Tear gas


tear gas is generally composed of components such as stimulants and solvents. Stimulants used at home and abroad mainly include phenylene chloride (CN), o-chlorphenylpropylidne (CS), capsaicin (OC), pepperin, etc., and CR and other Liquid stimulator. Among them, the security of CS is much better than CN, and the irritability is more intense, and Oc, pherom is pure natural, non-toxic preparation, so they are widely used as the preferred stimulant. Sometimes two stimulants are used in combination, as some research institutions have considered that the composite stimulant has integrated several stimulants and better safety.

Solvent requirements

are mainly used to dissolve the stimulants and other components, and the carrier used as the stimulator injection. The basic requirements for it are: strong solubility of effective components such as stimulants; it is not chemically reacted with the components in the formulation; no harmful substances. The solvent used in the injector still has some problems to be solved.


tear gas in the tear in virtans, in addition to the tears, skin red and swollen pain, also stimulates the respiratory tract, and may cause suffocation when severe. In 2011, a Palestinian woman was in a protest, because inhaled tear gas, could not breathe.


bomb is equipped with magnesium aluminum and sodium nitrate, borium nitrate and other substances. After detonation, magnesium quickly combuses in the air, releases the ultraviolet dazzling white light, and the heat is released to decompose nitrate, and O2 further promotes magnesium, aluminum combustion; tear-mounted liquid bromine, it can stimulate people's sensitivity Part of the oysteria and other organ mucosa, urging tears. Sometimes it is also equipped with toxic - Sius, which causes a lot of tears, severe cough, sneeze, and unbearable, serious can lead to death.

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