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Because there is love, there is much more feelings. Because of the love, life will be so beautiful. I even believe that the beauty of life is all because of the versatility of people.

The water in the bowl is more, the rice is less. The grass is more grass, the flowers are less. There are more humans in the soul, and the fragrance is less. There are more noise in the ear, happiness is less.

You think that you will always have an endless road, in fact, maybe a short bridge with a head; and you think that you can take a bridge, maybe it is a lifetime. Long way.技 SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF WEST CHINA. 技 SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF WEST CHINA. People in Xianwu County, Henan Province. Henan Wenchuan College professional writer. "Reader" magazine sign a writer. China is doing an idea. The third phase of the third phase of the transceiver of Lu Xun 's College. Publishing the prose set "Sitting in my left", "our wings shop", "I like to be between", "I don't dance", "Welcome dust dance", "Lonely paper", "Lonely paper", "Lonely Paper" Lantern, "Love Backshera", eight novels. In "People's Literature", "October", "Shanghai Literature", "Chinese Writers" and other publications, more than 50 million words, many works are "readers", "Youth Abstract", "novel selection "" Chinese Literature Selected "," Novel Month "," Novel Collection "and other publications reprinted. It was rated as "China's Top Ten Youth Beauty Writers", won the first Henan Provincial Literature Award and the 3rd Henan Provincial Literary Art Achievement Award. The female woman "I really love you" people in 2004 Chinese novels long list. Short novel "Warm" Rongdended in 2005 Chinese novel short section list. The "2006 Youth Writer" was rated by the Chinese Youth Writers Criticism.

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Self-order: the same heart

snow small Zen sequence: Joe's Ye

First series Love, so many love

Dry hearts

because there is love, so more love

missed a lifetime

Count Wish

< p> We and God

a night home

Snowfast time by friends

ratio tomorrow's young

nude party

Some things, I don't want to know

There is a kind of person

has a bridge, never don't have any / p>

I am a mother / p>

Father's invoice

If you can use a smile

, there is such an afternoon

the most heavy potato wire

Another world meaning

in the water writing

The true phase of life

on the ground falls on the ground

walnut love < / p>

Sudden heart pain

The second series has a bridge, you don't do it, you don't have the kiss on the ceiling

You are electricity, you are Light

Love negatives

Heart and heart always can't touch the face

If I am Vila

has a bridge, Yong Don't take advantage of the last row

Some trivial people and trivial times

Cool era love

this full Mountain flowers

third series love more cold

love technique

love cold

leaves and river water Love

The so-called gap

I have loved you

has a kind of love, called internal patch

The love of the handle

only losing love

a word and another word of marriage and love

Please let love kiss money

The truth of the fourth series

I am a mother

father's invoice

If you can use a smile

there is one afternoon ?

The most heavy potato Sus

Another world's words

in the water word

The truth of life

< P> Fall down on the ground

walnut love

Sudden heart pain

fifth series another cherish

one night brooch

Broken Beautiful

Mother's Pure Water

Sightweight Fun

Sunshine Story

Hatt Ya's 28th tart

5 minutes and 20 years of love

to give yourself

gift "

black Flowers on the white snow

Sixth Angel Road through

Chaihe Nishi

Mother's bottom line

two pairs of wood 屐

Tears on wedding

Follow the love of love

Comprehension the details of life

emotional small gold depository

Youth adex reverse history

Waiting for Shiqiao

Saccharomy Sarios

Angel Road through

Seventh series life is often so beautiful

life is often the case Beauty

Small fish to the riverbed

a long-lasting uneasy

The lower Ribban

is an ignorable People

nothing is the bug

small mud man crossing the river

There is a pair of high-proud hands in the cable car

and God (two Chapter)

Kissing Land

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