Subject trial test


Topics Test Qualification Test

It is a projection technology. The full set of tests have a total of 30 blurred characters, some of which are used in men, women, boys and girls, some are shared. When the test is measured, the test is required to tell a story according to the content. The queer will take their own thoughts on the owner of the picture when telling the story. Murray's approach is to analyze a series of "need" and "pressure" from the story. He believes that it is necessary to send a pressure, and is exactly because of the need to control people's behavior, affecting the formation and development of personality. Therefore, through the subject trial test, it can reflect a person's personality characteristics. Later, the structural techniques in projection techniques were derived on this basis. Clinician also uses this test results to conduct pathological analysis.

Subject trial test


ThematicApperceptionTest, referred to as TAT. A full set of tests have 30 black and white pictures and 1 blank card. The picture content is more than one or more characters in a blurred background, but the meaning is concealed. In terms of testing, 19 pictures and a blank card tested according to the gender of the test and the child or the adult (14 years old).

The subject looks like a picture, then according to a story, the narrative of the story should include four basic dimensions:

(1) describe what kind of situation is described;

(2) How the situation in the picture occurs;

(3) The figure in the picture is thinking.

(4) What will happen.

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