Air strikes Barry

Battle Background

ju88 bomber (3 photos)

In December 1943, the Anglean Action reached a climax in the Italian peninsula It has been successfully promoted to Rome, and the Germans commanded by Keelin Marshal, and the Tough of the Italian Peninsula was tough. The Naples, the Southeast Italy, has become an important distribution of allied materials in the southeast of Italy Peninsula. Port Bari, which is on the beach of Adriatic. A large number of Allied vessels unloaded tens of thousands of tons of materials in the port in order to support the needs of frontline operations. On December 2, 1943, the Allies had 30 US, Britain, Poland, Norway and the Netherlands. In order to uninstall massive military materials as soon as possible, the port has entered a 24-hour full load operation state. In order to ensure that the lights on the work pier are completely clear, there are more than 250,000 citizens living in Bari, and the city has not conducted any light fire control measures.

At the time of the record, the air defense measures in Barius are very weak. The ground air defense fire is serious, and there is no residing fighter squadron near Bali, which is responsible for the air defense of the region, is busy with the frontline attack action and escort operation, without taking any of the strength to protect Bari. The reason why the above negligence is that the Grand Level of the Allies believes that the German Air Force has lost its air blowing ability in southern Italy. Only the Germans only launched 4 stars air raids in Naples, and the loss was extremely small. On the afternoon of December 2, 1943, the Air Force General, the Air Force will declare that the German Air Force has been defeated by the Allies, and he will be defeated by the Allies. It is the provocation of these sporadic bombings of the German Air Force's occupation area as their personal reputation. It is very clear that the Errors of the Allied Military Forces to German Air Force is an important reason for causing disastrous consequences in Bari.

and in the Germans, a ME210 reconnaissance bomber passed by the second air team of the German Vernhaha Hun, which was driven by the second air team in the afternoon of December 2, 1943, flew to Bari and conducted reconnaissance. The reconnaissance report submitted later was sent to the Handsome of Kaelin Yuan. Keelin Marshal was planning the air strikes of the Airport facilities at Foggia, Italy, and the Air Force in Kesin, which had the air force for offensive, is not a strict air defense means. Sufficient, so the second aviation team commander Shuai recommended to change the air raid to Bari. He believes that the lack of Barry's materials will make the British Eighth Group Army have been greatly observed, and the defense of Germany It is very advantageous. For the cause, only Ju88A4 bomber on the hand of Richt Hofen hand can be used. Richt Hhofen estimates that he may send about 150 JU88A4, but only 105 can be sent in actually.

Battle Process

December 2, 1943, Warner Harn Lieutenant drives his Merly Schmit ME210 reconnaissance machine to patrol over 8,000 meters over Bari. When he slipped over the air, he deliberately opened the tileer and scratched a long cigarette belt. I have almost no response of the Allied high-ranger gunners. This old brother is bigger, and his driver has traversed Barry again, and then disappears between the horizon in the north. The Allies did not expect that the virtual movement of the virtue is a disturbance, but the prelude to the disaster. On the evening of Bari Harbor, the German air strikes, the Allies have been slammed, it is called "second Pearl Harbor Events.

Air strikes Barry

The entire air raid has been over more than a hour, and it has ended, and the destruction of the intensive allied carousel parked in the port. The bomb casting the German bomber detonated two carriers. The ammunition in the freight runtime, which triggered a huge explosion, and huge sounds even shocked the glass of buildings outside the 11 kilometers away. At the same time, there is also a gasoline fuel delivery pipeline facility in the terminal, causing fuel leaks, gasoline flows into the sea and is ignited, so that the surface of the whole port is turned into a fire sea, so that the rest have not been attacked by the bomb. Higher damage. In the entire air strike, 28 boats were sinking, 300,000 trumper sank to the seabed, 12 ships were damaged, Barry harbor was forced to turn off 3 weeks until February 1944 resumed full operation.

The air strike has ended, but Barry's military and civilians did not expect that even greater disasters have just begun. In the 28 vessels that were shattered, there was a John Harvey free wheel, which carries 2000 M47 M47 mustard gas bombs, each bomb filled 60-70 lbs (27-32 kg) mustard . These toxic gases are the backup means of responding to the Germans may be put into chemical weapons in the battlefield, but they did not expect to have a bomb, resulting in catastrophic consequences.

Except for the captain of Howard D. Baker Shrom, the 5th chemical assistants who are led by the US military, including the captain, do not know what the goods are installed on the boat. And these six insists have been killed on the spot in the air strikes. During the war, the United Kingdom and the United States deliver chemical weapons worldwide, and there is a lot of storage in the front lines of each battle. The axis is also the same. Both sides put stored chemical weapons as an important secret, which is this strict confidentiality, leading to this chemical tragedy of Barri.

ME210 (2 photos)

The John Harvey number is blown up, and the liquid mustard bomb on the boat leaks and falls into the sea. The gasoline oil layer is mutually solved and produces a highly toxic mustard liquid oil layer, and the air strikes have contaminated the poisonous mustard oil. These people were sent to the local medical home later, and the medical staff who had no knowledge of the mustard gas also lacked a common sense of the mustard, and did not have a large number of wounded. Not the first time to clean the wounded. The poisonous oil in the body makes it more seriously damaged. Partially poisonous mustard oil is heated by the fire of the sea, turns into a viracotoxic steam, and is sent by the sea breeze to Barry City, which makes civilians in the city have also become victims of chemical weapons.

The damage to the chemical weapon has begun to be aware that there is a significant mustard poisoning phenomenon in 628 wounded and taking care of their medical staff. Including the chemical burn ulcence and blind symptoms of the body's terrorism. In the Hong Kong, the US Navy destroyer USS Bistera was only slightly damaged in the air strike. After the bombardment, he participated in the salvage of the falling water survivors and continued to go out to perform the task. The result on December 3, the large number of crew the meter Chemical burn symptoms and blind symptoms, forced to stop the mission to enter the treatment of Tagir Hong Kong. Similarly, a large number of civilians in Bali also have similar symptoms. Unfortunately because the poisonous gas transportation action is touched, the John Harvey's crew is killed in the air strikes, and no one can give any reasonable explanation for the "exudative of garlic" in the mouth of the medical staff. Finally, the deputy director of the Leeding Army Hospital of the report was sent out of the STEWART FRANCIS Alexander, and the Alexandria School found the US M47A1 toxic gas on the wreckage of John Harvey. The shell fragment of the bomb is confirmed that the mustard gas is a hollow caused by the above casualties.

Battle Results

By the end of February 1944, 83 deaths in 618 wounded sent to hospitals, a total of 1,000 soldiers and naval personnel and approximately the same quantity Italian civilians died, because a large number of local civilians after poison pollution spontaneously evacuated to other regions, so the number of damaged civilians could not be accurately calculated, and the accident is generally estimated to cause at least 5,000 more than 5,000.

After the attack action, in order to avoid public panic, in order to avoid stimulating the use of chemical weapons in the war, the League leader includes Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill order concealed the disaster. The truth, the person who died in the disaster was recorded as dying due to bombing bombing. The official record of the United States was in 1959 but still very vague until 1967 was fully decrypted. In 1986, the British government officially recognized the survivors of the Barry air strikes were injured by poisonous gas and provided compensation for victims.

Barry event is during World War II, and the only major accidents that are well known to the toxic, but caused the Allied military and civilian toxic gases from the Allies themselves.

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