Xiao Wenli

Performing Arts Experience

In November 2013, the "double blossoms of the bouncing" in November 2013, "I am a soldier" tour as vocal music, dance, and small product actors. In October 2015, he served as a large-scale modern music dance poetry "Song of Migrant Workers", in the Great Hall of the People, "Going out of Home". The same year starred in the courtyard film "Nine-story Demon Tower" "Allegro girl", National Day file release. In May 2016, Jilin Satellite TV released the Chinese column, and in September of the same year, "has you with you".

In January 2017, it was invited to record the Jilin Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala, singing songs "to the party". In the same month, the show of the Spring Festival Evening of CCTV, singing the song "Pediatrics putting cattle"; recording Fuzhou Spring Festival Evening, singing the song "Sunlight Road". In March, he recorded Jilin Satellite TV to sing the Chinese column, sing song "Jiangshan". In May, attending the Find Artsan Spirit 2016-2017 Artisan Spirit Awards Festival. In June, recorded Jilin Satellite TV to sing the Chinese column, singing songs "with you". In October, a happy family of songs, singing "waiting for you to go home."

In January 2018, the music work "has you with you" Central Propaganda Department issued to be promoted in "Xi Da Zhu"; in February of the same year, record the Children's Spring Festival Evening in CCTV, sing "The Song of Beijing". In May, I was invited to Northern 'Yanyan Guan, returning to a boy' Original music ceremony; in May, CCTV3 variety channel and China Education TV Station 'Flying Dreams' Tsinghua University Youth Song, with Yang Hongji teacher's pressure axis Sing "I and M motherland". In August, the CCTV Supil Shadow Star Arts Exhibition TV Special Program. In the same month, recording the "Grassland Concert" column, the work "Go Home" MV played in Inner Mongolia TV. In October 2018, the TV drama "aim". In December of the same year, join the Chinese Volunteer Association, dedicated love in the form of volunteer performance and support volunteer service.

In January 2019, recorded CCTV hundred flowers to welcome the new spring column, sing "beautiful China", invited Hunan Yongzhou City Spring Festival Evening, singing music works "Zhi Zhi Ancient and Modern"; in April of the same year, unveiled Guangxi Satellite TV " 2019 Zhuang March 3 · Bayui Carnival ", sing theme song" Spring blossoms March 3 "; in May, CCTV13 News report, CCTV1, CCTV3, China Education Taiwan, Shandong Satellite TV, Tianjin Satellite TV, Sichuan Satellite TV And many educated TV stations broadcast "Flying Dreams" Tianjin University Youth Song, Singing Original Campus Works "Do not say goodbye"; in August of the same year, celebrate the 60th anniversary of the People's Great Hall, "Our Sixty Years" Art Evening, In the Great Hall of the People, "Youth Sign"; in September of the same year, record CCTV-1, CCTV-4 "Legendary China Festival · Mid-Autumn Festival" column, the same month is invited to "国, 话 canal" China Hongze Lake International Hail Crab Festival Opening and singing the theme song "Beautiful Hongze Lake", "Meeting Baima Lake"; in December of the same year, the China "Star Rui List" 2019 art inheritance ceremony and won the grand prize.

January 2020, I was invited to attend the Harbin Concert Hall two new year concerts, and cooperated with Harbin Symphony Orchestra. Bring the female tremendous solo "I love you, China", "I love you in the snow" .

Main work

Pairing Movie

    • Nine-story demon Tower < B> 2015Xiao Wenli

Extended TV series

    • < P> aiming 2019

music single

Song Name Release time Are you accompanied by < TD> 2016 Out the hometown 2015 Our Greater China < TD> 2015 - - Bright Crystal Beijing Song - Jiangshan - Military Flag - Zodiac Family - < / tr> Waiting for you home - Wife - Board - My Mongolian Grassland - Spring taste - MV has you accompanied by - Love Circle 2018-03-16 Second Hometown 2017-11-01 Hello 2017 2017-09-10

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Character Evaluation

- Remember the young singing actor who grows in red cradle, Xiao Wenli

She is a sunny, confident atmosphere, girl, is also a female soldier of a righteousness, cool hiding. The older is large.

She is a sweet, deceived image and warmth, the atmosphere of the singer, she is very confident, happy, pure, her singing is soft and empty, the feelings are sincere, sweet and sweet. It is not lost, she gives a sense of feelings, such as a clear stream of a clear stream, such as a smooth stream, and a warm spring breeze with flowers.

She touched her own year with an olive green, and she passed her unique positive energy with a smart and vigorous image.

Basic Introduction

Xiao Wenli, the Communist Party of China, China Youth Singing Actor, San Hook Painting Picture, Born in Jiangxi, China, 1999; French National Cultural Arts Association, Union World Peaceful cultural artists, Beijing Boai Development Charity Foundation 'Charity Ambassador', CCTV Calligraphy Medicine "Small Painting and Calligraphy" Association Member. The undergraduate graduated from Jiangxi Normal University, the master's degree in Renmin University of China is reading, not only solid in the art, but also a handwritten in the heart of the heart. At the military cultural group, he served as vocal, dance, small product actors, sand painting performances, and creation group designers. The work has the "nine-story demon", "Impression Military Camp", "Song of Tourism", Large Music Dance Poetry "Song of Migrant Workers", "There is you with you", "Beijing Song", "Military Flag".

Xiao Wen Li Jun Song (18 photos)

Xiao Wenli art photo (11 photos)

Xiao Wenli youth Song (30 photos)

Personal Honor

Xiao Wenli Art Performance (18) < / P> CCTV Cultural Painting Institute "Small Painting and Calligraphy" Association member; and in China's Youth Drawing Photography Competition, the art won the 'Gold Award' "I" I and TV "Joint Essay Activities Won the 'Master Award'.

October 2010, won the "National Scholarship".

June 2011, the "Jiangxi Youth Red Song Association" won the award.

In August 2012, the Nanjing Military Region Literature Exhibition Performance Gold Award.

September 2012 and November 2013 in the troop cultural cities "double blossoms, there is a different red", "I am a soldier" tour as vocal music, dance, small product actors, won the "excellent soldier in the same year" 'Titting,' Jia award 'twice, and get a functions.

August 2015, the adolescent health magazine cover.

In Oct 2015, he served as a large modern music dance poetry drama "Song of migrant workers", in the Great Hall of the People, "Going out of Home". In May 2016, Jilin Satellite TV made a song in China, and in September of the same year, "there is you with you."

In June 2017, the solid sand painting works "Dragon" is selected for the National Art Fund 'to find the memory' in the hometown, in the Yellow Art Museum.

On July 1, 2018, the double hook work "I don't forget the initial heart" participation; in July of the same year, the sand bottle is exhibited by the 6th Beijing Literature Art Exhibition.

In December 2018, the "Song" magazine cover the character, the "military flag".

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