History of development

In 2000, edoc2 (Shanghai Hongyi Digital Computer Network Co., Ltd.) was established in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.

In 2004, after several years of concentrated research and development, edoc2 enterprise content management software products were officially launched on the market.

In 2007, edoc2 signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ultimus, a leading international business process management software (BPM) manufacturer, and jointly established the Ultimus China R&D Center (USDC) in Shanghai. Checked 300 customers and more potential customers to provide personalized services and solutions based on edoc2 ECM and Ultimus BPM. The scope of authorized business includes: one is to provide process development outsourcing services (UPDC) for customers in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong; the other is to provide personalized solutions (USDC) that suit the needs of local customers.

In 2008, the new architecture of edoc2 ECM V4.0 was officially released. In the same year, it was rated as one of the top 100 innovative enterprises of the year by the 21st Century Economic Herald.

In 2010, edoc2 was certified as a classified product by the National Bureau of Secrets.

In 2011, edoc2 became the first batch of national electronic document management standards (ERMS) to participate in the formulation of the unit, and became the first batch of software companies to pass the standard test.

In 2012, edoc2 was selected as the top 5 growth companies in the Demo China Entrepreneurship Competition and also won the title of Growth Star. edoc2 was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in 2012.

In 2013, the edoc2cloud cloud service project entered the second phase of Microsoft Cloud Accelerator (MAWA).


Standard Products

About ECM Enterprise Content Management

The only data that enterprises are effectively managed 20%, which is what we usually call structured data, these data are basically stored in major application systems: such as ERP, CRM, financial systems, etc. The other 80% of the data is neglected or lack of effective means to manage. These data are the data that we contact and generate the most on a daily basis. It is also called unstructured data: such as Office documents, emails, contracts, Documents and so on. Enterprises usually lack an effective means to manage them.

In order to cope with these challenges, mature companies in Europe, America and China introduced the concept of enterprise content management, namely ECM (Enterprise Content Management) as early as more than a decade ago: this is a strategy, method and tool To help companies obtain, manage, store, protect, and present content and documents related to corporate organizational processes.

Comparison of different versions of edoc2 ECM standard products

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Comparison items


Small and Medium Enterprise Edition

Standard Enterprise Edition

Advanced Enterprise Edition

Content Management Platform Edition

Basic document management functions (file classification, common file preview, full text search, extended editing, file sharing and publishing, message notification, authority control, access log, basic policy control (basic), metadata Management, basic report statistics)

Document approval process

Distributed deployment architecture (storage, application and sub-region)

Portal (WCM)

edoc2 process engine

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SDK basic development kit

Image processing and recognition engine (scanning, recognition, classification and archiving)


SDK complete development kit

High availability and large concurrency support

Business Products

< p>edoc2 ISO helps companies manage the full life cycle of documents

Product overview:

edoc2 ISO document control management system provides powerful process management and Document life cycle management. Electronic management of the entire life cycle of ISO document creation, review, training, release/signing, execution/revision, archiving, and abolition. The ISO program files, form files, quality manuals, training files, technical drawings and other documents in the enterprise can all be effectively managed through the edoc2 ISO document control management system. edoc2 has established a complete and rigorous ISO document control management system for enterprises, saving a lot of labor costs for document management. By establishing the enterprise document control center in the system, implementing the quality management concept, helping enterprises standardize management and improve document control management efficiency , Realize paperless office.

Problems faced by enterprises in general document control

  • Many management systems, no standard system implementation

  • Documents Scattered and unable to be managed in a centralized manner

  • Paper documents, serious waste

  • Inefficient document review

  • Unable to track the status of accessing documents

  • Difficulty in accessing and accessing documents

  • Unable to distribute in time , Take back

  • It is difficult to completely recycle the old version, and it is easy to confuse the old and new versions.

Our solution:

  • Quick initial management-effective document classification system

  • Comprehensive document information-basic information, metadata information, ISO information, Process information, version information...

  • Management of the entire life cycle-through process management and control to record the operations of each link in the document life cycle

  • Managers control from all angles-personal work panel, according to document status, according to document number, etc.

  • Convenient user operation-B/S structure, Ajax technology, right-click menu

  • Flexible document strategy control-version strategy, metadata strategy, process strategy, security strategy, etc.

  • Comprehensive security management and control of documents-fine-grained authority system, DLP security and non-proliferation

  • Standardized management-job responsibilities, work flow, process control, inspection and evaluation , Continuous improvement

  • Regulatory compliance-dynamic watermark, continuous audit, security certificate, automatic expiration control, etc.

