporter smiled in an interview, but he frank this is a high-income profession. "Looking at Beijing, paying for the translation of the same voice is generally 4,000 yuan a day, this is the average income of each group, if you don't need assistant, independently complete the translation task, the highest can reach 10,000 yuan per day The above. Time calculation is carried out according to the 8-hour working day, starting from the beginning to four hours, for four hours, more than eight hours. In addition, customers will pay the accommodation fees, ticket fees, ground Traffic fees and other relevant fees, always, income is very considerable. "

Talent status

The same voice is a global scarce talent, one of the most difficult people . The global professional syncipation personnel have a total of more than 2,000 people, and China's speech translation talents is more shortage. According to incomplete statistics, my country's professional simultaneous interpretation talents are around 30 people, as for internationally popular, technology, and political and law. Waiting for various fields, the professional co-translation talents are still blank.

With the increasingly frequent exchange of China and the world, with the improvement of China's international status, no matter where the international conference is inseparable, you will not leave Chinese, and you will not have a similar translation from China. There are international conferences almost every day, and there are more and more international conferences in China, which can be said that translations in China and international markets are huge. It is said that the EU and Australia have even asked Chinese teachers to translate them with their training, and the market prospects in the same sound is more and more optimistic.

The demand for simultaneous interpretation is doubled, but the number of equivalent interpretations is growing very slowly. According to reports, the current professional simultaneous interpreter is mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, other cities to hold international meetings, there is a lack of multiplock talents, need to hire from Beijing and Shanghai. Yu Yang told the "Beijing Morning News" reporter, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Harbin, Wuxi, Changshu, Xi'an and other cities, he has been passing. He received an invitation to three meetings with the reporter's conversation, but due to the time conflict, it can eventually accept one of the meetings. Many companies or organizations have a high-paying four-lived sync-transpired talents, but it is often difficult to meet.

workflow diagram

The following image:

interpretation tool

of "same biography" can get absolute high salary because less talents are rare, the reason is less because of "difficult", want to be " The same pass "is too difficult.

The primary condition for joining the "Tongchi" learning is to pass the high-level translation qualification examination, then the "same biography" is then passed. In fact, it is already equivalent to the eight levels of English majors through the primary translation qualification examination. From the 4-year examination of the current 2 years, the pass rate does not exceed 10%, and the high-grade translation is even more The "same biography" of Fenghong Rolleur, the transpose is also selected on this basis, which can be said that it is already a peak. A teacher in the senior translation of Beijing Foreign Language University said.

Teacher Wu Xiaoyu, who is responsible for the teaching teaching teaching, told the "Beijing Morning News" reporter, Beijing Language University's colleges and universities will only recruit 15 graduate students each year, and their curriculum settings are also very careful. "First start reading from the native language, follow the news network, then practice other languages, I persist for more than 15 minutes, but also guaranteed 1 word; then practice translation, this process runs through three semesteps." Mr. Wu took three The specific process of the semester is displayed to the reporter. The first semester gives the original, translated, then enter the translation box, training translation, adjust the words and pronunciation; the second semester training rapidly, at this time, the teacher does not provide the original, The classmates have been translated into the translation box to listen to the voice; there is no original and translation in the third semester, speak directly according to the mode of interview or discussion. "Such training process is a summary of Japanese authorities. It is very effective for improving students' ability."

The teacher of Beijing Foreign Language University told reporters that even if such a harsh requirement, such excellent, reading After graduating from the graduate student translated, there is not much to engage in simultaneous interpretation. "The threshold for entering the same voice is quite high. It is not that you read the postgraduate accepted the relevant training or test the same certificate, you can enter the industry. Visiting the experience of the meeting, if a translator that has just graduated from school, there is hardly involved in the capital of the same circle. "

In addition to mature meeting experience, enter the same pass Industry also needs to have a good interpersonal relationship. Teacher Wu Xiaoyu recognizes this. "Enter the same pass must have people."

can only succeed, can not be mistaken

At present, there is no fixed institution in my country to be responsible for translation related matters, nor A unified standard of unified standards for the study of the work of translation. It is necessary to see that a similar translation is competent, and will be evaluated directly from all parties to the conference. After the general meeting, the organizer, the chairman, experts, and the Chinese delegation, other delegations will express my gratitude to the work of translation, if you think that your work is excellent, they will give enthusiasm, some will directly Invite you to work with them next time. If the same voice is very bad, there will be reactions in the venue, the feet, cough, talking.

"Old people look at the translators, I think we are a group of people on the pyramid, entering the luxury hotel to participate in the International Conference, the income of the other people in January, but enter the same voice translated this industry is unusual, The pressure in the industry is also known, here, you can't fail. "Yu Yang tells reporters.

Yu Yu remembers a failure and transpresentation of a failure. That is in an international economic forum, an interpreter with his partner is not enough, and many terms have been translated in the process of translation, and it is not grasped on the representative's speech, so the content of translation makes people touch Don't mind. After the meeting, a foreign guest was angry and complained: "I spent 15 million with my technical worker to open this meeting, but because of the issue of translation, we didn't understand anything, this loss could not make up."

Yu Yang believes that the cruelty of this industry is therefore, if it goes to experience a financial and mental loss, it will not only give the conference representative, but also for the translator, there will be psychological barriers to future translations, and Willing to find his customers. Therefore, in the general meeting, two or three translators are partched, each person works 15 minutes to half an hour, and then the partner is required. Once the brain is tired, it is difficult to adapt to such a high speed and high pressure.

The small details of simultaneous interpretation should also be noted. There is a small movement in the translation box, because Mike in the transpilebox is very sensitive, even if it is a light book, it is a huge role, so the translator should try to avoid small actions or touches, the translator does even prevent it. Large earrings to avoid sound.

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