Yalong Bay Center Square


That is the central square of Yalong Bay Central Square, located 28 kilometers southeast of Sanya City office. Square totem pole rising to the sky, extending to sculpture to the earth and the sea, its grandeur and unique artistic style, with limited space in the form of art, to guide our imagination extended to infinite space. Totem pole stands is the highest point of the square 26.8 meters high, a massive granite blocks 200 and alloy composition of column 2.5 m diameter. Carved dragon, phoenix, sun birds, fish and the four gods of thunder and lightning storm patterns. Around the center of the totem pole sculpture area, forming three times Tridacna stone, the mighty, unique image: the first lap has black dragon, white tiger, Suzaku, basaltic four seasons identifies 24 solar terms sundial sculpture; the second lap performance beginning of the world, Nu Wa fill day, Moon, Xing-day dance dry Qi, Dayu, Legend of Love, Houyisheri, Kuafuzhuiri eight ancient mythology; the third lap reflect astronomy, people, animals, plants and all creatures of eight Chinese God's ancient. Totem poles and sculptures seamless, constitute a strong sense of ancient Chinese astronomy and oriental mystery. Square external design of the five groups of white sail-like spire tent and large color fountain, to sculpture with an ancient cultural connotation adds a modern flavor.

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Practical information

Ticket information

Adult 56 yuan / person, children under 1.3 meters free of charge, half-price student ID.

The best season

November - March the following year the best. The average temperature of 25.5 degrees, a temperate maritime climate.

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1 Xiaoshi

Opening hours

07: 30 ~ 18: 00

backpack guidelines

in the city by double-decker tour bus travel lanes available at Yalong Bay central Square. Sightseeing bus is convertible roof, the sea breeze blowing all the way sightseeing.


Yalong Bay Center Square

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buy tickets at the door to enter the Yalong Bay Central Square Shell House and the central square, tour takes 40 minutes, after which opens onto the Yalong Bay beach; nearby attractions are located on the other side of Yalong Bay Butterfly Valley, about 2 km from the Plaza, visit the 40 minutes; as well as plum Harbor mangrove Nature Reserve, but also take the opportunity to visit located in the western part of the Bay, yet to be developed, no ticket, no reception facility, open 24 hours, for people living in the Bay tour.

Browse Line

entrance from the outside Shell House, then to the central square to visit the landscape totem pole, etc., and can play offshore, watch the "Asia First Beach."


Yalong Bay, a pleasant climate, winter can be cold, summer can be refreshing, beautiful natural scenery, Castle Peak rolling, Gulf flat and calm, blue water clear as a mirror, soft white sandy beaches such as silver. "Sanya Guilaibukan sea, except Yalong Bay is not" This is for visitors to the Bay heartfelt praise. Bay is a typical tropical climate, the annual average temperature of 25.5 degrees, the fine sand stretches soft stretch of about 8 km length of about 3 times the beach Hawaii. Water visibility to 10 meters, undersea coral reefs are very well preserved, live many different forms, colorful tropical fish, coral reef is a national key protected areas. Bay area of ​​66 square kilometers, can accommodate 10 people leisure tour, chasing thousands of cruising yachts, we can say here is not only rare but also the coastal beach diving spots.

scenic Yalong Bay Central Square

Graphic Description

Dragon: Dragon is the nation's most admired fetish, Chinese people see themselves as descendants of the dragon. Long worship has a long history, has been a primitive society dragon worship. Yellow Emperor Gao large family with dragon totem, the original Dragon. After clan alliances, combined with all the clan totem, the dragon became birds, animals, aquarium essence and complex. Yellow Emperor is representative of the Dragon to Fu Xi as the leader of Dong Yi also depends on the dragon totem, deified as long as fishing and hunting era, crocodiles and snakes.

dragon totem pole pattern has five, in addition to the standard form of a long, there are the original form of the Long, Long fish, street-like material such as lead.

Phoenix: Chinese people view them as a valuable symbol of auspicious patterns, often combined with the dragon, called "Dragon and Phoenix." Ancestors, as the phoenix is ​​the spirit of all things, triangle Korea and intelligent. "Shan Hai Jing Shan Jing" cloud, "bird behavior, its like chicken, colorful and text Dubbed the Phoenix." Phoenix worship began in the Shang. Phoenix behalf of the Southern culture. Phoenix graphics three totem poles, Cheung Fung had to fly the first two have a phoenix.

