Early experience

On April 28, 2011, participate in the 62nd round of the national plantation and richest activities, representing Bridge-Hangzhou (5th grade).

Performance experience

April 3, 2014, sign up for the AKB48 qualified, as a representative of Team8 and Wakayama Prefecture; June 7, AKB48 Sixth Total Election (37th Single Total election of the track), outside; On August 5th, Team8 "Party が が ま よ よ" SKE48 Theater has been played, the theater show, August 8th, AKB48 5th returns, AKB48 Team8 Preparation, B- Block, 1 round of victory, 2 times, defeated Yoshino, 3 go to the end of the lower tail (Shimi Yufei), defeated; on August 18th, Bi Su Shi TV "got" ダ ダ ス も も もも も 」」 评, as a TEAM8 selection member appears to play AKB48 Tokyo Dome Concert; November 16th, with Yongnan Saji, 濵濵 Friends, as a special guest at Osaka City Park (Osaka Central District, Osaka City, Osaka ) "Super difficult question, mystery, history, History ~ 大 城 城 から 戦 戦 戦 ~"

June 6, 2015, AKB48 Seventh Total Election (41st Single Single Selection Election), outside; On August 6, AKB48 The 6th returns, Team8 Preparation, f- Block, 1 return warner, 2 go to the battlefield, lost in the Vine-village, defeat; on September 5, Team8 2nd Stage "will not be starred. Previously, in the "Zu Shen TV" Bi Su Su, registration of the second row of competition (5 of the subsidiaries, 20 CSI), gain Singing 21, his own expressive (makeup) 6, group action 7, dance 25, total point 59 Performance, fall.

On April 2, 2016, the broadcast show "WA! ERA (ワエ ワエ)" (WBS and Wakayama send ジオ ジオ Every Saturday 14: 45~16: 00 live broadcast) New link "wakayamatoyopet presents 瑠 瑠 ジオ ジオ DEマ マ ル 」常 常 常 常; 选 回 回 回 回 回 回 选 回 回 回 外;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 预 预 预; 预 回;;;,, 回,, 回; 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 回 拳 拳 猜 拳 拳 拳1 War of the war, 2 times to win the palace Lisi, 3 go to the battle with the early morning (early saga), defeat; on October 28, and Wakayama TV (テレビ and songs) variety show "ワ ワ ツ ツ 19:00 ~19: 30 live broadcast) Toyota sponsors the new link "瑠 瑠 わが わが ち ち 慢 ド ド ド ブ ブ", the monthly is popular.

On December 8, 2017, the new group of Personnel disconnected in the AKB48 12th Anniversary, which announced the team members of Team B, and served as Team 8.

March 21, 2020, announced from AKB48 Team 8; June 28, held his graduation performance.

Personal life

Yamamoto 瑠 瑠 (や も も る か / YAMAMOTO RUKA)

Birthday: October 10, 2000 Ibout: Wakayama] Blood type: O-type

length: 154cm

If you are windy, you want to go: Bai Liangyu. Interest is eating and playing; stunt is the arch bridge support, say "YO" continuously.

formula nickname is "か か か" "ぅちゃ", magazine also uses "ちゃ ちゃ ちゃ" "か"

name "瑠 瑠 カ カ カ" (Japanese "Dolphin"), and Wakayama can often see dolphins, Mom and Dad like dolphins very much, so they are named. Because the brother's brother is cultivated, like a boy, like a child.

嶋 嶋 嶋 菜, 喜欢 先 是 是 大 大 和 瑠 瑠 瑠 瑠 瑠 瑠 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是With the beauty of the mountain, the palace is the big stomach king of TEAM8. When the primary school student, practice the running results daily, joining the Team8 slowly. Because I like Akb48 and participate in the selection, the singer singer singer singer singer "" sunset 」见 い い か?"

Primary school is read in and Wakayama Shuami-cho, Hangzhou, China.

catch phrase: "せ せ の! か か っ ら ら? (か) か か っ ら ら ら ら ら か っ ら ら みか と ~ る か 产 地, 歌 山 から し, 14 歳 山 山 山 た瑠 瑠. よよよよよよよよよ ... よろ よろ ね! "


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2014 Yamamoto



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Personal track

SingleCD selection song

akb48 37th "Heart の プ カ ド ド ド" included

    < Li>

    47 の 敌 街 へ - Team 8 name

akb48 38th "Hope フレ フレ ン」 」」 "included

  • < P> Uniform の 根 - Team 8 name

AKB48 39th "Green Flash" included

  • から から め よ よ - Team 8 name

AKB48 42nd "Lips BE My Baby" Retrieves

  • あ じゃく バ バ タ タ - Team 8

akb48 44th "Wings は ら ら い" Retrieves

  • dream へ ル ー ト ト - Team 8

AKB48 46th "ハ テ テ ショ ショ ショ" included

  • Sichun ドレナ ドレナ ン - Team 8 West Nominal

Albumcd Selection Music

akb48 6th album "ここが ド ド ド, ここ で べ! "Record

  • へ ちょこ サポ サポ サポ ト - Team 8 name

akb48 7th album" 0 と1 间 」收 收 收 に に に に だろ だろ だろ だろ う う う う - Team 8 name

Theater performance Unit song

Team8 1st Stage "PARTY が が ま る よ" performance

  • ラ ス メ ト ト

  • < / ul>

    team8 2nd stage "" かっ かっ かっ "performance

    • ガ ガ ス の l l l ガ の の l l>>

      から き き き き き き き

    • オ オ revolution

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