Wei Leopard Tian Han Wang Xin Chuan

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Wei Leopard Tian Han Wang Xin Chuan

Wei Leopard, Wei Huangzi is also. Its brother, the Wei, the Wei, the Wei, the time, Qin Yan, Qin Wei, for the people. Chen Shengzhi's king is also, discovered. Solicit Weiwen, Wei Wei, Wei Wei, has desirable Zhou City as Wei Wang. "The city is fainted, the loyal minister is seen. Today, Qin, the Yi Yi Li Wei, the king," Qi, Zhao Yucai 50, Li City is king. The city will not be affected by Chen, and the five reverse, Chen Wang Nai is impairing Wei Wang.

Zhang Hao has broken Chen Wang, entering the soldiers Wei Wang in Linji. Wei Wang put Zhou City to save Qi, Chu. Qi, Chu edible it, Tianba will soldiers, with the city to save Wei. Zhang Wei hit the killing Zhou City, surrounded by Linji. It is about to decline in people. Decreased, suicide. Wei Leopard died. Chu Huai Wang gave thousands of people, and Du Weiwei. Xiang Yu has broken the Qin Bing, changing, leopard, Wei twenty city, standing as Wei Wang. Leopard is extracted from Xiang Yu. The feathers are princes, they want to have a beam, migrating in Hedong, Du Pingyang, is the West Weiwang.

Hanwang is also a three Qin, transfers to the promotion, and the Leopard is a country. Hanwang defeated, still went to Yanyang, Leopard, please visit the proxiso, the other country, then the river is the river. Hanwang said that "the cockroach" is a "cockroach", the leopard, "Life, such as Bai Hui," Today, Wang Yu, 詈 侯 群 臣 如,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, See also "Hanwang sent Han Xin to break the Leopard, squatting, leopard", and its land is Hedong, Taiyuan, Shangtian County. Hanwang made a leopard to guard the Yangyang. Surrounded by Chu, Zhou Quan Yan "The King of Non-China, I'm I Gu" 遂 豹.

Tian Hao, Di people, the family of Wang Tian's family.儋 from the brother, honor, all the arrogance, Zong Qiang, can get people. Chen is involved in Zhou City, north to Di, Di City. Fuyang is a slave, from the juvenile court, wants to kill. Seeing Di Order, because of the killing order, and the people of Zhao Zhao, "The princes are all anti-Qin self-reliance, Qi, the ancient founding, 儋, Tian, ​​when the king" is self-satisfied as Qi King, the soldiers hit the city. The Municipal Army also went, and the troops were inexpensively.

Qin will blame Zhang Wai Wei Wang in Linji, urgent. Wei Wang is saved, and he will rescue Wei. Zhang Yu Night is hit, big breaks, Chu army, kills in Linji.儋 儋 弟 儋 儋 兵 东 东 东 东 东Qi people smell them, and they also Li Qi Wang Jianzhi's brother is the king, Tian Jia is the phase, and the field is willing, with the princes.

Rongzhi walks East A, Zhang Hui chased. I'm gorgeous, and I killed the soldiers to break the Zhang East. Zhang Wi-west, Xiangliang was chasing. And the evergains of the ridiculous, and they will be returned and hit. Holidays Phase Corner to Zhao. The boyfriend is free to save Zhao. Due to not return. Rong Nai Li City is the king, Rong Xiang, and it will be in a straightforward.

Xiangmei is chasing Zhang, Zhang Hao Welfare, and Xiang Liang make fun of hunting. Rong Yan "Chu kills the fake, Zhao killing, leisure, is the" Chu Huai Wang 曰 "Tian Piece and the king of the country, the poor, killing," Zhao Yi does not kill Tianjiao, Tian Yisheng . Qi Wang 曰 "蝮蠚蝮蠚 则 手, 蠚蠚 则. Why. In the field, Tianjiao, Timi, Zhao, non-hand, how to kill, and Qin Dixuan in the world Then, the first-useer grave is awkward "Chu, Zhao Heiless, Qi also angry, and finally refused. Zhang Guo defeated the entry of the beam and broke the troops. Chu Bing walks, and Zhang Yufu is surrounded by Julu. Xiang Yu is complained.

Yu is stored in Zhao, changing the seven, the West, the Qin, Li Zhou Wang, migrant Qi Wang City is more king Jiaodong, governing Jimble. Qi will rescue Zhao from the total of the Tiandu, because of the entry, the storm is Qi Wang, governance.故 Qi Wang Jian Sun Tianan, Xiang Yu Fangfang River to save Zhao, Anxia North City, leading the soldiers, and Yu Qi is the King of Jibei, Zhi Boyang.

Rong is a negative entry, not willing to help the Chu to attack Qin, so he will not be king. Zhao will be lost, and he is not allowed. Two people complain. Rongshi will help Chen Yu, so that anti-Zhao land, and Rong also sent troops to knew in the field. Rong Li Wang City Jiaodong. The city is around "Xiang Wang, Wang Xiaoshi, must" fear ", it is died in the country. Runger, chasing the city in Juk, but also attacking the Jinan Wang An, self-reliance is the king, all the way.