Value for customers:

  • Save a lot of labor costs for file management

  • It can improve the speed of daily document search and realize Information sharing.

  • Process ISO files, attendance applications, etc. through the workflow function to achieve business standardization and efficiency

  • Through enhanced documentation Security, to achieve "safety" and "safety"

Features of the edoc2 project management solution:

  • Quick initialization Manage custom numbers, catalogs, metadata, processes, portals

  • Comprehensive document information, basic information, process information, version information...

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    Full life cycle management document statistics, inventory report, user usage report, system log, multiple inventory options (search conditions)

  • Managers from all angles Control multi-dimensional classification, document positioning, notification acquisition, task list, online document processing

  • Convenient user operation strategy control, flexible check-in and check-out version control, Metadata strategy

  • Flexible document strategy controls file record permissions, document outsourcing control, comprehensive audit management

  • documents Comprehensive safety management and control

The importance of GMP certification and document management

December 7, 2011, Premier of the State Council Wen Jiabao presided over an executive meeting of the State Council, discussed and passed the "National Drug Safety Plan (2011-2015)", and proposed that by 2015, 100% of drug production meets the requirements of the newly revised GMP "Good Manufacturing Practice for Drugs".

In the pharmaceutical industry, various quality regulations or guidelines at home and abroad have not put forward more direct and complete requirements for pharmaceutical automation itself, but the integrity of data, records and documents closely related to drug quality , Authenticity and traceability are generally very strict requirements.

For the improvement of enterprises in the management of the new version of GMP documents, from the perspective of resource application, it is the software that has the lowest cost and the highest efficiency for improvement. It can be seen that the improvement of software, especially the improvement of the file system, is an important task for my country's pharmaceutical companies in GMP construction.

The focus of the new version of GMP document management:

  • Emphasize the necessity of document management

  • Enhance the document management system

  • Increase requirements for records and electronic management

  • Detailed document management process

edoc2 GMP overall solution:


  • Clarify quality standards

  • Detailed management responsibilities

  • Standardized production operations

  • Product information can be traced and continuously improved

  • Security control of core confidential documents

  • Risk control and compliance

edoc2 PDMS helps companies to manage project documents

Product overview:

Project document management refers to the process of submitting documents in a system project development process. The process of collection management. Usually, document management is not paid much attention to in project development, and when its importance is discovered, it is often too late. The entire project may become a management chaos, and there is no evidence to investigate after the problem arises. Document management plays a vital role in the smooth progress of a project, and its criticality cannot be ignored. Project documentation solutions cover project management, project research, project development, project application, system management, system test and acceptance, project training, and versionThe entire project cycle of this control, data quality management, user manual, and system launch.

Problems that corporate project management is easy to encounter:

  • Lack of project resources to manage corporate operations, often multiple projects are carried out at the same time, and some core personnel And resources often have to participate in multiple projects at the same time, these personnel and resources are often monopolized by a certain project, and coordination is difficult; at the same time, the utilization rate of these personnel and resources is not full, and they do not exert maximum value

  • Project execution is not controlled. The project is divided into layers and assigned to different personnel for execution. As the person in charge of the entire project, it is difficult to control the progress and execution of each subtask. The execution deviation of individual tasks will directly affect the overall work. Progress increases the management risk.

  • Project personnel do not communicate well. The development of a project often involves cross-organizational and cross-regional personnel. The tasks of these personnel are often related. Communication via telephone and e-mail, the information is opaque, and coordination is difficult.

Our solution:

  • Establish an optimized resource use system to standardize organizational management, interactive project management standards, Job responsibilities, project tasks are assigned to individuals, accurate to working hours, macro-control resources, decision-making support

  • Establish an optimized resource use system, standardize project milestones and nodes, and meet the strategic target project implementation schedule Control, generate project tree project process documents, record the whole process of work links and track the timely discovery of project problems, effectively deal with them, and clarify responsibilities

  • Establish a fast and efficient communication platform, task notifications, delays Early warning station, system messages, timely communication platform/mail/mobile multiple reminder mechanisms

Value for customers:

  • < p>Controllable resources
  • Controllable progress

  • Convenient communication

Features of edoc2 project management solution:

  • Customize, create a project management system that fits your company's situation, and make work standardized, standardized, informatized, and intelligent ;

  • Help leaders at all levels review the project, coordinate the overall situation, make scientific decisions, reduce meeting time, and obtain the latest reports and data in real time;

  • Help senior leaders/department managers/project managers to manage the work of their subordinate employees, change from passive to active, and from afterwards to pre-event;

  • To fully enable the preparation and preparation of online project plans Issue project tasks, real-time dynamic understanding of project resources;

  • Provide an open project communication platform to make communication smoother, and timely feedback and interactive project status, progress and specific work conditions ;

  • Strengthen the control of key nodes of the project, improve the quality of project delivery, and find and solve project risks and problems early;

  • Facilitate the accumulation and utilization of project and organization-level knowledge, and easily solve the challenges brought by knowledge management;

  • Realize the project management model of cross-departmental and cross-regional collaborative work.

