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In the September 2014 new fall conference, Apple has brought their new product Apple Watch and running the iOS operating system based watchOS .

product release

2015 Nian Apple WWDC Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple released the latest watchOS 2 system, as the highlight of this Developers Conference, the new version of watchOS operating system in personalized interface, interactive experiences, sports and health functions, new software, and developer terms, underwent a major upgrade. The details of various upgrades, and indeed reflects the importance for Apple Watch Apple product line, as well as efforts in system optimization and functional aspects of doing.

watchOS 2 Features

When watchOS 1 Apple provides several different dial can do for your personalization options for everyone. But it also inspired us hope more "personalized" demand their own dial. Such as himself and family photos as a dial, such as adding features they want in the first screen of the dial, rather than those Apple set a good option. These personalized ideas will be implemented in watchOS 2 in.

In watchOS 2 versions, Apple provides a view of the few places in 24 hours, over time, showing different views. Dynamic form and watchOS 1 version of the butterfly dial and Mickey Mouse have similar place, but it feels better than previous manifestations.

Also, you can choose a photo from your Apple Watch in, set it to dial. Every time you lift the wrist, the dial will show a different picture. It can come from your personal collection, but also from any album of your choice.

In addition to photos, album pictures as dial, watchOS 2 will give you more ways to customize complex functions. Complex functions allow you to view some important information directly on the dial, for example, the next event on your calendar or schedule ring fitness activities. And now, watchOS 2 letting App Store in many app also its data can become complex functions. So you can easily view the event you are about to take a flight. Or keep an eye on your case charging electric vehicles. A reflection of my style on Apple Watch the way, now have one now.

watchOS 2 have a "time travel" this new feature, you can view what is happening or what has happened in the review by rotating the digital crown, the yesterday, today and tomorrow overlooking exhaustive. "Time Travel" is especially convenient on the display of complex function dial. You can look at the weather conditions during the pre-lunch date tomorrow, view today's schedule for the next step, the callback time or catch up on the news that he might miss the point. Then, just click digital crown, it will take you back to the current time.

After watchOS 2 version, you simply Apple Watch on its side and connect the power, Apple Watch will automatically enter the bedside clock mode, whether you touch the screen, digital crown or side buttons, digital display can be illuminated. Bedside clock mode even change the use of Apple Watch button. When the alarm sounds, you can tap the side of the button to turn it off, you can also press the crown to make their digital and then take a nap.

watchOS 2 to bring more possible for many Apple Watch app. App now take advantage of various types Taptic Engine, DIgital Crown, accelerometer, heart rate sensor, a speaker, a microphone, and many other hardware. For example, Ping app can use the accelerometer to measure golf swing speeds; Strava app can use heart rate sensors to collect and display data in motion; and Insteon app lets you use the Digital Crown to control their home lighting.

After watchOS 2, you can reply to a message directly. Just tap the bottom of the message "Reply", then you can reply via dictation, send a wink, or select the appropriate preset options to respond.

watchOS 2 lets you add multiple screens "friends", each screen Jieke accommodate up to 12 contacts. You can add the address book of friends directly on the Apple Watch; Apple Watch app can also be used on the iPhone, will be incorporated into their own buddy named group.

Digital Touch so that you can readily draw a small picture, and then distributed to other Apple Watch users. Now, you can play with different colors to create the same picture, the figures for their artistic creativity brightened somewhat.


In the navigation area, the map can be your best route Directions from the current position. watchOS 2 joined the Transit way, so you can combine more types of vehicles in a trip in. In particular some of the world's cities, you will be able to view detailed maps and precise train, subway and bus timetables; you can also get walking navigation between and from the station. In this way, you will be able to master the departure time, and the time required to reach the destination.

watchOS 2 includes a new security feature that is activated lock. To activate your Apple Watch, you need to use your iCloud Apple ID and password. So that when your Apple Watch is lost or stolen, your information will still remain secure.

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watchOS 4 Features

2017 Nian WWDC Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple brings a whole new operating system watches watchOS 4, in this new watch system, Apple added more new dial and dial Siri-based machine learning can only judge by the user needs to be displayed at different times and scenes picture, including the user's flight information, the time or the rising sun smart home management.

fitness aspect, watchOS 4 features a new interface sports information, and new entrants to the new record types and smart solutions swim coach, high-intensity interval training, brisk walking and other outdoor, fitness more convenient to use. Meanwhile, watchOS 4 also supports the addition of the exercise machine interface, the user can watch connector and gym equipment movement through the NFC, which is more accurate motion recording data.

In watchOS 4, the ability to control music has been further upgraded, in walking training, users can also watch directly control the music player, create playlists, or slide the album cover on the watch screen switch music.

2017 Nian 6 Yue 6 Ri, watchOS 4 developers a way for developers will be open and formal user version will be released in autumn 2017 and provide upgrade.

Beijing time on June 4, 2019 morning, at WWDC 2019 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference released watchOS 6, from simple to complex processes, to update a number of the dial; then watch a few more from the system with applications, such as their own calculators, tape recorders and so on. App is no longer installed by using a mobile phone, oh, but directly to the built-in App Store software store on your watch, do not have to have a cell phone in order to install the software. It adds a machine learning, through the wearer's heart rate and other parameters to recommend suitable motion.

Beijing time on June 8, 2021, watchOS 8 release in 2021 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

System updates

Beijing time at 1:00 on June 6th, 2017, the Company held the 28th Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC in San Francisco, San Jose, for watchOS systematically updated.

2018 Nian 3 Yue 30 morning, Apple officially released watchOS 4.3 and tvOS 11.3 system updates. watchOS 4.3 pair of bedside clock mode is improved, so that the charging current when the support in any direction, not only the horizontal mode. At the same time, initial support access, view and control the iPhone music player once again return to the original function, and support for the user to select a song like or dislike, or remove tracks, or will be pushed to support audio playback on AirPlay device. Refer to the following full list of updates:

- Add the Beijing or Shanghai Jiaotong card to the "wallet" and the use of Apple Pay by public transport

- control HomePod volume and playback via Apple Watch < / p>

- iPhone music recovery control function

- charging an arbitrary direction may be used bedside clock mode

- Siri dial now displays "health record" circle remind

upon completion of the progress of the ring, and the new songs added to the Apple Music song list - to solve the problem some users error was "a health record" achievements

- fix Siri Music can not issue commands to work on the part of the audio device

Beijing time on June 4, 2019 morning, at WWDC 2019 Apple worldwide developers Conference released watchOS 6 new operating system.

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