Wei Leopard Tian Han Wang Xin Chuan

Tie Wang Wen, the anger, Northern Dragonfly. Rongfa City City City Yang. The honor will defeat, take the plain, and the plain people are proud. Xiang Yu burned Yixi City Guo, and he was too bored. Qi people gather. The honor brother has received tens of thousands of people and counterattacks the hits. And Hanwang Shuai defeated, into Pengcheng. Xiang Yu heard, it was released and hit the Han in Pengcheng, because of the Han Dynasty, it was the Yangyang. Therefore, it is rare to collect the city, and the Rongzi is wide, and the political affairs is not broken.

Ding Qi three years, Wen Han will train Han Xin and hit the East, Qi Hua hurt, Tian Xin Military Life is from the Han. Han Monk eats his life, Wang Guang and the horizontal, and. It's a default, it is defeted, longitudinal wine, and it is sent to Han Ping. Han Xin Naidu Plain. Breaking the Qi Dynasty, I was in the past. Wang Guang, the phase of his life is to sell himself. Guangdong walked high-minded, horizontal, guarded, Tian Guang walked in Chengyang, will serve the normally in Jiaodong. Chu made Dragon and saved, Qi Wang and the He Jun were high. Han will Han Xin, Cao ginsen, kill the dragon, and Wang Guang. Han will catch the shots to keep the scenery, to Bo. And the king of the king, self-reliance is king, but also hit the baby, the baby defeated the army to win. Cross-falling beams, return to Peng Yue. The more time-tricks, neutral, and is Han, and is Chu. Han Xin has kills the dragon and, because the entry of the army, the field is in Jiaodong, the baby is killed, and the field will take the three-year-old, and it is flat.

Han quarters, Hanwang is the emperor, Peng Yue is Liang Wang. The fear, and five hundred people in the sea into the sea, hung. Gao Vili's heard, with the brothers, this is quite, and Qi people will be included, and today is not received in the sea, it is afraid that there is a chaos. "He Yin", the minister, so that his brother, the brother, is the Han people, the minister, the fear, do not dare to be free, please be a talent, guarding the sea, "to make also report, Gao Emperor is 乃卫郦 商 曰 "Qi Wang Express, the human horse dares to move the family" It is Fu to make the feasts, "the" horizontal, the big king, the small man is the ear. Not coming And the soldiers and plus themselves, they were passed on with their customers.

to the body of the corpse, the "people see the emperor, when washing". It is said that "It is said that the Hanwang is said to be the Southern, and the Han Wang is the emperor, and it is the death of death, the north, and its grievances have been very good. I have a brother of my brother, and the brother is in parallel. I dare to shake, I don't dare to shake, I am unhappy. I want to see me, but I want to see my face. Your Majesty is in Yanyang, Today, I'm doing it, I'm doing it. It has not yet defeated, it is still possible, "刭 刭, make the guests, from the messenger. Gao Emperor, "嗟, there is. Start clothes, brothers and more kings, 非 贤 哉", and worship two customers as all, paid two thousand, with the king's gift horizontal.

is funeral, two passengers wear, all from it. Gao Vili heard and was very shocked, with the horizontal passengers, I wondered five hundred people in the sea, so that the call, smelling, and committed suicide. So it is also known as the world's brothers.

Han Xin, so Han Yuwang is also eight feet of five inch. Xiang Liang Li Chu Huai Wang, Yan, Qi, Zhao, Wei is the former king, only South Korea is no after, the Han Gongzi Zhaoyang Jun became Han Wang, who wants to settle the Korean. Xiang Liang died, and became the Word. Pei Gong fell to Yangcheng, so that Zhang Liang took Han Di and Han Di, and thought that Han will, put its soldiers from Wu Guan.

Pei Gong is Hanwang, believes in the Hanzhong, but said Hanwang, "Wang Wang, Wang alone, moved. The soldiers are all Shandong people, and they will come back, and their bee East Township, can Strive to the world "Hanwang also determined three Qinshen, this is a tribute to Wang Xin, and we will be worshiped as Han Taicheng, and the soldiers will be slightly Korean.

The kings of the items are all in the country, and Han Wangcheng does not never did not work, but also in the country, it is more sealed, and then kills. Wen Han Zunxiao, the Han Dynasty, is that the hometown tour Wu Dynasty, Zheng Chang is Hanwang. During the second year of the Han Dynasty, he failed to the Han Di Town City. Hanwang to Henan, Xinqiu Han Wangchang, Chang Dihan. Han Nai is Han Wang, often from Han Bing. Hanwang made a letter to Zhou Yang, Chu, and believe in. Has been dead and hooked, Han Fu thought Han Wang, actually from breaking the item. Five-year spring, with a correspondent, Wang Yichuan.

