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Van Cliburn (1934.07.12 - 2013.02.27), American pianist of the twentieth century world one of the famous pianist.

Claiborne life is full of legendary romantic, born in 1934 in Louisiana, USA Shilibote, professor of piano by his mother before the age of seventeen - Cliburn's mother is bit piano teacher, had to follow Artur 弗利德海姆 (Liszt's student) piano.

Claiborne twelve years old at the National Youth Piano Competition winners, after three years in New York under the tutelage of Julia School teacher Rosina Levine Nirvana in 1954 with Tchaikovsky piano Concerto (dense Bastrop Ross command) for the first time to perform at Carnegie Hall.

1958 to participate in the Moscow Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition, won the first prize, renowned international music; because he is launching the first artificial satellite in the Soviet Union after the first American to obtain true in the Soviet Union great achievements, thus becoming the darling of the United States, when he returned to New York, like the triumphant return of a hero by the public and the president met with a warm welcome.

Claiborne youth he mastered solid playing skills, with a simple passionate playing style, in the golden age of his playing, with sublime perfection of technology, such as v. Cantabile timbre and superb musical expression, good at playing the romantic works.

1962 years in the Texas Fort Vaughan founded with his name Cliburn International Piano Competition (Van Cliburn InternationalPianoCompetition).

And unfortunately, to the mid-1960s he played no further development and improvement, losing freshness, often alone but artificial intuition, the sound becomes rough, and even his own playing, it seems short-lived has become a thing of the past.

mid-1970s, suddenly Claiborne retired from the concert stage in 1987 at the White House welcomed the show on occasion after Gorbachev, Claiborne successfully held in Moscow and Leningrad concert, 1994 break of up to eighteen years-long tour.

2013 Nian 2 Yue 27 morning, Van Cliburn died due to bone cancer at home in Fort Vaughan United States at the age of 78 years, which is the classical music world lost in the third week of master .

Van Cliburn never married.

Early Years

If you want to review Cliburn early courtesy and achievements, must mention his death in 1994, his mother Riel Tia. She is the first Cliburn piano teacher, Claiborne always called his mother was "inspired me to play the man."

Riel Tia had to follow Artur 弗利德海姆 (Liszt's student) piano, she also decided to enter 纽约茱丽亚 Claiborne Academy of Music under the tutelage of senior piano teacher Rosina Levine Nirvana.

Claiborne July 1934 Born on 12 United States Louisiana Shilibote, four years old the first time on the stage, Cliburn said: "Mother wanted me to play traditional heritage of Russia. remember? 弗利德海姆 first piano teacher was Anton Rubinstein. he also nurtured by Lusi Tan and Liszt two lines. mother heard Levine Nevsky man and her name has long been Mr. Joseph, she admire Levine Kamenev, she loved her, she felt that only qualified personnel Levin Kamenev when my teacher. "Kamenev Levine is urged to Moscow Cliburn competition," I think they'll like your show . "she told him.

renowned international

While Cliburn won the King bent Levine after the game in 1954 and immediately signed a contract with the largest US brokerage firm, his legend is from Russia began.

1958, twenty-year-old Cliburn in Moscow to participate in the first International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition. When the United States took the gold medal back, Claiborne immediately by the American people, a hero welcome. Lindbergh completed the first time since 1927, the single nonstop flight across the Atlantic, or MacArthur was sacked after Truman, the American mood has been a long time not so excited.

After winning the game, Claiborne is no longer just a mere pianist, he became the United States during the Cold War than one of the symbols of the Soviet Union. Just a month before Cliburn award, the Soviet Union launched the world's first artificial satellite, "Shipunike."

Of course, Cliburn winner not only a political sense, he was an excellent pianist, in addition to solid skills, imaginative interpretation, "piano" for him is not old-fashioned routine. Claiborne early romantic musical tendencies gentle, like a fresh breeze wafting in music. After returning to win, Cliburn became world-famous pianist from Kansas capital of Topeka to Tokyo, Japan, he organized hundreds of concerts, and he recorded the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. also debut sales exceeded one million on the classical album.

back to the United States from Russia (former Soviet Union) triumph after triumph, Claiborne recorded his best Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff No. No. Third Piano Concerto, command are holes Dela Xin. Dela Xin not only Claiborne hole in the final round of the competition concerto Moscow's direction, back to the US, he held a concert in Carnegie also directed by De Laxin hole. "Rachmaninov's Concerto Concert is a live recording," Cliburn said: "The Tchaikovsky concerto is a lot at 42nd Street one afternoon a few days later, once the ballroom house recording but the recording did not go well, so I said: '! Carnegie us to it' Carnegie only night available, and the holes Dela Xin and I are night owls, so we have been recorded from midnight to four o'clock. this time is suitable for (our) work. "

when Cliburn returned again in 1960, when the former Soviet Union to play his music art is already quite mature. He played Rachmaninov's Second Piano Sonata in Russia. This is the first work completed in 1913, due to the complex structure, it is called an "orchestra concerto no." Rachmaninov for this work is not satisfied, the same year again that it does not modify the relatively complex new version. However, Claiborne here it is mostly the original version, only a small part of the changes he thinks are closer to the original intent of the Rachmaninoff Second Edition. Two editions of the result of the merger, the whole song is filled with more romantic style Claiborne.

more than the first Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff's works about the early days, Claiborne recorded in the RCA studio in New York in the 1970s. He selected eight Rachmaninoff prelude, a "picture Etude" (Works 39%). In addition, he also elected two piano pieces from Tchaikovsky's charming "season" in. These recordings are still full of enthusiasm Klein type, and in Neve Rahman famous C sharp minor Prelude (selected works of three), the Cliburn performances like the bells of Moscow, the color is very rich.

