Ottman All-Star Chronicle

background setting

The game owner hits "Altman Tactics", even the whole story is also a special original content; in this story, it describes the Altman The hometown "Light of Light" was preserved by the strata army "Dissreem", plus his mysterious energy absorption skills, making the superman of "Light" become an icon, Only the "Cyro Altman" escaped in the alien and enemies fled this crisis, so "Cyro Ottman" must let the partners will be able to join a team, one side Smartily use a variety of tactics to challenge these universe monsters and aliens.

Role setting




Featured System

Time countdown system

The so-called time reciprocal refers to the original work, when Ottman appeases more than a certain period of time, the energy timer of the chest will begin to turn red flash energy. state. In the game, there will be a "time-to-time number table" that is limited time. This time does not decrease with the actual time of reality, it will be opposed to the enemy of me. Various actions continue to decrease, once this amount is returned, the level of the level failed. Moreover, when the countdown of this scale is below three, the scale will begin to turn into the red light, this time the harm of the superman warrior gives the enemy will become twice, so although it is possible The reversal battle defeats the enemy, but there is a big chance to be directly Ko of the enemy.

Last accompanying, when the players defeat the enemy or use skills in the battle, they can get the so-called grades, and players can raise the role level to grow the role value, or learn New killing skills and other skills. At the same time, the system also breaks the number of enemies in the level, and we are defeated by the number of people, the remaining time, the damage amount and special actions, etc.

Enclosure of special code

This initial back to the special seal, one of which is a special desktop topic (10 kinds), the other is "Altman battle in Mobage confidence" Favorites, Altman and Altman zero card exchange code.

Out of Ottman: Saro Altman, Germmann, Sevantman, Dai Tatman, Gaussian Altman, Jack Altman, Es Altman Edio Temman, Tero Altman, Leo Altman, Sprioretman, Dreamier Ottman, Diga Altman, Gaia Altman, Nikisto Man, Max Altman, Agurus Ottman, etc.

The final BOSS

The final BOSS in this work is the darkness Beelia. He is the role in the second season of "Super Rio" ended in "Altman Biography", and now the dark armor Beelia will also appear in the game. The dark armor of Belia's soul attached by Belia who hates Ottman soldiers will also appear in the game, which is very mysterious, and ordinary attack is invalid, it is a terrible enemy.

Game evaluation

level evaluation

level evaluation is determined by Tactics and Special (special).

General S + S = S, S + A = S, S + B = a (ie SB A ==), S + C = A, etc.

, you have to get the level s evaluation, we have at least one S in the strategy and special, and the other is at least A.

strategy evaluation

In the top 5 of the detailed evaluation of the left, it will affect the evaluation of the strategy. It is characterized by basic each level that has this 5 evaluations and different evaluations depending on the situation.

is the level of customs clearance, the enemy unit breaks the amount, the number of deaths, the total injuries we receive, the remaining time.

The level is generally s, have never seen it. . .

Break the number of enemies, all breaking is naturally S. For some levels with unlimited resurrected monsters, it is generally at least 4 or so.

We die, except for some special difficulties, generally don't die, and even if you die 1-2 people, this evaluation can be the

I have received. Total injury, this evaluation term is often one of the main reasons why our strategy is not high, should be less injured, except for the fierce attack, it is also the key to flexible use of blue soul reply.

The remaining time is also the main factor affecting the strategy. The reply time of the green soul here should take advantage of it.

All the elements of the relevant level evaluation:

level passes / テ テ テ ジ ク ア

enemy unit break / enemy ユ ユ ト ト

Mortality / ユ ユ ユ ト ト 死 死

is subject to total injury / け ダメ ダメ ジ ジ

surplus time / disabled time

special evaluation

left In detailed evaluation, in addition to the top 5, all is affecting special evaluation.

These evaluations are characterized by a certain review every time, and once this evaluation, its evaluation value is always the same. There is S, there is a A, etc.

If it is necessary to improve the policy evaluation, it is a key to flexibility to use several Outou.

To improve special evaluation, it is necessary to reach some specific conditions, see the details described below, some of which mean, I am not very clear.

The following elements will be added to the evaluation

Different elements have different effects on special evaluation, as follows:

S level plus

LastAction / ラ ス ト ア ショ ショ ショ

Our whole member enters an abnormal state / 味 全 全 员 ド ド

We hurt 0 / ノ ノ ダメ ダメ ジ

< P> Allocator enters an abnormal state / enemy full staff バ ド

A grade bonus

SP spending 0 / SP spending 0 (this is actually easy, the last moment LEADER eat points Blue soul, then use a normal attack)

50 steps to move / 50 steps or more movement (there is nothing to walk more, do not plant standby, no cost)

By killing 20 times / must kill 20 times (can calculate itself)

Responsible 10,000 damage / 10000 ダメ ジ (Basic only the last time to the BOSS battle, can achieve this damage)

Unused Skills / ノ ノ キ キ キ (I have the relevant card in my Raiders, unused skills) B bonus

unused defense instructions / ノ ガ ガ ド (player playing the game, do not use any defense

Except for reply skills / ノ キ キ キ キ (The level of players play, do not use reply skills)

one hit / one hit must kill (attack link + high Injury must kill + 娄)

full attack / オ オ ル ア ア ッ ク (not very clear, because there are several authors clearly have no attack, also give this evaluation)

icon 0 damage / ice ノ ノ ダメ ダメ ジ (this is lucky, generally will always be hit by 1, 2)

single pass / 1 ッ ト リ ア (This is generally only special level, other level you I don't quite send one person on one person.)