Product components

edoc2 DLP no longer have to worry about the leakage of your confidential files

The edoc2 content security and non-proliferation system (DLP) can strictly control corporate content and various types of information to prevent leakage of confidential data. Combined with the edoc2 enterprise content document management system, it can greatly enhance the control of enterprise information security and effectively protect the core knowledge assets of the enterprise. edoc2 DLP includes the following three main modules:

The client-side graphics document and source code anti-leakage control

It can control the documents, drawings, source code, Video, PDM/ERP and other formats of files and applications are controlled for leakage prevention to prevent internal personnel from illegally transmitting confidential information. The content security policy setting on edoc2 can ensure that confidential data can only be used by authorized persons. And record the complete use process. Unauthorized confidential information cannot be separated from the company's DLP to protect the environment. "Do not copy the data", "do not remove the screen capture", "Save the content without removing", "Print without removing", "Do not copy the content".

Server-side document protection

Used to protect the document data stored on the edoc2 server to prevent IT personnel with server management authority or other illegal intrusion methods from obtaining files on the server.

Control of document outsourcing

Control the confidential information that is sent out to customers or partners due to business needs, so that confidential documents are still under control even after they are issued, and prevent them from being issued. Confidential documents are stolen by customers or partners through email, printing, content copying, screen capture, U disk, saving, etc., and the sent confidential documents can be recycled and suspended at any time.

edoc2 BPM provides a business process implementation and supervision platform

In 2007, edoc2 and Ultimus signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly establish Ultimus China R&D Center in Shanghai , To provide personalized services and solutions for more than 300 existing customers and more potential customers including Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Ultimus is a global leader in business process management (BPM) and workflow automation software and services. It has more than ten years of practical experience in BPM and more than 1,700 customers worldwide to help companies get the best in the shortest time Benefit.

Ultimus BPM provides a comprehensive and integrated business process management solution for analyzing, coordinating and optimizing the widest range of business processes involving people, systems, content and data. With Ultimus BPM, your organization will be able to achieve greater operational efficiency and employee productivity, while gaining a better understanding of business performance in order to change processes over time.

edoc2 Portal helps customers build a personalized work platform

Enterprise information portal is the reorganization of enterprise IT applications and information in the presentation layer, and is the enterprise IT The restructuring of capabilities and resources to the user's role.

The construction of an enterprise information platform can unify the corporate image, promote the establishment and dissemination of excellent corporate culture, provide an integrated information technology work environment for employees and managers of the company, and improve access to information, knowledge and collaborative work Efficiency has very important practical significance for improving the overall operational efficiency of an enterprise.

The traditional enterprise IT construction situation is that each application system has its own independent user account and display page, and cannot be connected to each other. When the number of enterprise application systems continues to increase, this phenomenon of separate governance has brought about a series of problems:

  • Users do not have a unified working platform.

  • The knowledge of an enterprise is scattered in various systems, and communication and sharing cannot be achieved.

  • Users need to remember many user names and passwords to log in to multiple application systems, and they cannot log in uniformly.

  • IT maintenance personnel need to maintain user data in different application systems.

In response to the above series of problems, edoc2 provides the leading enterprise information portal solution edoc2 Portal Solution, abbreviated as: edoc2 Portal, which can help enterprises achieve

  • Establish an enterprise application information portal platform

  • Establish a knowledge management system and collaborative workplace

  • Establish A unified corporate portal system to form a unified corporate image

  • Establish a unified resource management system

  • Provide personalized customization functions< /p>

Through edoc2 Portal, you can integrate various application systems within the enterprise from the display layer, unified resource management, unified certification management, etc., including OA system, integrated query analysis system, MIS /ERP system, financial and human resource system, etc.

Enterprise web disk

Overall introduction

According to related surveys by Forrester Research, the amount of information content of global enterprises is increasing at an average annual rate of 200%. With the explosive growth of global information, the enterprise document management market has formed a rapidly growing market segment overseas.

