Onoichi Ono

Personal resume

Dacheng eight years, he was hired as an associate professor of Dongda, and the next year went to the University of Berlin to study abroad, accepting the "constituent Estate theory" and composition of Berlin. Essential Theory is the criminalization system constructed by the center, which also makes him later research to the theoretical jurisprudence.

Onoichi Ono

Character's life-grade

Mr. Xiaoyi is awarded a Ph.D., a Ph.D., a Ph.D., a Ph.D., a Ph.D., an Imperial University, awarded a Ph.D., in Showa 13 years (1933). After Makino, he became the first lecture of the East Criminal Law. After 15 years of Showa, the tendency of Japanese nationalism began in his criminal law, emphasizing that criminal law should be established in an inherent Trojan national body, history and nation's legal roots, which makes Mr. Xiaoyu in the war. I have encountered bad luck. In the 21st year of Showa, he was deprived of the East Dachang, until the United States conversion, he was able to recover the activities. He is still a Buddhist, and it can even be said to be the Japanese Buddhist Thai. Spring 61, Mr. Xiaoyuqing, was ill, and the year was 95 years old.

Achievements and Honor

The small criteria is built with two major pillars with moral responsibility theory and constituent. In Japan, it is a small wild and clear lake and 辰 辰, enabling an objective criminal law in the Japanese criminal law in Japan.

In the penalty, Xiaome believes that the law is a man, the ethics is ethics, which is the consolence of ethics in national political practice, which is fundamentally morally. Standing on this moral position, Xiaome believes that punishment is to enhance the behavior of the proliferation by clarifying the probaches to suppress the behavior of negative probes, so that the prisoners have wake up their behavior, and they have changed the correct people. road. The criminal law has a "prophylaxic education" "prevention" that transcends general prevention and special prevention of this purposesist. In response to the retribution of the penalty, it is certain that the formation of the moral culture is also dedicated to the formation of the ethical culture of the superb.

Personal works

may be the strong ethical tendency of the psychoat law, making him start from the second half of 1930, in the background of the Pacific War and the fascist, Nationalist tilt. In the "Self-Legend of Japan" (1942), "Basic Structures of Datong Official Order" (1944) He advocates that Japanese legal should become the legal of the world, emphasizing the morality of the Pacific War, attempting to aggressive from the perspective of jurisprudence The war is justified. As a ripe and rational scholar, and in more than ten years ago, he has severely criticized the authoritative, the state's criminal law thought, the state of the criminal law, will also make the time flow, it is indeed regret.

But Yomo himself never considers that he is following the trend of the times, but is the justice of culturality. He believes that the war is often a culture of culture. "East Asian situation ... is actually the protests and resistance of the Toyo culture, Japanese culture on Western culture, European and American cultures." Despite this, Mr. Xiaoyan is great, his theory and the influence on the later generations are unparalleled, as the praise of Mr. Guo, who is also praised: "Mr. Mr. is not just the glory of the past, And will always be transmitted to the future, and release light and shine in the heart.

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