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Irrigation buns are the traditional food of Kaifeng, which has been sold in the Northern Song Dynasty market, called grouting steamed buns. The "Wang Tower" in the 72 owners in Tokyo, the famous "Cave Blossom Bun" is known as "Tokyo First". After the Northern Song Dynasty, the soup buns were circulated down in Kaifeng.

In the 1920s, the famous kitchen was founded to establish the "first point of mind", and the main buns were mainly engaged. In the 1930s, he adapts to market demand, and the way of innovation of buns will innovate. It will use half-legged skin and thin skin and lean meat into pork belly frozen cream, cooking wine, soni, sweet noodles, small grinding oil and other stuffing , Changed to the dead skin and used sugar, and the taste is fresh. Through the "three hard three soft" and face, the tapered plate is lightened, no dried soup, no clothes. It also changed the cage as a small cage steaming system, cage on the table, spinning steaming, keeps steaming, both maintain the heat and shape of the buns, and easy to operate, welcome to customers, this is small Bread bag.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the buns of the buns are buns. Especially Huang Jingsheng, the "First Floor Baozi" operation, the buns of the buns, and the continuous improvement of famous teachers, more features. Its leather stuffing is large, the soup is drained, the soft and delicious, white light, and it is like a lantern, put it like a chrysanthemum. Remaining a great name, attracting a large number of open citizens and Chinese and foreign tourists, more than a good job.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the "first floor" has developed a series of products "small cage bag" and "speed cold buns". "Small Baby Banquet" is also known as "Assorted Bun Banquet", according to the filling, bamboo shoots, leeks, fish kernel, shrimp, hawthorn, Sanfang, Nanxun, Spicy Tang and Irudge top ten flavors . "Speed ​​Cold Bun" has been put on the city and Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Hangzhou, Beijing and other municipalities, are welcomed. In the late 1990s, the establishment and scale of the first floor group company is increasingly expanding, and there are more and more merchants requiring joint ventures or shops to operate, until the end of 1996, has set up more than 20 chain stores in the field. . Since 1989, the "first floor" small cage buns have received honors such as the "Chinese famous snacks" of the Jin Ding Awards and the Chinese Culinary Association of the Ministry of Commerce.

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Detailed introduction

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Kaifeng is a long history. It is a "Wanglou Mountain Cave Blossom Bunzi" in Tokyo, the first "in the Northern Song Dynasty. Color, fragrance, taste, good shape, unique. The specific method is as follows:

raw material

fine powder one pound, pig behind the legs, the small grinding oil is two or more, the taste is a month, Shao wine, ginger, salt three money, soy sauce Eight money, white sugar.


1, cut the meat, peel, rejoin the stomach, then use the machine to strang;

2, will The broken meat is placed in the basin, and it is brought into a job, and it is stunned in a direction to make it taste. Then there was about 7 to eight two, stirred into the Qing water, and finally died in small grinding oil, stirred into the stuffing;

3, put the face in the basin, first use less water, copy the face As a face, and a hard block; then dipped in the water, it can be cooked into the unminened block;

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4, will be put on the case repeatedly on the case, fall, discharge, until smooth and soft, down 50 face agents, knead into thin medium thick skin, pinched after filling Eighth to twenty-one pleats;

5, and use a big fire when steaming. Six to seven minutes can be familiar.

practice 2

main material

flour 300g, warm water 140g, pork, 200g, high soup 180g


The amount of oil is appropriate, the salt is appropriate, the amount of chicken, the amount of soy sauce, the egg 1


1. Meat salt, oil, sugar, chicken, soy sauce and other seasonings.

2. All materials are mixed.

3. Prepare high soup.

4. Add the right amount of high soup.

5. High soup and meat are smashed.

6. Add high soup multiple times.

7. Stir by hand, until the filling and high soup are fully integrated, the filling expansion.

8. Pour 300 grams of flour into the basin and add an egg and 140 g of temperature water.

9. Stir the flocculation.

10. After a few times, it is until the dough is dry, and the cover is wet, and the face is carried out.

11. After 10 minutes, continue and face.

12. Repeated 3-4 times - and the surface - 殇 - and the process, to the dough very smooth to slide the rib.

13. Take a good face, rub into a long, cut into a suitable dose.

14. Press the flat back to form a circle.

15. Enter the filling.

16. After all packing, stand back for 5 minutes.

17. The iron pan boils the cool water.

18. Put the steamer and steam for 10 minutes.

Eating method

Eating method: gently mention, slowly move, first open the window! Give the lack of mouth and then drink the soup, "a boring, Take detailed taste of full of fragrance.

Food with vinegar, garlic.

Small cage buns with steaming, on the table; its shape: "Let a silk, put down a thin group, the skin is like a heart, the stuffable rose petals."

< H2> Founder

The small cage bun is initially operated by Huang Justus. He becomes the length of each home, and the bag made of buns is soft, unique, and is very popular. The small cage is originally a big cage steaming system, and then the reform of the master of Huang Jingshan has become a fifteen lacket buns. And the faces and stuffing of the buns made a bold innovation. If the original face is from one-third of the hair and two-thirds of the dead, it is changed to only use the dead, no need to send, so that the skin is thinner, and does not fall. The logging process requires a quite strict, and it is necessary to pass the "three soft three hard" processes of, 甩, pull, 拽, 拽, several times, can achieve the requirements. The buns of the buns are mixed with meat, and I have more than tall, and then remove it. In addition, sugar, tasteful stuffing, remove sweet sauce, only in the stuffing, not onion. Playing very hard work, I have been playing the sleeper and keeping the filament. The small cage buns will be steamed with it, and the table is on the table; "It is shaped:" Let a silk, put down a thin group, the skin is like a heart, the stuffable rose petals. "


Kaifeng Xiaoli buns have been promoted to all parts of the country, Zhengzhou, Dalian, Shenyang, Taiyuan and other places have opened Kaifeng Baozi. Okay to Kaifeng Tourism Foreign Friends and Hong Kong and Macao overseas Chinese, after enjoying the name of the ancient city, to taste the opening of the small cage buns as a pleasure, and give high praise.

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