In the process of continuous development of enterprises, only 20% of the various data generated can be effectively managed, which is what we usually call structured data. These data are basically stored in major Application system: such as ERP, CRM, financial system, etc. The other 80% of data is neglected or lack of effective means to manage. These data are the data that we contact and generate the most on a daily basis. It is also called unstructured data: such as office documents, emails, contracts, etc. Documents and so on. Enterprises usually lack an effective system to manage them.

If there is no good security protection system, an open information communication mechanism is undoubtedly equivalent to opening the "Pandora's Box". The most important issue of data protection is "security." While enterprises enjoy the convenience brought by informatization, how to effectively avoid losses caused by data leakage has become a new topic in the field of enterprise content management.

edoc2 is a new generation of private network disk products for enterprises. Since its listing, it has been selected by nearly a thousand customers in the government, education, finance, engineering construction, manufacturing, medicine and other industries.

System function

AccessHow to ask

Support various browser access, client access It also supports mobile terminal access to meet the needs of enterprise mobile office.


Using the high-speed and secure file transfer function of the corporate network disk, it completely solves the problem of large file transfer occupying corporate resources and file outsourcing, which poses security risks Problem.

Online preview and editing

Adopt Flash preview technology, support online preview of multiple file formats, and provide users with direct online editing without downloading files to the local The function saves the tedious operation of downloading, editing and uploading.


Under the framework of the user’s current permissions, provide full-text search, search again in the search results, advanced search combined with multiple search conditions, And the displayed search results will not exceed the range of permissions that the current user has.

Version control

It can record each historical version of the file change process. If permission allows, you can also view the content of the historical version and restore the file The latest version of is a historical version.

Folder synchronization

Through the synchronization function of the client, you can set the two-way synchronization of files between the specified path of the client and the server.


The system can assign permissions to users, levels, positions and user groups, and can also assign permissions to files or folders individually, and assign permissions Including: file preview, printing, downloading, editing, sharing, outsourcing, management, etc. At the same time, it also has a permission recovery mechanism to make permission management more detailed and clear.

Sharing and outsourcing

By system users can control, the access validity period and operation authority of shared and outgoing files, etc., to ensure the efficient sharing of corporate files at the same time Security.


The encryption strategy can be set for the files and folders of the enterprise private network disk to ensure that the core secrets of the enterprise are not copied, and the screen is not intercepted. Go, save and copy the content separately, and print it, so as to ensure the data security of the enterprise.


The system can set up early warning reminders for user operation abnormalities and system operation abnormalities, and actively send them to the system to notify the administrator via email.


The system has its own log and report statistics functions to help companies build an authoritative comprehensive evaluation system for internal audit and external compliance.

Product advantages

Deployment environment

It can be built on the existing hardware equipment of the enterprise without additional hardware investment. Enterprise data is completely privatized, so there is no need to worry about the security of enterprise data.

Security control

Support windows AD domain integration, which can synchronize user information in the AD domain to ensure unified verification of corporate accounts.

Disaster recovery backup

Unlimited by storage space, storage space can be expanded indefinitely, and server system files can be automatically backed up according to custom scheduled tasks And database, convenient for enterprises to quickly restore server data.


In the future, it can be seamlessly upgraded to the edoc2 ECM system according to the actual business needs of the enterprise.

Integration ability

Strong product integration ability, can integrate the existing business system of the enterprise, and allow the enterprise's data to be stored and managed uniformly on a platform.

Service support

The strong edoc2 support team ensures that companies can get personalized and professional services at any time.

Private cloud

What is a private cloud?

Enterprise private cloud (Private Cloud) is built for an enterprise to use alone, thus providing the most effective control over data, security and service quality.

Enterprise private cloud can solve some of the most severe business and technical challenges faced by enterprises.

Private cloud can be based on the company's existing IT architecture, which can help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and introduce innovative new business models. Therefore, while simplifying its own operations and infrastructure, enterprises will become more and more flexible and effective.

What is edoc2Enterprise private network disk?

edoc2 enterprise private cloud is a new generation of enterprise network disk products built on cloud technology, which can replace traditional windows sharing and file servers for enterprises and obtain more file management functions .

What are the functions of edoc2 enterprise private network disk?