Six-year spring, I thought I believe in Zhuangwu, the north to Gong, Yu, Nanzi Wan, Ye, East, Huaiyang, all the world soldiers, is more in Taiyuan County for South Korea, migment To prepare Hu, Jinyang. The letter is called "The country is behind, the Xiongnu number, Jin Yang to Deposit Yuan, please govern the May". " Autumn, the Huns took a big surrounding letter, the trust made Hu Xue. Hanfa rescued, the suspicion is made, there is a second heart. The letter of the letter is responsible for the letter, "I don't want to die, I will not be either, and the king is not enough. The land of the king is not enough. The land of the danger, the two, so I am responsible for the king" letter, In the hometown of the Huns, he hits the Taiyuan because of the Huxue.

seven years of winter, to break the army copper, and pull Wang Xi. Strong Walking the Xiongnu will be the Bunan Miuchu, Wang Huang Li Zhao Miao Zhao Li as Wang, Re-Recycling the Soldier, and the letter and the Han. The Xiongnu made the left and sages, and the south of Wang Huang is Guangwu, to Jinyang, and the Han Bing War, the Hande is broken, chasing the stone, rehabilitate. The Xiongnu complexed the army. Hanzi car rides the Xiongnu, often defeated, and Han took a victory. After heard of Donju Valley, home Jinyang, let people take a drop and report to "knock". Take it to the flat city, on the whiteden. On the Huns ride, it is a thickness of the people. Yan Shi said that "Today is Han Di, you can't live, and the two lives are not harmonious", the rook is slightly led. The fog, the Han people go, not. Chen Ping said on the army, "the whole soldier, please order the strong", "Xu Xing is surrounded" into Pingcheng, the Han Shundai is also until the Han Ran, the Han also strikes. The letter will hit the soldiers to hit the border, so that Wang Huang said wrong.

11th year spring, credit and riding entertainment. Hancai, the army, the letter of the letter, "Your Majesty, the princes have a rebell, and the post is returned, it is not. The king knows. Today, the king is going to leave Hu, not big sin, Emergency self-return, "letter", the south, the south, this servant is fortunate. The servant, the servant can't die, imprisoned, this sin, the sin. City, this is also the crime. Today is anti-heart, the soldiers will compete with the generals, this three sins are also. Famous, no one sin, die. The servant is three sins, but wants to live, this Wu Zikai Yu Wu, also. Today, the servant is Danched on the mountains, and once, he is divorced, the servant is returned, and if you don't forget, the blind is not forgotten, and it is not too old. Chai General Tucheng, and

letter into the Xiongnu, with the prince, and to the city, the birthm, because the name is 穨. Han Taizi is also born to Xiaowu, when the filial piety, the infant is the public. The Han seal is a bow high, the baby is the city Hou. Wu, Chu revealed, the bow is high Hou Guanguan will. Children to Sun , Sun is not a child, the baby is unreshabed, and the grandson, the grandchildren, the name of the world. The name is the world. The brother said that the school is hit the Xiongnu, and the dragon. After sitting the golden loss, For the Henghai General, break the eastern cross, seal according to the Taoist. Taiji, for the guerrilla, the five originals of the city, and also kill the Taizhou, killing the palace, killing the prince. Zi Xing, sitting上 "The guerrillas, no matter what the sitting", no matter what the brother is increasing to be Long Hou Hou. Increase the general, Zhu Cao, the servant, Guanglu, Zha Emperor, the general, and the general Customized to the Emperor, benefiting thousands of households. In the first two years, the five will win the Xiongnu, add 30,000 ride out of the cloud, the first hundred levels, the expiration date. God's first year, Zhang An Shi is the big horse car Riding general, leading books. Increase the world, young, loyal, things, more than the imperial court. For people to be wide and self-defeated, take the Wen Yan Xinsheng, no, honest, can't have something Jianming. Wu Feng second year, 谥 曰 安侯. 子 宝 嗣,, national emission. When I got an emperor, after the successor, I got the brother, and the Dragon is the year, I, the son, the bows. Wang defeated, it is. / p>

Praise: The week room is neutralized, until the end of the spring and autumn, the princes are exhausted, and Yan, Huang, Tang, Yan Zhigang still still save people. Qin Yan six countries, and the gods矣.,, 桀 王, 豹 豹, Han Xin, Tian Wei brothers have been in the old country, but they are all in the same way. Hey, guests, 义 义, 犹 立, 岂 非 天 歑After Han's self-bow is high, the cover is close to.

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Ban Gu (Jianwu eight years 32 years - Yongyuan four years 92 years), Eastern Han bureaucrat, history Home, a literaryist. The historian class, the word Meng Jian, Han nationality, Fu Feng Anling people (now Shaanxi Xianyang Northeast). Release Lan Taoli History, move to Lang, Certical Secretary, Suspended more than 20 years, repair " Han Shu ", when the world is heavy, moved to Xuanwu Sima, wrote" Baihu Tong Dynasty ", the Xiongnu is the middle guard army, the soldiers are involved, the prison, good faith, there is" two-section ", etc..

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