Emirates EK521 flight accident

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UAE "Abu Dhabi National News" 3rd said, 10:20 am, accident plane EK521 takes off from Southern, India At 12:45 at noon, Dubai International Airport is urgently lost. The EK521 fails to release the landing gear, the fuselage is in contact with the runway, and the scene is thrilling. After the plane stopped, the airport and unit staff quickly arranged 282 passengers on the machine safely evacuated in 90 seconds, and the crew took the explosion after the plane was followed.

After the accident, Dubai International Airport interrupted for hours, all flights must not be taken and land. It is expected that the arrival flight is temporarily landed in the Dubai World Center International Airport. The relevant departments have not disclosed the specific reasons for this accident, and the Emirates airlines will come to "run accidents" together. The person in charge of the Civil Aviation Administration of the United Arab Emirates said that the cause of the accident has been launched, collecting the necessary evidence, such as the "black box" of the aircraft. "Abu Dhabi National News" said that although the 3rd accident did not cause casualties on the machine, the body was destroyed, a firefighter was killed, and it was the most serious flight accident in Emirates for more than 30 years.

Accident Causes

According to the New York Times report, on September 6th, the EAS Civil Aviation Administration issued a preliminary survey report on the EK521 accident:

investigator discovery, unit A warning of wind cutting is received during the passenger plane. However, when the passenger plane is gradually close to the ground, the wind turns into a wind, then turn it again into a counter wind.

Emirates EK521 flight accident

Right to the landing gear first bottom, the left landing gear is in the bottom of the bottom after 3 seconds, and the front landing has no bottom.

Alake system issues a warning of "long landing", which means that the passenger machine should have landed, but it does not have landing. The unit decided to carry out the second land, but the passenger plane began to leave the ground. The passenger is separated from the ground and the landing gear began to recover.

However, when the passenger is only 85 feet away from the ground, the passenger is lost to the height. 3 seconds before falling, the unit strives to push engine thrust to the maximum power.

The airliner engine increases the throttle, and the aircraft alarm system has a near-way (Don't Sink, Don't Sink), but everything is too late. The landing gear has been retracted, the passenger plane and the engine bottoms at a speed of 144 miles.

The right engine is detached from the body, and the passenger is ignited to huge fireball. The passenger plane is slid to the static position in the abdomen.

summarizes 4 points:

1) The aircraft is grounded at 1100 meters in the leap runway, and the aircraft alarm grounding is too far.

2) The unit is fragrant and the landing gear, but the throttle is not pushed to the complement position, and the throttle is still in a slow parking space.

3) The unit pulls the aircraft, and the aircraft reaches the inertia to 25 meters to start fall.

4) Since the landing gear has been collected, the rear of the plane is grounded after the fall.

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