Duck comedy

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Duck's comedy

Russian blind poet love Lu Xianli 1 Jun belt him Shortly after the six strings to Beijing, I will tell me "loneliness, lonely, in the desert is loneliness!"

This should be true, but I have never feeled; I I have been living for a long time, "Into the room of Zhi Late, I don't have to smell it" 2 , only thinking is very shout. However, the so-called yelling, or it is what he does what is loneliness.

I feel that there is no spring and autumn in Beijing. The people who are old in Beijing say that the place is in the north, and it is not so warm here. Just I always think that there is no spring and autumn; the winter and summer is connected, summer will go, and the winter begins.

One day is the time in this winter, and it is night, I occasionally got a leisure, go to Iro Xianli Jun. He has always been in Zhongmijun's home; at this time, a person is sleeping, the world is very quiet. He leaned on his bed, very high eyebrows in golden long hair, is the summer night of Myanmar, Myanmar, in the old tour.

"This night," he said, "In Myanmar is music. In the room, the grass, the tree has insects, all kinds of sounds, become an ensemble, magical. Timely holding the snake: 'Hurry!' But also with the swords and associations ... "He thought, it seems that you want to think about the situation at that time.

I can't open. Such a wonderful music, I have not heard it in Beijing, so even if I patriotism, I can't defend, because he does not see, the ear is no deaf.

"Beijing has no frogming ..." He sighed again.

"Frog sound is there!" This sigh, but I am brave, so protest, "After the summer, after heavy rain, you can hear a lot of shrimps, that is Inside the ditch, because Beijing is everywhere. "

" Oh ... "

After a few days, my words actually confirmed, because Erro's first is already bought 10 Several struggles 3 children. He bought it in the small pool of the center of the yard outside his window. The pool has a length of three feet, with a width of two feet, which is a Zhonggong, with a lotus pond. From this pool, although never seen half of the lotus flowers, but the shrimp is really a very augmentation. Strong swimming in the water; Allowing, Ai Lu, is often visiting them. Sometimes, the child told him that "Mr. Eron, Mr. Ai, they have a feet." He is happy to smile, "Oh!"

However, the musician who develops a pool is just Ai Lu Xianli Jun. One thing. He is always self-sufficient, often saying that women can live animals, men should plant. So I met a very familiar friend, he would persuade him a cabbage in the yard; repeatedly advised Zhongmi's wife, persuade Iraqi, raising the pig, raising the cattle, and raising camels. Later, Zhong Ji family had many chicks, full of hospitality, and the new leaves of the landing brocade, approximately the result of this advice.

Since then, the country people who sell chicks are often coming, come back to buy a few, because the chick is easy to eat, and it is very difficult to live; There is a master of the only novel "Chicken" in Beijing. One day, the country's people took a small duck, and the mader who said Zhonggong said not. Ai Lu Xianjun also ran out, they put one in his two hands, and the ducklings were called in his two hands. He thought that this is also very cute, so he can't buy it, I bought four, each 80.

The ducklings are also cute, smooth, put on the ground, the walking of "sup> 6 , greet each other, always one place. Everyone said it, I will buy mud tomorrow to feed them. Ai Lu Xianxun said, "This money can be married to me." "

he has been teaching; everyone is also dissipated. After a while, Mrs. Zhongmi took a cold meal to feed them, and he had heard the sound of splashing in the distance. When I got to see, the four ducklings were taken in the Pool, but also rushed to fight, eat Thing. When they stopped them on the shore, the whole pool is already a water, after a long time, clarifying, only a few fine roses in the mud; and no longer can't find a banner that has already been born.

"I and Xiqi first, no, the son of the shrimp." In the evening, the children saw him back, the smallest one hurriedly said.

"Oh, Shrimp?"

Zhonggong's wife has also come out, reporting the story of the duckling of the duckling.

"Hey, hey! ..." he said.

Test a duck fading Huang Mao, Ai Luo first is temporarily eager to "Russian mother 7 ", so it is rushing to go to the red ta.