Class Class Add

Broken Down State Enemy / ダウ で (See if there is Down, please give it a priority to dry it)

? ? / す す ぬけ 10 times

only kill skills / killing skills オ リ リ リ (0005, " ) / ピ ピ ピ ツ ツ オ ル (Eat So Otte Soul)

Leader Broken / リ ダ ダ ダ (Let the captain defeat the enemy)

break the defense status enemy / ガ ド ド で (Feel The enemy of the defense, please give priority to him)

to the enemy's total injury 0 / ダメ ジ ジ 0 (generally impossible, only some special levels, such as Timeover Win, or after entering the level Also there is this evaluation)

Noord soul (1 don't eat) / ノ ノ シピ シピ ツ ツ (nothing to eat. But with this evaluation, estimated strategy and special capital)

D-class bonus

Energy timer (finished) / カ ラ ー タ マ マ マ (only time to win the level, you can do this. Maybe this is as long as the red light is given, or it may be It is time to go.)

All type / full タ プ プ (the speed of the character type, ordinary, attack, skills all send a person, this is white)

Use only one form / タ プ オ リ リ リ リ (not very clear, this means, "this evaluation is more than one level of Gutman, it is estimated to have only one character type)

New Ott Man / ュ ュ ュ ウ ト ラ ラ

Game operation

Operating screen: First select Altman you want to attack, press START to enter the map to select the initial position, and then start again after starting.

Card Note:

1, the winning and negative conditions must be seen. If the enemy is completely over, there is also a lot of difficult levels only need to kill the enemy Leader, and the victory of the card is to persist to the time strip or seduce an enemy to the designated area. For example, the 12th words of the annual history model, there are people and Jin Guqiao fire fight for more than a dozen rounds.

Press START in our mobile round, you can focus on the winning and negative conditions, or you will go to the place where you just start, or leave the right to re-select the gate; forget to see the wins and negative conditions, you can Replay.

2, the interface

is the timeline, each round is decremented, and after 3 grid is below the red light, the attack defense is doubled in the red light, some is more difficult The level can consider using this.

The order in the right is the order in the right, and the order in which several rounds can be seen. The order of action is determined by the ability of all units, so the friendship skills between some teammates will affect the order of action.

left: HP and SP residual

HP is physical strength, physical strength is 0. SP is skill point, killing, skill, defense instructions consumes skill points. Skills will gradually reply with rounds.

3, action instructions

from top to bottom is

Move ドウ,

attack ゴウゲ ゴウゲ キ,

必 ヒ ヒ サツ,

Skill キ キ キ,

defense ガ ガ ド,

standby タ キ キ

4, Otto (ウ ウ ト ラ ピ ピ ピ ピ ツ) The spot on the

map is Out Soul, and the resurrection of the level is to consume Out Soul. In addition, it will also affect the grade score, so try it to eat. ! Moreover, it has a different kind of

yellow: lifting capacity value (monomer);

Blue: HP and SP full reply (monomer);

Green: Time bar reply 5 grid or 10 grid;

where I have the Leader to eat Otte soul, the effect will be bigger:

Yellow: Enhance the ability value (full member);

blue: HP and SP full reply (full member);

green: Time strip fill;

If the enemy unit eats Otte soul, there will be the same effect (where green is to deduct time), it will affect us, try not to let the enemy eat!

Note: The grades of the yellow spot increased the type of capability value by the unit of eating the unit of this spot.

Ottman's type is divided into: ノ ノ マ マ (ordinary), テ テ ニ ク (Skills), ア タ ッ カ (attack), ピ ピ ピ ド (speed)

The corresponding type eats yellow Otte The effect is:

ノ ノ マ マ (ordinary): POW, DEF, SPD100UP!

テ テ ニ ク ク (Skills): Hit Avoid 30% UP!

ア タ ッ カ ー (Attack): Pow300UP! ! !

ピ ピ ピ ド (speed): SPD200UP! Mov1UP!

therefore chooses what type of Altman is important.

(POW attack DEF Defense SPD Speed ​​MOV Mobile)


Next, the link effect is the bond effect, that is, two Altman neighboring Ability increases.

Effects have three species, marked above the character icon:

ウキ: hit UP;

ウシウシ: Give the enemy's injury UP;

タ イ: Down

of the enemy can be superimposed, namely:

ウキ + = = hit to avoid large UP; ウシ + ウシウシ = giving the enemy injury Large UP

Characters, Rio, Saiwen = ウシ ウシ, Es, Zori = ウキ, 初 = = = タ イ

The final addition of the task is:

Rio = 2 times ウシ ウシ + + ニ タ イ = to enemy attack damage big UP + hit avoidance up + damage DOWN

Saiwen = 2 times ウシ ウシ + = to enemy attack damage big UP + hit + hit Audov UP

Ess = ウシ ウシ + = UP + hit UP

Zi Fei = ウシ ウシ + タ タ イ = to enemy attack damage Up + damage DOWN

< P> Inner generation = ウシ ウシ + = = Enemy damage Up + hit UP

Abnormal Status

then said abnormal state

Abnormal status is

Action Seal / Action Seal (Black Terrier - Tied): Cannot move, can only attack, let go, put the skill, defense or standby

instruction seal / コマ コマ ド seal (it is also black boxing - tied): can only move and standby

paralysis / マビ (body with electricity): No instructions

down /ダウ ダウ (Head, Dinoming): The damaged UP

Black / ダ ダ ク ク: What is the

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