Wang Swan Scenic Area

Main Attractions

Wang Swan Mountain is a huge centralized eruption and overflow of the mysterious volcanic cone, a huge ruler, the volcano formed by the riser in the ditch The address remains are very unique.

The main attraction of Wangtian Scenic Area is distributed in 13 kilometers north of the Dukou. There is a gray pore basalt, a black mounted mink, and the formation of stone walls formed by the gray plate Anshan basalt. The columnar jar is very developed, mostly four ribs, hexagonal, lateral development of columnar jers, radioactive jaws, and longitudinal development of the hexagonal shape.

Arrangement is close to a piece of stone forest, the horizontal arrangement is like placed it, and it is pressed into the big mountain in the mountains.

Wang Swan Scenic Area (5 photos)

Wang Swan Mountain is far from a prosperous swan, as the name "look".

The main peak is surrounded by stone forest, ancient trees, and a white snow in the main peak of Changbai Mountain. Wang Shou Scenic Area, Qi Shi, Quanshi, Spring Waterfall, which makes the nature of nature.

Wang Swan's waterfall is more strange, or flying straight, magnificent; or silk hanging; or an emergency from the rock, quietly static flow. It's like a mountain in the mountains who have hidden giant pots in the source, and the only waterfall here has a mushroom spring waterfall, mother and child waterfall, pearl waterfall, nine stacked waterfall, etc. The small waterfall is more.

The main attraction of the Swan Scenic Area is distributed in the 5-15 km north of the fifteen ditch, there is a gray air pore basalt, black, a mounted mink, gray plate The stone wall formed by Anshan Bettero, the columnar jariness is very developed, mostly four rides, hexagonal, lateral development of columnar jers, radioactive joints like peacock openings, longitudinal development of jewelery shapes are four ribs or six Prism.

Arrangement is close to a piece of stone forest, the horizontal arrangement is like placed it, and it is pressed into the big mountain in the mountains.

The goose scenic spot determines more than 30 main attractions. The most representative landscape has "eight major waterfalls, ten stone scene" and a stone water group of more than 500 meters, namely: Flying Waterfall, Tongtian River, Mother and Safety Waterfall, hanging kettle waterfall, Jiuquan waterfall, pearl curtain waterfall , City Wall, Falls, Tiger Leaphouse Waterfall and Kistler, Millennium, Stone Cliff, Honeycomb, Stone Cliff, Peacock Open, Wan Du Ran, Cultural Wall, Skit, Wan Yaixuan; Mini Landscape in Shi Waterfalls Yes: Water Curtain Cave, Hanging Cliff, Jintong Springs, Jade Springs, Listen Springs, Rainbow Waterfall, Queu Rock, Monkey Stone, Two Stack, Peak Tong, Hollow Cave, etc.

Mei Waterfall or like a pearl, or like a Tianluxi water, or like a Tongky, especially the winter ice water group is extremely spectacular. At the same time, it is clearly shown by a rock stream (magma temperature above 1100 ° C -1200 ° C) in the condensation process during condensation.

Stone pillar composed of columnar junction, is connected to the sky, connected side by side, the stone column is roughly equal, and the stone wall, the stone-shaped bold rice, the black, and the stone-like Anshan basalt, the stone wall, Shifeng Its columnar jar is very developed, mostly four or six prisms; longitudinally developed columnar jersey as the post-day column, transverse development columnar jet shapes, radial columnar jariness is like peacock openings, especially in basalt, presented flat folds And the phenomenon of plate wrinkles is very watching and scientific value.

