Sichuan earthquake

Journal History

Before 1977, "Sichuan Earthquake Front" was created, which was internal publication.

in 1977, the publication is renamed "Sichuan Earthquake", which is changed to public publishing.

1981, the publication period is quarter.

In December 2014, the publishing of the first batch of academic journals of China's original state news publishing Radio, Film and Television.


column direction

  • main column Sichuan earthquake

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    "Sichuan Earthquake" features seismic monitoring, earthquake prediction, earthquake seismography, geochemistry, seismic geology, engineering earthquake, earthquake sociology, historical earthquake and other columns.

    • Report content

    "Sichuan Earthquake" mainly publishes earthquake monitoring forecast, seismology, Geochemistry, earthquake geology, engineering earthquake, earthquake sociology, historical earthquake and ancient earthquake research results, review articles, problem discussions, etc.

    • reader object

    "Sichuan Earthquake" main reader object is engaged in earthquake monitoring, forecast And seismic projects and related scientific and technological workers, teachers and students in colleges and universities.

    Personnel Preparation

    According to the in-provision of the "Sichuan Earthquake", the Sichuan Earthquake "has 45 editing committees, the editorial department has edited 7 people, responsible editing 1 person.

    "Sichuan Earthquake" Sixth Editing Commission Member List


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    Editor's Office

    Ma Shengli, Wang Bin, Che Ye, Wang Lian, Wang Qingliang, Wang Zhipeng, Wang Xuen, Wang Cuifang, Long Feng, Liu Jie, Sun Wei, Zhu Ji, Josen, Sun Bailao, Yang Yonglin, Yang Yulin, Yang Yonglin, Li Yongqiang, Yang Xingguo, Zhang Maojun, Wu Jianchun, Su Jinrong, Zhang Jianguo, Zhang Zhiwei, Chen Weifeng, Wu Wei, Zhou Wei, Venus, Official Jun, Zhao Yong, Hu Bin, Guo Yong, Xu Wei, Guo Hongmei, Yao Yongsheng, Gu Lin Sheng, Gong Yu, Huang Dingfa, Huang Jian Tao, Han Jin, Peng Changhong, Liao Hua, Xiong Feng, Dai Shi Gui


    Gesang Zhuoma, Zhou Wenying, Li Lan, He Mengzhen, Luo Song, Chen Geng, Zhang Xinling

    Responsible Editor


    set out


    According to July 22, 2020, China Zhiwang shows, "Sichuan Earthquake" published 1742 documents.

    According to July 22, 202, the Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform is displayed, "Sichuan Earthquake" shared 854 pieces, and 202 funds were 202.

    Collection case

    "Sichuan Earthquake" has been "Chinese Journal of Chinese Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database" "China Core Journal (Selection) Database" "Chinese Science and Technology Journal Database "China Academic Journal (Disc Version)" "Wanfang Digital Digital Journal Group" and other databases.

    Impact Factor

    According to China July 22, China Zhiwang shows, "Sichuan Earthquake" total download 99,261 times, total 3714 times, (2019 version) composite impact factor It is 0.250, (2019 version) integrated impact factor is 0.200.

    According to July 22, 2020, the "Sichuan Earthquake" was introduced by 2090 times, downloaded from 10,941 times; according to 2018 Chinese Journal Corgal Report (exposed version The data shows that the influence factor is 0.24, ranging from 6725 in all statistical source journals (6719).

    Cultural Tradition

    "Sichuan Earthquake" to adhere to the scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts, promoting the freedom discussions of different academic perspectives, promoting academic exchanges, Earthquake and disaster reduction business services are the purpose of journal.

    Submission Guide

    1, the submission must be academic, scientific and readable, the argument is clear, the argument is reliable, the data is accurate, the condition is clear, the text is refined, writing norms.

    2, submission to the real name, indicate the first author personal information, the fund project name, number.

    3, the submission must be included with 300 words, and there is a corresponding English summary, please write 3-8 keywords after the summary.

    4, the icons in the document requires the use of commonly used drawing software as much as possible and saves the temple as vector format to edit and modify.

    5, the form must be a table name and will use the "three-wire table" and can add a small number of auxiliary lines if necessary.

    6, the units in the article will be issued by the statutory measurement unit issued in the National Standards of the People's Republic of China.

    7, when the document is cited to study the results, it should be indicated by the relevant provisions of the Copyright Law and listed in the reference.

    8, after the contribution is reviewed by an expert, the editorial department will notify the author of the review.

    9, submit, please be delivered by email, please do not submit a non-regular network submission system.

    10, the publication does not charge the topical fee, please do not believe payment publishing on the network.

    11, the article published by the newspaper, the editorial department has the right to incorporate the article into the disc version, electronic version, international domestic search and scientific literature.

    current leaders

    "Sichuan Earthquake" 6th Editorial Council Leadership List




    Huangfu Gang

    deputy editing

    Lei Jian, Du Fang, Yi Gui, Zhou Rongjun

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