Exit music

Claiborne suddenly quit the music scene in 1978, mainly on the grounds that he wanted to rest and fully enjoy life. Prior to this, he has performed continuously for twenty years! Claiborne is a retired ten years. "I know that sooner or later, I have to rest for themselves"

Claiborne recalls: "Even before leaving for Russia game I said: 'I know the future life will be very busy, but I think in the middle of a good rest for a while, because I know the day will come even more difficult than before. 'busy playing time, there will be a lot of things you want to do but can not find time to finish. I think listening more opera, concerts to enjoy more of your friends, I hope to ease the pressure on travel and did not play, I want to enjoy life. but honestly, I did not expect this 'break' the president actually for ten years. I think that is probably the main reason I like it so easy and simple life, in the meantime, I will always be like 'Van Cliburn seclusion' scared of these articles and I always said:!.. 'Oh, they do not know me, my life can be far worse off seclusion I like to socialize, I like to be close to the crowd, and I think they like me too often we still can see me, but I did not come on stage nothing. ' "


1987, US President Ronald Reagan to Gorbachev at the White House reception, specially invited to the White House Cliburn performances this time, g Lay this can always think he has once again step on the stage.

"In fact," he said: "I've been ready for a while I always bomb to yourself, but until (back stage) a year ago, I was beginning to seriously practice. I think I was waiting for a good time to return to the stage, and this White House concert. ...... remember that night, everything is so warm and considerate but exciting, when I bowed to the crowd, Gorbachev husband smiled at me, let me uneasy heart suddenly a lot easier. ...... "

the next day, Cliburn was Gorbachev played the tape immediately spread around the world, but Ti he still did not immediately devotion concert. In 1989, Mrs. Gorbachev invited Cliburn to perform in Russia for the charities she supports. Claiborne and readily agreed to Russia in the summer of 1989 with the Philadelphia Orchestra Tchaikovsky and Liszt cooperation group Piano Concerto.

Cliburn's career peaked again, his style is more daring than ever, confident and gorgeous.

Claiborne in 1989, returned to Moscow and St. Petersburg after the performance, Claiborne did not retire again, in his old age, at least more than a dozen games will be held concerts each year, venue from the United States Guangzhou to Japan. For Claiborne, life seems to have become much more jovial; in addition to re-vibration fame, he finally settled in Texas Fotewosi, and here it is also held every Van Cliburn International Piano Competition every four years base camp.

Character evaluation

1962 years, with Van Cliburn International Piano Competition named after launch, held in Fort Worth, Texas every four years, and now has developed into Moscow Tchaikovsky international piano competition, Poland Chopin international piano competition, one of the Leeds international piano competition par four international piano competitions.

"The Guardian" called "as a classical musician, and enjoy the rock star treatment" in the evaluation of the Van Cliburn's.

Public Relations Officer Van Cliburn Foundation Maggie Estes Foreign statement: It is with great sorrow tell, the great pianist Van Cliburn Mr. suffering from bone cancer in his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas died peacefully, bid farewell to his loved and love him.

Maggie Estes (during his lifetime friend): "Van Cliburn in more than half a century is a world-renowned legendary, and his great humanitarian spirit and dazzling musical talent will become a beacon to illuminate future generations. "

Van Cliburn recorded the classic album cover (15)

Van Cliburn is legendary product of the Cold War era; Looking back at history, he won the first Tchaikovsky International piano competition in 1958, first prize, both proven artistic achievement can be seen as part of a comprehensive national strength, also confirmed the outstanding artists can transcend the barriers between countries captured the hearts of all people; widely circulated at the time of the Soviet leader, UN forum that beat with shoes Khrushchev, how agreed to give him first prize after.

In the left Beethoven 5, "Emperor" Piano Concerto recording in the whistle when we can see how Khrushchev cheers and applause for the Cliburn performance, his performance in the box and the enthusiasm of those who live the audience is exactly the same.

Most recordings Claiborne leaving a record of his return after winning, video-based site places in Moscow. Most moving, is Cliburn Kondrashin and the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra in Rachmaninoff Second, Third Piano Concerto. The first two concertos for its beautiful melodies, majestic emotional catharsis to give musicians and listeners alike. Especially the third piano concerto, as difficult and physically demanding on the players on the skills, become one of the touchstone pianist standards.

then 24-year-old young man has quite master the classical school of grace, elegance and noble temperament, correct and not melodramatic touch keys; then the Moscow Philharmonic, is also a strong cup of transparent the vodka.

Claiborne competing with the orchestra played evenly matched on the momentum; the music section of the orchestra played the whole, his piano solo voices as if lit a match and this cup of spirits, making music hall atmosphere like a raging fire. However, this does not affect his good at singing, lyrical expression.

get the first Van Cliburn contest Chinese pianist Zhang Haochen: there have been no pessimism depressed old man, speaking with a young man dancing past. He also repeatedly said how fortunate he is to understand what art is eternal, and this commercial era too many people do not understand, saying that even excited oxygen tubes are pulled. On the way back I was thinking: With Art may not be able to teach an artist without fear of death, but at least he will not be afraid alive

Van Cliburn during his lifetime friend Maggie Estes : Van Cliburn in more than half a century is a world-renowned legendary, and his great humanitarian spirit and dazzling musical talent will become a beacon to illuminate future generations.

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