Rainbow Waterfall

The strange place of this waterfall is, the pearl waterfall, fresh and uniformly from the boulder down, woven on the stone Wonderful texture, falling into the boulder and the right angle of the big boulder, the pearl falls the jade disc, splashed the size of the pearl, shallow water, the fog is awkward, the sun, the moment, the moment, odd Under the refraction of the sun, the water is reflected on the cliff, and sometimes the charter, sometimes the chartroom, sometimes the animal movement, the seven colors rainbow, such as a colorful jade belt cross, people, people go jade belt and conversion Location, more than the "treasure" of the mountaineering rock, when everyone went to the front, it hid, like it is intertwined to show its beauty, and not let everyone be too close, when tourists return home When it comes quietly, I look at the tourists. It is really "the aura with the human movement, the scenery in the ring" scenery is extraordinarily enchanting. This "Waterfall Swirl Water Ring, Silver Chain is empty" is rare, and it is touched. A literati once questioned: "Waterfall is like a rain, a rainbow rising; vague can be seen in the millennium, embowed into the bath."

Jiuke waterfall

This dark rock wall, such as the night sky, and the water in the surface of the rock wall, just like the stars in the night sky fall. Is it a gentle damask? Is it a silver river? Or is it silver beads? The waterfall falls from the sky, hit on the reef, like a flower flower, like steel flower, four splashes, like a colorful gem! The number of quarters, the rock, the twist, so that the flow of flowers such as the stars, falling in ten times and bounces, ups and downs, jumping, and falling into the rock. This is the most famous landscape in the Swan Canyon - Jiuquan Waterfall. Some people have praised it "roaring nine stacks, Tao Weido; Snow Waveflows, fog Flying, North China, Miracle".

Into the nine stacks, listening to her songs that she sang with her body, it is a quiet world; listen carefully, heaven, unrestrained, cheerful, with this quiet sound mix Together, play a piece of energetic, vital song.


The wall consisting of this rock is very strange, it is very like an ancient reading person and shelves from the wall, which is full of ancient books. Yes, this is the book wall. It is the ancient book that Tian Gong is preparing to mankind, letting human beings well, understand the history of Changbai Mountain's mountain movement, understand the long-term cultural and rich culture of Changbai Mountain.


facing the beautiful style of such stone and water, maybe the heart will be shake, but it is not allowed to thank Tiansheng's heart for humans. Rough rocks are shaped to create such a delicate impersonation, and it is difficult to compare.

This jade girl's beautiful buttocks, walk all over the world, afraid that the second is also found. As mentioned earlier, Tiangong is a good god, and the thing creates no god into the god. It is nothing to have, and there is no feelings, facing this landscape, it is probably unintentional. If you don't believe it, there is a golden boy spring next to it, and you know that Tiangong's road is.

Jintong Springs

is basically coming with the jade springs. Although there is no child's body, there is a child's imputation. It is a lot of a boy urine that is slightly arc-shaped. The general boy urine, "The Compendium of Materia Medica" is called "round wine", "returned to the soup", said "drinking into the stomach, especially the essee, and lost from the spleen", which is beneficial to the body. And the boy urine here is the urination of this big mountain boy.

Wang Swan Scenic Area

This child is eating a wild fruit, drinking is a rare mineral water, nature sprinkling the precious of urine.

雄 岩

突 突, shades like a lion, mighty, solemn, sitting, looking north. What is the lion look? It is a stone monkey that is pressing in front of the stubborn, tears.

See when the stone monkey can bake the boulder, get freedom, cultivate into a fine, help Tang Yan to take the scrub in our way.

弦 瀑

This piece of waterfall like a nine roots is called a string waterfall. It is true that it is true in the world.

The big piano of the nine strings, the tremor sounds beautiful music to the tourists. Look at the giant stone, flat, and the monkey who is like the monkey. The strings, the same line, no drifting, relaxation. If you don't use people, you have already sounded.


Tiansheng unveiled this stone's cover, will make a hometown of the hometown of the mountain to visitors, let visitors see the muscles of the mountain.

Six-angle stone pillar section, six-angle stone seam, like a honeycomb, showing the wonders of the mountain structure, the beautiful work.

Facing this geological wonders, how can visitors do not admire nature's gods, how can I not adends the beauty of the Swan Canyon.

