Vijama Battle

Event Details

before mid-January 1942, the Soviets from the north and southeast of the far-reaching surrounded the "central" army group basic forces, but failed to capture the enemy from the road between in strong Yukhnov and Vyazma against two regional hub unit. To complete the encirclement, the highest command headquarters on January 15, decided to implement the use of airborne 4th Army airborne battle. Airborne proposed by the Lyubertsy - Serpukhov - Kaluga region starting in three phases.

18-22 January, 201 Airborne Brigade and 250 infantry regiment drop hot region Raniyah machine; 27-2, January 1st, 8th airborne brigade Aozelieqi Virginia geographical landing; February 18-24, 4th airborne Army main force (9th airborne, 214th brigade) drop in hot areas Raniyah machine.

After Vyazma campaign began, 8th Airborne Brigade joined with the Western Army 1st Cavalry Guards Army on January 30. February 1-7, they make a railway and highway Smolensk Vyazma paralyzed. In March, they repeatedly tried to capture Vyazma, but without success.

follow the command base camp, 8th Brigade on March 30 advancing Uggla station, and rendezvous with the airborne 4th Army main force in April 6.

March 7, airborne thermal Raniyah successfully assist local troops captured the Yukhnov city. However, due to the massive reinforcements to get a recalcitrant enemy, Kalinin Front and the Western Front failed to develop offensive, then at the end of April into a defensive, while the 4th Army airborne troops continued operations behind enemy lines.

They Guards Cavalry in conjunction with the first army and guerrilla groups, captured the vast area south of Vyazma, remains firmly committed to the May 25, about 5 to contain the fascist German divisions. May 25 night, the 4th Army airborne troops broke through the encirclement front, we began to implement raid behind enemy lines.

June 24, they join together with the Western Army and the 10th Guards Army 1st Cavalry Army in the north of the Kirov (Kaluga).

The end result

Finally, although the purpose of the Soviet Union in the Battle of Vyazma in not fully reached, but defeated in Moscow during the German airborne operations in the vicinity of the fascist enemy from behind a positive role.

In the six months of fighting behind enemy lines operations, airborne liberate about 200 settlements, he moved more than 600 kilometers behind enemy lines, destroy the enemy soldiers nearly 1.5 million people, destroying a large number of military technology and equipment.

preparation time Vyazma airborne battle is extremely limited, airborne is (the enemy air force carried out under extremely difficult conditions, positive confrontation, cold weather, lack of transport aircraft, ground deep snow, traffic-free roads ). Nevertheless, to the south of Vyazma airborne and the southwest region of 1 million people, 320 mortars, 541 machine guns, 300 anti-tank gun.


war strength of over 10,000 (gun equipment 320), 19 out fighter, conveyor 61;

04000 Soviet losses, conveyor 49;

operations behind enemy lines and destroy the enemy 15000.

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