  • Timely newsletter function, which can notify users immediately

  • No need to install plug-ins, you can directly preview files< /p>

  • You can edit files directly online without the trouble of downloading and uploading

  • Provide multiple search functions to quickly locate the files you need< /p>

  • Have a complete set of permissions control from login, transmission to document access

  • Provide file sharing functions for internal members to strengthen Internal file collaboration

  • Provide file outsourcing control function to ensure enterprise data security and control

  • Encryption for enterprises File storage area to prevent the risk of core secret leakage

Product family


  • One-click installation

  • Support automatic update

  • Full function support (except background management)< /p>

  • Drag and drop bulk file upload and download

  • Large file breakpoint resume function

  • Message pop-up window function

  • My locked files, unified management of various ways to lock files under editing


  • Can be downloaded directly in the IOS app store and Android Market

  • Support Mobile terminal access and application

  • Support online preview of Office/PDF/picture/CAD/streaming media files, and photo upload

< p>SmartSync
  • Support for instant synchronization of client local directory and server specified directory

  • Support server Timed synchronization between the designated directory and the local designated directory of the client


  • Free for 1 year Telephone/email/remote support service

  • Patch and version upgrade service (including the above services)

  • 1 day implementation service package (Installation and deployment, system administrator training)

  • 3 days implementation service package (installation and deployment, system administrator training, permission setting, user organization setting, directory setting, data import)

  • Version comparison

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    Available space (in GB)

    < /tr> tr>

    Comparison items

    Business Edition

    Enterprise Edition

    Group Edition

    Maximum number of users supported







    Multi-browser support

    √ p>

    Discussions, comments and updates< /p>

    Online preview and extended editing

    web bulk upload and download

    Version management

    Sharing and outbound

    Full text search

    Permission management

    Organization Management


    Log report

    System warning

    Client Support

    < p>√

    Office integrated controls< /p>

    Mobile terminal support

    Sync Disk

    Storage backup

    Basic folder strategy

    Advanced folder strategy

    √ p>

    Distributed deployment architecture



    High performance search

    Advanced permissions

    Visual Report

    Knowledge Map


    < p>OCR integration

    √ p>

    Secondary Development Kit (SDK)


    • Industry solutions :Manufacturing, engineering and construction, medicine, real estate, freight and logistics, lawyers, education, energy, media advertising, Finance, investment banking and asset management, communications and government, etc.

    • Application solutions : General corporate document management solutions, ISO quality system document management solutions, project document management Solutions, Knowledge Management Platform Solutions, Content Security Management Solutions, Contract Management Solutions, Archives Management Solutions, Paper Document Electronic Solutions, Design and R&D Document Security Control Solutions, Pharmaceutical Industry GMP Solutions, FigureDocument management solutions.

    Corporate culture

    Our vision

    edoc2 will create true and lasting value for customers , To create career development opportunities for employees and become the world's most influential and respected enterprise content management solution provider.

    Our values


    Respect and treat others in the same way that they are expected to treat themselves< /p>

    Express yourself and your ideas honestly and truthfully


    Learning and creating do not become complacent because of the status quo and continue to pursue personal and career growth< /p>

    Be decisive and take the lead in creating new goals.


    Responsible and maintain the strongest sense of responsibility

    Beisheng goes all out to pursue victory

    Our team: edoc2 is headquartered in Shanghai, and its current service network has covered 26 provinces and cities across the country, in Beijing and Guangzhou There are branches.


    Only 20% of the data that the enterprise is effectively managed, which is what we usually call structured data, these data are basically stored in major application systems: such as ERP , CRM, financial system and so on.

    The other 80% of the data is neglected or lack of effective means to manage. These data are the data we contact and generate the most in our daily lives. It is also called unstructured data: such as office Documents, emails, contracts, bills, etc. Enterprises usually lack an effective system to manage them.

    edoc2-edoc2, the world’s leading provider of enterprise document management solutions. Since its listing in 2005, it has now acquired ZTE, Shandong Mobile, China UnionPay, Agricultural Bank of China, COSCO Shipping, and Kintetsu Widely adopted by more than 100 Chinese and foreign enterprises and government agencies such as logistics. edoc2 was rated as one of the top 100 Chinese software independent innovation companies in 2007 by the 21st Century World Economic Herald. edoc2 has a leading content library, storage, data mining and interface display technology

    edoc2 provides enterprises with an easy-to-use , Safe and efficient document management system. Through edoc2, enterprises can centrally store and manage massive documents and various digital assets (such as Office documents, emails, multimedia documents, engineering design documents, etc.).

    edoc2 adopts leading document permission control and encryption technology to ensure document security.

    Through edoc2, enterprises can manage the entire life cycle of documents more efficiently: creation, modification, version control, approval procedures, storage, query, reuse and archiving.

    The complete product line of edoc2 can adapt to any scale and complexity of the company system.

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