When you have four frogs, the ducklings have grown into, two white, two flowers, and no recall, are called "duck". The lotus pool has already can't be can't have them. It is very low, the land of Zhongmi's home is very low, the summer rain has dropped, and the yard is full of water, they are happy, travel, drill Water, wings, "Duck Duck" called.

Now, from the end of the summer, Erro's first is no news, I don't know where it is.

Only four ducks are still called "Duck Duck" on the desert.

Word Note

  • Ai Royu (1889-1952): Russian poet and fairy writer. When childhood, due to the blindness of the disease. Once arrived in Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, India. In 1992, Japan was expelled from the country due to the participation of the "May 1" parade. The latter turn came to my country. In 1922, from Shanghai to Beijing, he served at Peking University and Beijing. I went back to China in 1923. He writes in Chinese and Japanese, Lu Xun once translated his work "Tao Color", etc. Duck comedy

  • into the sesame room, I haven't heard it incense: language "Confucius Famance · Six", means that it is long in the flower room, but I can't smell the flowers.

  • fighting: Tong "蚪".

  • : Chinese medicine refers to acute illness such as cholera, heat stroke.

  • Tragedy of chick: fairy tale. Lu Xun was translated in July 1922, published in September 11th, "Women Journal", "No. 84 of Women Journal", and the second volume of "Lu Xun translation".

  • : Walk slow, swing.

  • Russian mother: The Russian people have said to the motherland.

  • huán: stay; 徊.

  • Creative Background

    This novel is based on Russian blind poet Ai Lu Xianji in 1922. Ai Lu Xianyu is a blind poet with a commonly used world language, and his fairy tale is famous. Ai Luo Xianyi once led Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, India. In 1921, it was persecuted in Japan and was persecuted and was expelled from the country. He turned to China, traveled in Shanghai, Harbin, Beijing. At the beginning of 1922, he was invited by Peking University. He came to the school in the school, and he was taught in the Beijing World Language School. He borrowed Zhou Jia Brothers (Lu Xun and Zhou Zuo) Eight Bay Bay. During Beijing, Ai Luo first created a novel entitled "The Tragedy of Chick" to pin your own ideals. This novel wrote a chicken with fantasy, swim like a duck, and the result is drowning. Ai Luo is full of love and sympathy to the tragedy of the chick, and he is hosted by the tragic encounter of chicks. The author Lu Xun conceived this novel with a symmetrical approach.

    This novel is October 1922, which was originally published in December 1922, "Women Journal" Volume 8, No. 12, and then the author's novel set "Shout".

    Character introduction

    Ai Lu Xianyi

    Ai Luo first arrived in Beijing, he has been laming in Beijing, such as a desert, so I bought it.蚪 and ducklings to create a quiet life of the pool natural music, and the end of the ducks have been eaten by the ducklings, suggesting that the owner's love is the first quietly unusually left.

    Works Appreciation

    Theme Ideology

    The novel is the starting point of "Desert" of Ai Luo Xi, describing the love of Allow, "Alterate on his own loose , Very high eyebrows in golden long hair. Rendezvous Lu Xun said in the "Writing Pen": "Where there is coming to China, if you want to go to China, I will give me a thank you sincerely, because he must be unwilling to eat Chinese. Meat. "," If anyone who has a foreign country, the current situation of the feast is now, but also curses us to curse China's current situation, this is a really admirible person. "Universal collapsed, The eyebrows of the eyebrows are this kind of conscience and admire foreigners. The novel wrote the "loneliness" of Ai Roy, and also wrote "I" and the different feelings of this foreign friend "'", but soon, I will summarize: "I do what I call, or it is him." The so-called loneliness. "At the time, the old Chinese warlord govern, the five four new cultural camps gradually differentiated, feudal retro fauna, from China's intellectual perspective, trouble, bored, so" I "more From the severe situation, the opposite summary is called "" ". Ai Lu Xianyu is a foreigner, another blind, he can't see the raging warlord, can only hear the bad news of China Renmin. In the May 4th Tontanic period, the same person in the new literary camp "is high, some retreat, some advancement". In addition to "high" and "retreat", "advancement" also has the feeling of "being a battle, clothing." "Lonely New Wenyuan, Ping An Old Battlefield" is Lu Xun's general summary of the situation, "loneliness" and "" "is the summary of the different perspectives of Erlodi and Lu Xun.

