Song and old street

Album introduction

[new album] 蓝 2013 fantasy driby, take you to find the past innocent you, please support the genuine music album!

Recording Type: CD + DVD Emperor Entertainment. Recommended songs: songs and old streets, fantasy, etc.. New disc total 10 Guangdong, national English songs, five songs MV.

Song lyrics

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songs and old streets - Wang Zulan

words: Zheng Guojiang, Guo Wei

song: Weng Wei Ying

I heard that old street wants to remove

I want to go to the other of the "

The soon moves into the inner heart to go to

Go to

to listen to you



Walking along the long street

Green bricks full of my tears

Lonely street light

still staying unpleasant < / p>

talk about the attitude

quietly steal us to complain about the heart?

Although the long street is cleaned

emotional payment / p>

I can't remember a few years old

Song and old street

You walk to the ice room to go to the ice room

say to celebrate me one year

I love more, who

You do the best partner

Everyone says that morning and evening is a pair of

childhood's confidant

success With frustration, I encountered

Epidemi Gao Ge

Qi Qi gathered in the street

urchin chasing

like the day I will have anxiety

Time flush

Dust in the brain

Street lights with you to vowed to Due

thinking about love every Duan Xiao is difficult to have a total of it is difficult to walk through

look back, look at the

long road long happiness more than sighing

childhood Song

in the heart of the heart, laugh and worry

Lonely street light

accompany you to the stations

in front of the happy family < / p>

Along the street high songs have been turned off

Chang Street although the long street is cleaned

memories without

can be fortunate enough to review

< P> Longitudinal fluorescent though even if the old

emotion is not light

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