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"The Sunday Times" (The Sunday Times), the main reporting current events, politics, business, sports, entertainment, financial and news commentary Sunday, in a British Sunday's issue of the newspaper. "Sunday Times" also published version of the Republic of Ireland, but with the "Irish Times" There is no direct correlation.


"Sunday Times" newspaper company originally Times, the company in addition to the "Sunday Times", also published in "The Times" and "The Times Literary Supplement "" The Times Higher Education supplement "," The Times Higher Education supplement Scotland "," The Times Higher Education supplement, "and has the Times book company.

Founded in 1821, the 1981 "Sunday Times" was acquired by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., published by News International (News International), and the company is a subsidiary company. The original name of The New Observer ( "Le Nouvel Observateur"), later renamed The Independent Observer ( "independent observers").

1822, changed to "The Sunday Times."

In October 2005, "The Times" the boss Rupert Murdoch will TSL Education (including "The Times Higher Education Supplement," "The Times Higher Education Supplement") sold for 235 million pounds to the private equity firm.

2021 February News Corporation announced that its "Sunday Times" and Google the company paid to provide news services to reach a three-year global partnership agreement.


newspaper reported Sunday prospered, it is another unique phenomenon in the UK newspaper market. British Sunday newspaper is not a newspaper, plus past Sunday was a "dead" date, shops, restaurants, bars were closed, except people read books and newspapers, it tends the garden, no entertainment. This has created a thriving Sunday newspaper market.

British Sunday newspaper has 200 years of history. The Sunday newspaper after changing hands constantly, essentially, with 10 national daily brothers formed a combination of "1 + 1". These combinations, some from the header to see can know their relationship, some are irrelevant on the entry. But regardless of the name of James is not detached, one thing in common: the daily newspapers reported on Sunday with his brother completely separated in the operation, the Sunday newspaper has its own set of editing agencies, troops complete. More importantly, daily and Sunday newspaper in the editorial policy, political position is relatively independent. Most of the same group at a daily and Sunday newspaper, usually very little cooperation in business, and some even competitors.

press function

"Sunday Times" has been regarded as the UK's first mainstream newspaper, known as the "faithful recorder of British society" in the world has Influence. "The Times", "Sunday Times" political position in the UK has been the center-right, but intensified after Murdoch took over Right, warmly supported by the Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. But Blair's Labor Party came to power, because Murdoch friendship with Blair, "The Times" and other newspapers Murdoch has also become supporters of the Labor government. During the Blair administration, Murdoch was a frequent visitor to the Prime Minister, "very much like a cabinet." Labor Party came to power initially had to consider restrictions on foreign ownership of British media set, but Blair "quietly shelved the final policy" because it is rumored to do with Murdoch. In 1981 the acquisition of "The Times" and the "Sunday Times", according to the Thatcher government was urged Murdoch to accept the fact that the newspaper was assigned independent director, given the power to appoint or dismiss independent directors edited and set up an independent committee and a series of guidelines, known as "safeguard editorial independence by avoiding intervention." But that did not stop Murdoch subsequently intervene, less than 1 year will be fired from the White Sir editor Evans he personally appointed.

Information Society

the introduction of iPhone applications

2010 May, "Sunday Times" editor, John Wiley Thurlow (John Witherow) announced that the newspaper will introduce iphone applications, so future development will rely heavily on newspapers available to users of the digital version of the newspaper.

When a newspaper editor for 15 years, said the Viceroy, data show that newspaper advertising revenue has been declining. He said that currently the dominant paper newspaper into the predicament, the future world of electronic newspapers. He said, in order to increase revenue, the newspaper will soon be introduced into the iPhone application. He also confirmed the 10% reduction in spending before the news media reported.

"The Times" and "Sunday Times" total net loss increased from 50.2 million pounds in 2009 to 87.7 million pounds. Publication of "The Times" and "Sunday Times" News International (News International) branch of the same period in 2009. Revenue dropped 13.4% compared to. The company attributed the cause of the loss of the expansion of the drop in advertising revenue.

trapped in a "tapping the door"

2011 Nian 7 11, the BBC, "The Guardian", "The Independent" and other media reports, during Gordon Brown served as chancellor of the Exchequer, "Sunday Times" to him as "reconnaissance" objects, try tapping his voice mail and illegal access to his private medical, financial and property information.

The BBC said that the media after the investigation found that "Sunday Times" wrote Brown as "the lowest price" bought an apartment headlines, suspected of defrauding sent Brown in Afghanistan account information than the National Bank.

After the Abbey National Bank internal investigation found that in January 2000, the "Sunday Times" who work six posing Brown Bank customer service call center, access account information. Abbey National Bank can not confirm "false Brown" status. However, the bank lawyer in a letter to the "Sunday Times" editor John Wei Siluo the letter said, according to the survey results, "I have come to the conclusion that from a" Sunday Times "of people for this the newspaper disguised as Mr. Brown, by means of deception to obtain information from the Abbey National Bank. " Brown then told the banks lawyers, this was a "well-planned fraud."

because of telephone tapping scandal and ceased publication of "World News" as "Sunday Times" belongs to Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation media, but both very different style newspaper. The former is a "tabloid", which belongs to the old serious media.

Associated Press comments, latest media coverage may increase the British public distrust of the Murdoch media empire. News International said in a brief statement said, this media group would like more information. "We note that Gordon Brown, reports today involves saying. We request the relevant aspects will provide us with all information concerning these allegations so that we can investigate further."

A spokesman for Brown said on the 11th, this former British Prime Minister and family use of the Murdoch media alleged "criminal and immoral means" to get his family's private information was "shocked" . Brown's wife Sarah Brown said in microblogging, was stolen is a very private information, if media reports are true, would be "very sad."

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