The head of the head of the grandchildren

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Huang Menxiao out of the West and Qing, autumn color full of eagle dog king.

The tiger is in the south of the water, the flag is on the river bridge.

The sky is cloudy, and it is true to be true.

The head of the head of the grandchildren

Yulin Marshal Sen, six gas is not horrified.

Taiping has no death, and it will be the poultry.

Sizu King King is known, and there is not a few Fan Ji.

Subject to the tampike, the six palace smiled in the smoke.

跸 跸 那 外 外 疏, listen to the origin of the same.

Tianbao Shen Sun Hao, the five families of Jinxiu.

Poor Snow Mountain Palace, is with true hunting.

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Zhang Wei, Yuan Jinning people, word Zhongjun, 号. It is unruly, so good, happy music. Little home from Jiangnan, learned from Li Cun, Qiu Yuan, with poetry name. Shun Emperor is in the beginning, calling as a kingdom to help teach, looking for retreat. The history of Monohard Jinyuan, started to build, Huan Cheng, and Judicure of the courtyard. Pedimentation in Henan Province, political affairs, with Hanlin's actions. It is very high in poetry, and the word Euli is a routine. There is "集".

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