    Artistic features

    In the art performance, this novel is flat and deep, and it is deep and deep, and there is deep meaning in the life of life. "Duck's comedy" is just through the inner feelings of the characters. It could have been able to use one or two typical plots, describe the blind poet in China, showing his loneliness, reaching the purpose of attacking reality. But it didn't write this. The novel is only rendered in a daily life, which presents a loneliness such as a desert. This kind of lonely, it is more likely, and it is sometimes more intense than writing one or two. Here, through the feelings of the blind poet, use the "desert" to symbolize the characteristics of real life. Make Allow, but also to lonely lonely, not a certain individual matter or personal experience, but the darkness of the entire social environment. This kind of writing not only makes a strong appeal, but also thinks about it. The novel uses a symbolic manner, many places have symbolic meaning. "Desert" is a symbol of social reality, and Beijing "only winter and summer is no spring and autumn", which can also be understood that it is not just to refer to natural weather, but also contains the meaning of all, that is, the society. The end of the work, the meaning of writing, meaning deep, and the intrinsic taste

    works, although it intends to express the inner feelings of the characters, it does not directly describe the description of psychological activities, but with details. The novel is simple, but the details are quite rich, but also expressive. The blind poet is alone in the bed of Burma in the summer night, full of poetry.寥 语, 表 表 格 格 格 格 格 格 格 格 格 性 格 格 格 格 性 性 性 性 性 格 性 格 性 格 性 格 性 性 性 性 性 性 性 性 性 性 性 性 格 性 性 性 性 性 性 性 性

    Novels also use the backing method. The Burmese night business in the mountains, the "Lian frog sound is not" loneliness, "I" is a slow-minded environment, and it is sensitive to the blind poet because of the happiness of the environment, and the "Russian mother" The eagerness, anti-lining the blind poet's dissatisfaction and disappointment of China; the duck is called the "Desert", and the anti-lining is more than silent "loneliness" world.


    This is a novel that is completely cultural, it can be considered a different product. It doesn't use more pen ink to score the characters like usual novels, and there is no fascinating plot. The protagonist of the novel, love Luo Xianli, only lamenting Beijing like a desertful loneliness, buying a bold and duckling to create a silence of life in the pool natural music, and a few live pieces that have nothing to do in the last departure. These pieces have more accurately expressing the outlook on life. It is a great excavation of thought. This is a big development of Mr. Lu Xun, a thinker's novel. It is the original novel of Lu Xun's novel "I" as the protagonist. It is different from traditional novels and is different from foreign forms, and is a unique new variety in novel creation. Wei Hongqiu, a professor of Changjiang Normal University, Wei Hongqiu

    The full write blind poet's nostalgic and yearning for the voice of natural sound, but finally disappointed; the enthusiasm of Mrs. Zhongmi And the children's pure, but they reported that they have been eaten by the ducklings; they are very written in the ducklings, live a moisture and joy, but "no longer call, all the 'duck' called. "These are obviously in the loneliness of Ai Luo, and helpless. - Professor Wang Jingshan, Capital Normal University

    Author's introduction

    Lu Xun (1881 ~ 1936), the founder of modern Chinese literature. Formerly known as Zhou Shuren, the word Yu Mountain, Yu Ting, after renovation, Zhejiang, Shaoxing. In May 1918, the first time, "Lu Xun" was first published, and the first in the history of Chinese literature "mad diary" is published in the history of Chinese literature. His writings are dominated by novels, and essays, representatives: novels "shout", "彷徨", "new story"; prose "," Chinese novel ";" Chinese novel "; prose poem"; Wild grass "; all over the" grave "," hot air set "," Hua Guan Collection "and other 18. Mao Zedong Chair evaluates that he is a great proletarian literary man, thinker, revolutionary, is the main party of the Chinese cultural revolution, also known as "national soul."

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