International hotel management

Cultivation target

Mainly international hotel, domestic five-star hotel cultivation has high cultural cultivation, better psychological quality and team spirit, can be familiar with international hotel management processes, master Advanced management and operation of international hotel markets.

Course Introduction

International Hotel Management Introduction, Management Foundation, Tourism Management Introduction, Tourism Psychology, Hotel Operation Management, Customer Psychology, Human Resource Management, Hotel PR and Etiquette, Hotel financial accounting, hotel management and marketing, hotel management process, Chinese and foreign folk, hotel English, English listening, English reading, physical training, hotel practical training, etc.

Management element

a purpose: Customer is God, look back.

two attitude: with heart, smile.

three let, three light: let the seat, let the road, let the elevator (stairs); walk light, light, light.

International hotel management

Siqin: Eyes, tone, foot, hands.

4. Net: net, net, net, net service products, net environment.

six to: Guests, smile, enthusiasm, welcome, arrival, service.

Six: Foreign passengers and intervens, life and hidden guests, when you are free and busy, check and don't check one, leadership is present and not present, guests Different services are different.

seven: welcome, greetings, respect, thank asks, apology, answer, send guest voice.

Eight Service: Stand Services, Smile, Active Services, Strong Service, Flexible Services, Family Services, Sales Services, Tracking Services.

nine specification: Service should be standardized, the instrument should standardize, stand to standardize, 姿 规理, gestures should be standardized, language should be standardized, guide to standardize, hospitality to standardize, skills to standardize.

10 take the initiative: take the initiative to ask questions, take the initiative to take the opportunity, take the initiative, take the initiative to serve, take the initiative to market, take the initiative to take care of the old weak disease, take the initiative to carry out the luggage, take the initiative to press the elevator, Active to seek guest opinions.


Hotel, China is still the most important country that achieves business growth, Solims admits that the pace of construction has caused short-term supply in some parts of China. For example, the 2008 Olympics 2010 Expo Newly built hundreds of hotels. It is expected that China's domestic demand will come up with it.

The majority of hotel projects in international brands are located in large cities, basically part of the government approved multi-purpose project. However, hotel companies are also in China's smaller city Daxing Civil, and the development of Chinese hotel industry is mainly limited to a first-tier city, such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, which should control excessive development.

From the long run, the second-tier cities are best suited for the expansion of the hotel, and the government plans to build a "satellite city" built in the suburbs of the first-tier city will lay the foundation for market demand. But the construction of the hotel in the second-tier cities may also affect the market performance of the first-tier city.

There is no doubt that China's hotel industry builds favors luxury brands, medium-end hotels and high-end hotels only account for 35% of the new opening market share. The expansion of China Hotel Industry is biased towards luxury projects, leaving adequate development space for medium-sized hotels and limited services, but market shrinks affect high-end hotel reservations, which will bring rich in the investment of mid-Rune hotels. Sexual topic.

When China's market is really mature, China's first-tier city will never never introduce hotel industry. Maybe people think that Shanghai's hotel is building overheat, but this is just temporary. The development space of the first-tier cities is still very large, there must be a boom in the construction of the four-star and Samsung Hotel.

In fact, the most dynamic is China's low-end hotel industry, and this situation will last for several years.

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