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  • High-pass G-Tablet has the following features

  • After entering the PC era

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  • Attachment: Main technical specifications

  • Qualcomm will launch g-tablet business tablet, break through tradition, restore Tablet returns to business, entertainment, and information.

    (Figure: Gaotong G-Tablet Business Tablet)

    High-Tong G-Tablet Business Tablet, using X86 architecture, equipped with Intel processors, allowing flat plate to get rid of traditional tablet The shackles of iOS and Android systems, the most advocated to the public in the use of tablets to the public, but also the Windows user interface that is easier to use. Let users meet their business office functions based on traditional tablet information entertainment. In other words, the high-pass G-Tablet tablet can realize the functional requirements of the original PC.

    High-pass G-tablet has the following features

    1 9.7 inch top IPS colorful screen, color is more uniform, more fine display 1024x768 ultra-high resolution, display clearer, delicate;

    2 to meet the design of various design software needs , such as: Photoshop, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, 3D MAX, etc .;

    3 5 hour long standby, support various video playback software and audio software 1080p HD experience makes your journey more exciting;

    4 rich extension interface, meet the needs of users on different external equipment;

    5 Built-in gravity sensing module, support gravity sensing class entertainment;

    6 Built-in 3G module and WiFi function , smooth calls and internet access at any time, anytime, anywhere;

    7 support all .exe application installation, Office and other software Easy to use ;

    Windows tablet

    8 mail real-time receiving, meeting the timely demand for business people;

    Slide the touch e-book, as the true reading effect of the paper book, all the books are all put into PAD;

    Multi-task, multi-window operation interface, use the heart you want;

    After entering the PC era

    Tablet PCs have a major business opportunity. Gaotong G-Tablet Business Tablet, which makes up for the iPad and Android of the iOS system and the inconvenience of the use habits and software compatibility, which has opened up a new field of Windows faithful users that have been troublesome. The superior performance of the product will show the high-pass highly integrated design concept, breaking the tablet can only be used for entertainment, reading the embarrassment, and the new office era is from the day!

    (Figure: Gaotong G-Tablet Business Tablet)

    Attached: Main Technical Specifications

    hard drive: 32 / 64GB SSD (customer optional)

    extended storage: micro SD Card

    architecture : Intel SGX 545 400 / 600MHz Support DX10.1, OGL 3.0

    screen: 9.7 "1024 x 768 IPS screen

    Touch Screen: Capacitor / Multi Touch

    Video Play: 1080p HD Video

    Camera: 2 million Pixel rear

    communication network: 3G network support, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR , WiFi 802.11 b / g / n

    Extension: USB2.0 X2, HDMI (Mini) 1.3A x1 , Micro SD slot x1

    audio: Realtek HD Audio, 3.5 mm Headphone Jack, Onboard Mic

    Power: 3.5mm Power Enter 12V 3A

    Battery Capacity: 33WH

    Weight: 710 grams

    Size: 242 x 189 x 11.8mm (w x d x H) < / P>

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