proverb " There is nothing in life that is really free " has existed for many years. However, for the Internet, there is a surprise to you, called "shared software." It is free (or close to free), which exceeds the store to buy at different levels.

Sharing software can be downloaded directly from the Internet to your desktop; it is developed by people developing procedures shared with people (interested in using it or insulted it). Moreover, like commercial software, shared software is protected by copyright law.

The most obvious advantage of shared software is the free trial period. Typically, when you use a shared software for 30 days (different shared software has different trial periods), you should give the author to a certain fee can continue to use the software. There is no need for any fees called free software.

No current law is forced to pay for sharing software. So why do you pay? In addition to causal retribution, there is a "support" thing. When you seek technical support to a company (such as Microsoft), you give them your credit card number through their voice system, so you have to pay for this. Because many small companies make sharing software, pay users can talk to the actual developers of the software when seeking support, or at least talk to people who know very well. At the same time, these companies have revised BUG and increase the cycle of new features. You will not find more direct feedback and reaction mechanisms than small shared software companies.

Some common issues for shared software is, "If you don't like the sharing software you choose?", "Do you bring a virus when downloading a shared software?"

The first question is very simple: just delete this program. Don't pay a penny.

Taking into account some fatal viruses invading your hard drive, shared software industry provides extraordinary records that have been carefully scanning BUG products. The key is to download shared software from those sites. Shared software sites operating by big companies and their respective universities such as MIT and STANFORD are the most famous sites. Some named sites may be in a home garage, such a site should try to avoid.

is also a little: When you download sharing software, it is usually a compressed file. You may have to decompress it with Winzip (for Windows) or Stuffit Lite (for Macintosh).

Sharing software can not only save money, but also meet your needs - Mac or PC, business or entertainment, all by you.

The most obvious advantage of shared software is the free trial period. But free trials usually have some restrictions, different types of shared software and different authors may adopt different restriction strategies:

1, time limit, time limit time is not uniform, such as 30 days, from you The installation is started, and if the registration code is still purchased 30 days, the software cannot be continued.

2, functional limitations, partial functions are unused when the trial period, such as a financial software, can limit the printed report print and export function.

3, add watermark (link), add a trial version of the watermark to the generated or exported file, which is suitable for image processing software, video processing software, Flash software, etc. There are also website links to add software developers.

4, batch restrictions, there is no time to limit all functions, but you can only use software processing (save) limited content, such as a trial version of a video format conversion software can only be saved. 3 minutes length of the converted video.

5, some shared software have different features, and many shared software will not find out when the user is time-limited, and it will find the software after paying the software, more The more it is used, but this shared software is also partially, not all, there are some shared software that users will feel unsatisfactory when the free trial period is not good. After paying, I will feel that the software will still feel software. It is not as good as the free trial period.

Sharing software is free trial period, but not free. In fact, sharing software is more than a marketing model. It is generally called trybeforeyoubuy, ie "trial, then purchase", let users experience the software before paying money. Small to a CD to MP3 conversion software, big to Microsoft's Office and Vista operating system, you can download it first, feel good to buy. Because of the above trial restrictions, users need to use the software for a long time, or need to obtain all the features of the software, and do not want to have a watermark or software author's website link, you need to purchase a registration code to the software author (user name serial number) ), The various restrictions of the trial version can be released after registration. Small software is usually below $ 100, usually 20-40 US dollars; professional and powerful prices are different, from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

No current law is forced to pay for sharing software.

Does not need any fees to use the software all function called free software.


Shared software refers to the "first trial, post-purchase", small-scale, "first trial, post-purchase" to the user directly charged the registration fee or related service fee to the user. software.


1. Developed people: individual or non-corporate team development, the organization is relatively loose

2. Tolls: To users, rather than advertisers; like Foxmail, Flashget, QQ should be dedupted as "Internet advertising toll software"

3 of free software. Core Characteristics: First trial, then purchase; most commercial software, it is also the

4 of "pirated" trial. Software scale: medium, small, further, shared software should only solve the problem of a particular area

commercial software: unpaid use, the software of the legal infringement is caused by legal infringement

free software : Do not charge the user directly, but generally charge the user's software

semi-commercial software, which is directly charged by the company team directly charges the copyright fee or related service charges. Copyright protection software. [Generally, it is necessary to pay]

[shared software to transfer to company mode operation, that is, it should be classified as "semi-commercial software"]


Comprehensive: According to commercial interest software, it can be divided into:

1. Charge software

a. Commercial software

b. Semi-commercial software

c. Share software

2. Free software:

a. Complete free software: Do not directly pay the user to charge the user

b. A free software paying free software: such as Internet advertising "free software"


is the summary of the experience of "needle personal knowledge management system" sharing software, the purpose is to clear the concept, distinguish between crowds and industrial groups, and enter " Shared software "developers as a reference.

From the registration of the needle PKM, the domestic shared software environment is getting better and better, the more conscious, willingness and ability to pay for the registration fee,

, so, It is recommended to have a certain software developer in the development of "shared software" in our spare time, and it is "full-time" after a certain income.

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