Tongtian River

Tongtian River, just like thousands of rolling dragons, hit the rock, spitting thousands of dragon balls. Rolling up thousands of snow waves, ejecting thousands of silver beads. It is like a silver to fall from the sky and send out the roar of the sky. Tongtian River is given by Tiangong, and the non-artificial cockes can be, solid, thousands of years, always bless to the land of the earth, bless to the people.

Pearl curtain waterfall

is located in the pearl curtain waterfall, 21 meters high, 40 meters wide. The waterfall is a flowery that overflows from the top of the cliff. It is like a string silver beads, which falls in a spacious grotto cluster. Under the refraction of the sun, it is like a pearl curtain. When the stone reflection in the waterfall is blocked by a rockflow (magma temperature of 1100 ° C -1200 ° C), the magma is in a melting state, and the lactation of the subsequent moltrifugation flow in the surface of the surface. And the landforms caused by 搓.

Mother and child Waterfall

Mother and son waterfall in the Swan Scenic Area, is composed of three waterfalls in parallel, 22 meters high, the largest in the north, two of the south Small, shaped in the mother and the child, people call the mother and child waterfall.

The waterfall is under the stream, a huge rock, like a stone turtle, is looking for a road, slowly crawling.

Stone column cliff

The stone column cliff located in the Swan Scenic Area is a martial arts landscape that has columnar jersey, flowing erosion and collapse. The stone column cliff across a distance of 60 meters, high as high as 28 m (wherein the stone column portion is 15 meters high). The lower part is a standing stone pillar, and the upper line is tapered in the upper, clearly showing the lava flow from volcanic eruption ( The magma temperature is from 1100 ° C to 1200 ° C) columnar joint formed during condensation.

Columnar Jarization is a native structure in basalt, this phenomenon has extremely important sophistication significance to study the direction of lava flow.

Thousand columns

Located in the hoped swan scenic area, the formation of columnar junction is the same as the stone column.

About 200-3 million, the basalt rock flow in volcanic eruption is condensed to form a lava in the surface, and the condensation face is contracted in the direction of adjacent contraction, the direction of the central connection, and the corresponding tensile stress. The formed section is a hexagonal or pentagon columnar jail.

The stone pillar of the surface is 108, the highest stone pillar is 26 meters, the highest stone pillar is 26 meters, the stone pillars are shoulder, the back is back, the rigid, the rigid seam, jointly reward the huge peak It can be described as a ghosta, the wall is standing.

Geography Environment

Wang Swan Scenic Area is a national AAAA-level tourist area, and has been approved by the State Council as "Duck Green River Top National Nature Reserve", and is declaring "China Jilin Changbai Mountain" Wang Swan Volcano National Geological Park. "

Wang Swan Scenic Area (3 photos)

50 km from Changbai County, located in Changbai Mountain 15 Duanou Swan Canyon, full length 76 华 里, The minimum is 450 meters above sea level, and the highest is 1100 meters above sea level. Wang Swan Mountain is 2051.4 meters above sea level, which is the second peak of Northeast. It is 35 km from Tianchi, two volcano constitutes the peak ridges of long white mountains.

Travel Information

Ticket price

100 yuan / person;

student: 50 yuan / person.

Open time

7: 30-16: 00

traffic information


1, West Line: From Linjiang Road along the Yangtze River East Bank to Wang Swan Scenic Area East Bank approximately 185 km to reach the entrance to the Swan Scenic Area.

The entrance of the scenic spot is the toll station. It is 5 kilometers north of the toll station. It is the core landscape area;

2, East Line: 135 kilometers of Songjiang River to Changbai County, Changbai County 58 km can be reached at the entrance to the Swan Scenic Area. The core landscape area can be reached to the right to 5 km.


can take a rent from the county city to enter the scenic spot;

price can be negotiated with the driver, come back to general at 300 Yuan, left and right

free policy

Wang Swan Scenic Area has been restored from the end of the epidemic until December 31, 2020, and the national medical personnel certificate (physician certificate or nurse) Certification) You can visit the scenic spot for free.

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