Meridian tire

Development History

In 1946, French Milky Forest Tire Company Trial Produced the world's first meridian tire. The invention of the meridian tire is a revolution in the tire industry and has become a new direction of automotive tire development.

The international code of the meridian tire is "R", since the carcass structure is different from the oblique fetus, some countries are called radial tires, X tires, etc.

Lunch tire (2 photos)

The cord arrangement of the moon tire fetal cord is different from the oblique tire, and the cord of the meridian tire is not intertwined. However, it is close to parallel with the outer tire, like the geophone quarter, the cord angle is small, generally 0 °, there is no main point between the carcass cords, when the tire is in the driving process, the coronal should be increased, which will cause a week Outstanding, the carcass is radiated rip. Therefore, the buffer layer of the meridian tire is used in close circumference, which intersects 90 ° with the carcass cord angle, typically 70 ° to 78 °, forming a rigid ring belt that is hardly extended, and fixes the entire tire The circumferential deformation of the tire is limited, and this buffer layer is subjected to 60% to 70% of the internal stress of the entire tire, which becomes the main force component of the meridian tire, said it is a belt layer of a meridian tire. The main force component of the oblique fetus is not on the buffer layer, and its 80% to 90% of the internal stress is borne by the curtain of the carcass. It can be seen that the laminate of the meridian tire belt is important, and it must have good rigidity, which can be used in a multilayer large angle, high-strength and non-stretched fiber material, such as steel wire or aramid fibers.


Mercylane tires can be divided into whole steel moon tires, semi-steel moon tires, and all fiber lunch tires depending on the material.

The carcass and belt layers of the full steel moon tire are used for steel cords, generally used in load and construction machinery vehicles.

The carcass of the semi-steel moon tire uses artificial wire or other fibers, the belt layer uses a wire cord, which is generally used in cars or light trucks, such as bus, etc.

The carcass and belt layers of the full fiber sub-tire are fully used artificial wire or other fiber cord, and the belt layer cord should be used with low elongation cords, which is generally used for low speed sedan. Or tractors.

The tire structure of the meridian is reasonable, more excellent than the oblique fetus, there are many excellent features: wear resistance and tuning performance; good buffering performance, low driving temperature; stable and safe performance, driving Mileage and high economic benefits.


Structure of lunch matrix tires

Ø Carcass: Most monolithic steel curtains (or human silk, nylon, aramid, etc.) / p>

Ø Brand layer: 3-4 layer steel silk curtain composition

Ø Beck shoulder pad: there is an intermediate layer

Ø Bad ring: by steel wire, upper and lower triangular core, wire package enhancement layer and sub-gel adhesive, etc.

Ø Tire rubber: Tema laminate, lower glue

Ø Tire side glue

Car chasson tire structure

Ø Bad ring: by steel wire, composite hard rubber core and sub-gel

Meridian tire

Ø carcass: 1 -2 layer fiber curtain composition

Ø Brand layer: two-layer steel curtain layer

Ø crown belt: Time to add one to the second floor nylon curtain layer according to technical design to improve car fetus High-speed performance

Ø Tire glue

Ø Tree lower glue

Ø Tire side glue

Ø Linger

Light Card Morning Tire Structure

The carcass is composed of two to three layers of fibers, and the belt layer is used to use a two-layer steel cord. Because the speed is not as high as the car, there is generally no need for a crown. Floor. See Figure 4.

Differences in moon tires and oblique tires

Difference direction Difference direction

Ø oblique fetus: Arrangement between the absence of the carcass cord It is a mesh and a certain angle 35O to 45O is formed in the circumferential direction of the crown center line.

Ø Milion Tire: The layers of the carcass cords are arranged radially in parallel to each other, and the coronation centerline is performed in a 90o angle. The stress caused by the internal pressure of the sub-midday beam layer is uneven in the width range of the belt layer. Since the end line of the belt layer is not fixed, the initial stress is equal to zero, and the central portion is up to the maximum. As the belt layer increases to the degree of tension of the carcass, the stress of the carcass cord is reduced, and the center is the smallest.

Crown difference

Ø oblique fetus: The buffer layer only serves as a buffer that dispersed the external impact, and the good roads such as highways can not be used. Only 10% to 20% stress. (Common fibrous material to make buffer layers)

Ø tire: The action of the belt layer is to be bound by the bodies. The angle of the wire cord is close to the circumferential direction, forms about 12O to 25O angles in the circumferential direction of the crown center line. Since the belt layer cord is almost arranged almost, the length is actually constant, and therefore, the belt layer can determine the initial stress caused by the internal pressure in the tire shape and the tire part. Bear 60% to 75% of the stress.


1) The ground area is large, the adhesion is good, the tread slip is small, and the pressure is small for the ground unit, so the rolling resistance is small and the service life is long.

2) The crown is thicker and has a hard belt layer, which is not easy to pierce; small deformation is small, which can reduce fuel consumption of 3% to 8%.

3) Because the number of pitches is small, the slid is thin, so it is radially elastic, the buffer performance is good, and the load capacity is large.

4) Good heat dissipation, adapt to high temperature, high-speed driving.

5) Tax Association: From January 1, 2001, the meridian tires exempt from the consumption tax.


Due to thinner, the crown is thicker, and the crack is easily generated in the transition zone of the fetal side. The side is deformable, resulting in poor lateral stability of the car, high manufacturing technology is high, and the cost is also high.


1) Tire assembly: The meridian tire cannot be mixed with other tires on the same vehicle, especially the other tires are used on the same axis.

2) Tire pressure: The meridian tire should be inflated according to the specified standard. When its inflatable pressure is the same as the ordinary tire, it will be insufficient.

3) Vehicle Beam: When the front wheel is modified by ordinary tires, the forward beam should be reduced accordingly.

4) Driving operation: When driving the vehicle, the start of the meridian tire, the start should be slow, the brake should be stable, the car, or the car should be slowed down when driving on the road, and the overtaking should be selected in the wide ground section. Don't slam your steering wheel.

5) Protective Body: The tires of the meridian tire are thin, the deformation is large, and it is easy to be scratched.

Development status

my country's huge car demand promotes the rapid growth in the tire industry, China's tire output is 33,836 billion, a year-on-year increase of 23% year-on-year Tire production is 153 million, a year-on-year increase of 36.7%. The meridian tire reaches 45% of the total tire. It shows that my country's tire architecture is changing in the pursuit of high quality and high value-of-value.

From the situation of listed companies, the car tires in the first three quarters in 2007 achieved the main business income of 1993.291 million, an increase of 30.10% year-on-year, and the total profit is 608.82 million, a year-on-year increase of 243.74%. The growth rate of profit margins is higher than that of income growth, and the overall development of the industry is good.

Car tire industry, net profit increased by 146.2%, profitability significantly exceeds the washing industry, with my country's huge car insurance and sustained growth of car consumption, and has a development stage, bring Come to the development opportunity of car tire enterprises.

Competitive status: my country's tire enterprises are mainly three major categories, private, joint ventures, and private privileges, and companies have a thousand autumn in mechanism, technology, products, funds and marketing. The state-owned enterprise is stronger, but in addition to a few enterprises, most of the pedestrips are slow, and the development of the system constraints is slow; the joint venture / wholly-owned enterprises have the advantages of funds, management, technology, etc., but most focuses on high-end products, except for the car, Outside the short-loaded semi-steel, other varieties do not have scale advantages; private companies rely on mechanisms, flexible progress, but the strength of technology and marketing network is a bit less informed.

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