Zheng He High Speed ​​Railway

synonym Zheng Zheng fit together generally refers to high-speed rail high-speed rail


2013 Nian 1 morning of January 21 and 12th National People's Congress of Henan Province Opening of the meeting. When either of Henan Province, Guo Geng Mao in his report to the General Assembly made pointed out that in 2013, Henan will accelerate Zheng Xu high-speed railway construction, promote the Cheng Yu-high iron pre-construction, for starting Zhengzhou, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Hefei high-speed rail preliminary work; to promote the Zhengzhou railway hub East harbor, West-central Europe, forming a sparse set of international cargo transshipment center.

2014 Nian 4 28, in order to accelerate the construction of Zhengzhou to Zhoukou Hefei railway rapid progress of the work, the municipal government research Zhoukou, Zhengzhou, Hefei decided to set up a high-speed railway construction project in Zhoukou leading group.

2014 Nian 12 27, Cheng Fu, Cheng Tai Railway project proposal by the railway company initial evaluation, early Zheng Ji Railway made positive progress. Currently Hangzhou passenger line business has been through the National Development and Reform Commission approval, is expected to open to traffic by the end of 2021, is expected to close Zheng, Zhengzhou section of the end of 2019 to Fuyang completed, will Zhengzhou South - East Zhoukou - Fuyang West - Hefei will also be opened to traffic Zheng together.

2015 Nian 5 27, China Railway Corporation, deputy chief engineer He Wenbiao, iron Provincial Office Director Zheng Huo and co-equal row of high-speed rail line within Zhoukou conducted a field reconnaissance. Zhoukou Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress Chairman Xu Guang, Liu Zheng, deputy mayor, City Vice Chairman, City Development and Reform Commission Cheng Xinhua accompanied the inspection. The same day, the group and his entourage came to Shen Qiubei station, Zhoukou East Station, South Station fugou carry out field investigation and debriefing by the project on the importance of local economic development and other conditions.

2015 Nian 6 4, Fuyang City Development and Reform Commission official says, Iron sum of the design department will make further changes to the project pre-feasibility report based on this meeting to review comments improvement under this railway the main function of position, velocity target, along social and economic development and local demands for further optimization and selection of lines and stations programs. The feasibility study is expected in September for approval, some sections of the year early start.

2015 Nian 07 8, the mayor of Zhoukou City Ji-mark hosted Zheng together high-speed rail preliminary work to promote the meeting, the meeting stressed Zheng together high-speed railway in Henan, a total of eight sites, the territory of Zhoukou have 5, 2015 on November 28 pre-construction engineering and realization of the territory before the end of Zhoukou full construction.

2015 Nian 7 17, Zhoukou municipal government held together Zheng high-speed rail (Zhoukou urban section) Survey in line coordination meeting. In accordance with the requirements of the relevant units of listed iron Hospitals, positive, proactive engagement with iron Hospitals do a good job with a good grasp of the concrete implementation of the quality and quantity to complete the task on time.

2015 Nian 7 29, the second session of the Fifteenth Meeting of the Standing Committee of Henan Province heard "the first half of 2015 on the implementation of national economic and social development plan made by Sun Tingxi Province Development and Reform Commission report ", he said: Xu Zheng ensure customer completed the main project before the end of the year special, Cheng, railway, Zheng high-speed railway construction during the year together, to promote high-speed rail too Zheng, Zheng Ji preparatory work for the high-speed railway.

2015 Nian 8 3 May, for the first time combined the EIA Zheng high-speed rail has been officially launched, which means that from the projects started during the year and a step forward. It is understood that Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation undertook the "New Zhengzhou to Zhoukou to Hefei railway," the environmental impact assessment. Recently, the company has new EIA information together Zheng high-speed rail, for the first time publicity.

2015 Nian 8 3 afternoon, Zheng together high-speed rail segment Zhoukou Xihua drilling survey. Xihua County township to see Taguchi, a seat rig stretching several kilometers, workers are head in the sun drilling survey work prior to construction, marking the close of Zheng high-speed rail segment Zhoukou Xihua construction has entered a substantive stage. Henan Province Environmental Protection Bureau to actively support projects, early intervention, designate a person, tracking services, and actively coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the work of the EIA, EIA approval accelerate the work. EIA project file after accepting Ministry of Environmental Protection, the first time to appoint someone to go to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, to communicate details of the review team; before a Review Conference, led by the Office of Henan Province Environmental Protection Ministry of Environmental Protection went to report the situation, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has made support; the end of the Review Conference after the timely follow-up, strengthen communication and coordination with the Department of assessment Center, construction units, evaluation units, tracking service modify the EIA documents, evaluation reports issued by other matters.

2015 Nian 10 21, the project will be reviewed by the minister of environmental topics. October 27, the Ministry of Environmental Protection approved the project to obtain the file.

Zheng He High Speed ​​Railway

2015 Nian 10 28, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the new Zhengzhou to Zhoukou on to Fuyang railway feasibility study report, [Development and Reform basis [2015] No. 2465], the official start building by the end of 2015, design transport capacity: 50 million / year.