Titan: The sun brings light, bring life to all things, there is no life without the sun. Titan is called God, popular in ancient sun worship, the people, as the sun as a symbol of justice. Totem poles have a Titan graphics, Xiongxiong descendants flame burning sun center stood a three-legged spring birds. Three-legged birds graphics found in ancient literature "Huainanzi spirit," "Japan has a Bird," "The Analects of Confucius, said said," "Japan has a three-legged birds." Han Dynasty brick, M51 pile Han dynasty have Neutrality three-legged bird graphics.

unicorn: auspicious animal, the shape of deer, were scales, oxtail horseshoe, and then converted dragon head horns, tail of a lion. Wang Zheng legendary side is prosperous, peaceful symbol of good luck, the other side is a sign of God sages. Totem at the northeast corner column has a unicorn graphic.

God fish: Fish is an ancient summer family totem worship, first seen in the Stone Age pottery pattern, folk them as mascots, Yu said, "more than the rich." There are two graphics totem pole fish, west clumps constitute a graphic with the dragon, unicorn and south together constitute a symbol of "the country strong and the people rich".

Phoenix God: called as "primary air", ordered by the Emperor of Joe wind or wind, and to Heaven messenger.

Rain God: called as "Rainmaker", also known as "Ping Yi", "us the wonder", the ancient god of rain Division.

Thor: ancient name "Thunder", the ancient god of thunder Division.

power of God: called as "electric" Father, Lord of lightning ancient gods.

totem pole

Bay Center Plaza (16)

The sculpture about twenty-seven m high totem pole center, Stonehenge is three times the base surface of the column and circle round solar terms sculptural composition. Totem pole shape within the outer circle, the image was engraved in all directions around the column sky. There are sixteen cylinder relief meter totem patterns. The first circle Stonehenge East and West were four groups of four orientations graphics were ancient sculpture representatives. The second lap eight groups of dwellings were eight ancient mythology with a classic sense. The third circle Stonehenge were twelve sets, natural carved totem of the Chinese nation worship. Round solar terms phenological characteristics to the sculpture seasonal solar terms and was with imagery and symbolism, the performance of the cycle of the universe and the laws of astronomy awareness. Art totem pole, totem Stonehenge and round solar terms seamless sculpture composed, the mighty, with material Park, unique image, reflecting the nation's original nature worship and Wang Zheng of prosperity, good luck peaceful, prosperous pursuit of a better harvest, Fu , cultural, artistic connotation in the central square of Yalong Bay nation, showing the sequence of mysterious ancient oriental culture. In addition, the external design of the plaza sleek white tent five groups and two large color fountain. Yalong Bay Central Square, known for its beautiful natural scenery and magnificent architectural community formed a leisurely smooth cultural landscape. Totem pole carved Wulong, three-feng, a Titan, a unicorn, two fish god wind, rain, thunder and lightning. The dragon is the Chinese nation's most admired fetish. Dragon totem pole pattern has five, in addition to the standard form of a long, there are the original form of the Long, Long fish, like other leading title product. Feng is the Chinese view them as a symbol of wealth and good fortune pattern. Phoenix totem pole three graphics library, Feng Xiang, the two fly, a phoenix head. Titan is known as god. Totem pole has a sun god, the sun burning flame Xiongxiong center stood a three-legged bird. Unicorn is auspicious animal. Totem at the northeast corner column has a unicorn graphic. Aeolus, god of rain, Thor, the power of God for the natural gods, because of their solidarity with the livelihood of the people, their worship and reverence prevalent in the ancient and the private sector, more than four graphics were used symbolism carved four masks.