2015 Nian 12 24, (Henan Section) to Hefei, Zhengzhou railway construction mobilization meeting was held in Zhoukou City. Governor Xie attended the mobilization meeting and delivered speeches. Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Governor Li Ke presided over the mobilization. Benedict Jiang Yun, deputy director of the Provincial People's Congress, Vice Governor Zhao was the provincial government Secretary-General Guohong Chang, Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress Chairman Xu Guang, director of the Zhengzhou Railway Bureau HE Yuan attended the meeting and mobilize the rostrum. In the construction mobilization meeting, Henan, general manager of Beijing-Guangzhou railway passenger line Ma Chun-shan said, the territory of the province line length of 212 kilometers, located south of Zhengzhou, Xuchang north, south Yanling, fugou south, west China, Zhoukou East, item City, Shen qiubei eight stations, total project duration of 48 months. Henan Province, Zheng projects focus on promoting high iron, high-speed rail Zheng together, two other high-speed machine West "Thirteen Five" period.

2017 Nian 4 8, high-speed rail segment Zheng Fuyang built and opened.

2018 In September 2009, the Henan section of elevated bridge completed. December 2018 No. 15 In Zhengzhou, Henan combined high-speed rail began laying 2019 April 16 in Anhui section laying across the board, Zheng Henan section of high-speed rail together since August 2019 thirteenth paragraph Henan, Zhengzhou South Station South Station to start a Jieshou FBI test, No. 2019, August Zheng together Anhui section of the high-speed railway station in Fuyang West station sank qiubei FBI test, in addition to business co-Hangzhou high-speed rail Hefei Shangqiu South station a station on the same day FBI test, business co high-speed rail, Zheng high-speed rail is expected to close December 1, 2019 opening and operation.

2019 Nian 10 Yue 25, 7 pm, the first trip G55501 times Jieshou south east Zhengzhou EMU trains on time sent from Zhengzhou East Station via Zhengzhou South Station, North Station Xuchang Yanling station, help ditch South station, West station, China, East station Zhoukou, Huaiyang Shenqiu South station and North station, South station Jieshou to end, the entire running about 270 km, marking the Chinese Zheng Fu railway Zhengzhou Railway Bureau Group Co., Ltd. into the test tube section operational phase.

Project Overview

The main site

from Zhengzhou East Station standards, the Zhoukou to Fuyang, end to Hefei South Station, line length of 497.7 km, of which Fuyang Suppliers use to Hefei-Hangzhou high-speed rail project, the new Zhengzhou South station to Fuyang section of 277 km, using commercially-Hangzhou high-speed rail 220.7 kilometers. Among them, Zhoukou to Zhengzhou East Railway Station East Railway Station is 177.1 km, Zhoukou to Hefei Railway Station East Railway Station 358 kilometers.

Station line drawn from Zhengzhou, the Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Xuchang, Zhoukou, Fuyang, access providers together Hangzhou Railway Station Fuyang West, total length 277 km. All located south of Zhengzhou, Xuchang north, south Yanling, fugou south, west China, East Zhoukou, Huaiyang south, Shen Qiubei, South Jieshou, Linquan, Fuyang West and other 11 stations.

Technical Standards

Technical Standards. Railway level: high-speed rail. The number of positive line: lane. Design speed: 350 km / h. Minimum curve radius: Usually Lot 13000-9000 meters, 7000 meters in difficult sections. Maximum gradient: 20 ‰. Type of traction: electricity. The hair line length: 650 meters. Train Control: Level CTCS-3 train control system. Dispatching way: Comprehensive Centralized Traffic Control. Other specific technical standards "high-speed railway design specification" (TB 10621-2014).

designed transport capacity: 50 million / year.


The total investment of 42.82 billion yuan, of which 39.49 billion yuan investment project, EMU acquisition cost 3.23 billion yuan. Where: 50% of the total capital investment, amounting to 21.36 billion yuan, Henan, Anhui bear 40% of the domestic segment capital, respectively (including land acquisition costs territory), the cost of land acquisition and resettlement after the parties included in the approved investment projects party shares the province. (Central separate study funded in part) the remaining capital use by the China Railway Company Railway Development Fund resolved. The use of national funds Development Bank loans from domestic banks outside the capital.

China Railway and Henan Province, Anhui Province, the "Company Law" set up standardized joint-venture railway company, responsible for project construction and operation management, construction period of 3 years.

stations along

Zhengzhou East Station, North Station Xuchang Yanling station, fugou South Station, West Station, China, Zhoukou East Station, South Station Huaiyang, Shen Qiubei station, South station Jieshou, Linquan station, Fuyang West station.


1. Zheng co-passenger high-speed railway construction, the direct contact with the Central Plains Economic Zone in east China together. Between Zhengzhou and Hefei will achieve direct access to high-speed rail. Zheng high-speed railway is also close access to the Central Plains, East China coastal areas most convenient channel, forming the northwest of - East China is another fast track, to further improve my country's railway transportation network.

2. Construction of Zhengzhou, Zhoukou to Hefei high-speed rail, in particular, is of great and far-reaching influence on the development along the counties to the development of Zhoukou Zhoukou City will end the history of no high-speed rail, 12 million Zhoukou people will no longer have to go overseas to train. .

3 after the completion of co-Zheng, Zhengzhou is expected - will be opened by the Fuyang Hefei, Zhoukou, Xuchang intercity train car after crossing the line will gradually increase.

4. To strengthen and consolidate its position in Fuyang transport hub.

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