performance of the content

totem pole sculpture center to accommodate the nation's representative ancient totem patterns. These patterns are not limited to, a national totem, a certain historical period, a certain region, but seek the Chinese nation totem image deepest cultural heritage intentions. As the ancient Chinese totem totem patterns through awareness and long-term evolution of thousands of years of multi-faceted and multi-level circulating, as myths and legends, like with a certain ambiguity and diversity, and as such, make it more mystery . Picture totem pole of reference documents, artifacts, folk art constitute a form of creative design and artistic interest as close to pristine Yi, so some totem patterns with contemporary people familiar side, there are unfamiliar side. Given the nature of primitive art and not explain the mysterious culture itself, the text is far from expressing its meaning, but the audience just to stay out of the unlimited imagination. Totem pole in all directions around the column was engraved image sky, seamless blend composition pattern 16, formed "one element of the gas, a material with almost" charm, highly cohesive flash reflects our national spirit. 16 graphics sub-categories are Sunbird, the god of nature (wind, rain, thunder, electricity), dragon, phoenix, unicorn, god fish. Distinct styling similar totem graphics performance of the totem large fusion process in the long history of the Chinese nation, constitute a set of meaningful sense of time and space.

Sculpture Center area

sculpture area around the center of the totem pole, three times to form Stonehenge, the mighty, unique image. The first circle has black dragon, white tiger, Suzaku, basaltic four seasons identifies 24 solar terms sundial sculpture; the second lap performance beginning of the world, Sky Goddess, Moon, criminal-day dance dry Qi, Dayu, Legend of Love, Hou Yi shot Japan, Kuafuzhuiri eight ancient mythology; the third circle is a reflection of astronomy, people, animals, plants and all creatures engraving.

Shell Museum

Shell Museum on the ground floor Yalong Bay Central Square, is China's first with the theme of shellfish collection exhibition and sales of integrated Hall. The museum innovative design unique, natural, inviting colors, reflecting the endless charm of the underwater world, known as the "Sea World" on Hainan tourism land. Hall points five sea shells on display representative of the rest of the world more than 300 kinds. All kinds of rare and colorful shells and coral, silver, from the ordinary to the precious little conch nautilus, everything, as well as a symbol of pure angel wings seagull clams, clam cockle colorful Australia, the famous red Weng living fossil Lo and so on.

Bay Legend

According to legend, a long time ago, in today's Bay area, the beach is not the beach, close to the sea is high mountains and cliffs. Dozens of families lived on the mountain, pretty as a flower girl here, like all US angel. One day, a dozen fairy to take a bath here, met here girls, fairy world marvel so much as a beautiful woman. Back to the temple, and told them his brother and get them down to earth to marry these women. Fairy hear bangs, came to earth and she saw seven beautiful women, then to each of them blew, so that these women with them ran toward the mountains. Then the woman's fiance happened seven fishing return, after seeing disembark on the chase, has failed to catch. Seven women came to the mountains, to the gods of their courtship, but they have a sweetheart, can not accept their love. Let seven fairy woman back home, but no one believed them, there is no longer a young man to marry them. They went into the sea in desperation, to die to prove his innocence. Their bright eyes melt in the sea, the sea becomes more clear, their white bodies washed up on the shore sea, mountains and little hills give way to feeling better immediately. Due to enchant the gods of heaven, their bodies turned into white sandy beaches, souls ascend to heaven, turned into a fairy. After seven misunderstood the woman's fiance know his girlfriend's loyalty, remorse, their sincere repentance touched the Emperor, he ordered his men to open doors days, then slowly out of seven women, everything happened told fiance. Also told them that the Gulf South China Sea Dragon King Dragon fifth stature Ziya jurisdiction, should be called Longwan teeth.

Traffic Information

1 Taihe bus (New Line)

Directions: West Railway Station - Municipal - East China Sea - field independence - Yalong Bay. Every 30 minutes.

2 New Line double-decker tour bus (for the upper gondola, lower air conditioning):

routes: Yalong Bay - East China Sea - Sanya Bay - West Island Ferry - ends of the earth. Half an hour, the early bus departure from the Bay 7:00, 19:00 return the last train from Earth to travel about 70 minutes, sightseeing speeds, full fare 10 (by the congestion charge).

Ctrip shuttle bus drop-off points that is at the center of the square on the Bay.

car navigation:

Starting from downtown, traveling along Yuya Avenue to Tiandu town, then walk the scenic drive to the Bay special roads.

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